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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Another Week Passes

Things are happening and it is great to have plans and ideas.  I have another article that has been published on Digital Photography School, the magazine is coming along and so are my online classes.

Digital Photography School

I have had another article published at the Digital Photography School, it is Applying a Texture Overlay to Your Images to Create an Antique Look. I do hope, and ask you, to go and take a look, then if you would share it with people you know or on leannecole-ocean-ant7567your social media that would be wonderful.  I also hope you learn how to use textures, if you don’t know already.

The Magazine

The name has been decided, I believe, and I know I am very happy with it.

Dynamic Range

I like it, it is not gender biased and won’t look silly if a man reads it.

With the name decided it is now time to start looking for women to write for it and make sure we get some great articles. Looks like I have people already, but might need to find another couple of people. So if you are interested, let me know and I think what I will do first is get you to write a guest post for my blog, for the Friday posts.

leannecole-antiquemalle-7197The next step is working out what people want to see in the magazine. What sort of articles do you want to see? I am open to suggestions. I was thinking perhaps interviewing some women photographers. Perhaps some tutorials and reviews. I would like to hear from you and what you would like to see or read in it. I can’t promise that I will be able to do everything that is suggested, but I would still like to hear.

The other thing that I think that people need to be aware of is is that it isn’t going to be fancy. I hope it will get a lot better, but to start with, it’s going to be pretty rough.

Online Photography and Editing Lessons

I just wanted to remind you that I do offer Online Editing and Photography Lessons.  They are individual and designed to leannecole-antiquemallee-8961suit what you need.  Each session lasts for an hour to two hours, and I can record the sessions so you have a copy of what we do. I don’t claim to know everything, but what I don’t know, I know how to find out for you.  I do make sure that you understand and I am always happy to explain things in different ways to help you understand.

They are also a way for you to see how I edit my photos and learn many of the tricks I use.


I chose the photos today because they go well with my tutorial on Digital Photography School.  They are lots of photos that I have done using textures, and if you want to know how they were done, then go over to the article Applying a Texture Overlay to Your Images to Create an Antique Look.  There is even a video there to help explain it.

Using Textures

So after quite a few people asked me how to make textures, I have attempted to do a video tutorial on how to apply a texture to an image.  I am going to post, but you need to be warned it isn’t very good.  My computer did not behave and Photoshop wouldn’t work properly.  I don’t know what the issue was, but hopefully you will get the general idea that the trick to using textures is all about blending.

I hope you can work it out, but remember that the library of textures is growing at Public Domain Textures, and you also see some work by people who have used some textures from the site.  So if you want your work shown, put a link to the texture you used so we get a pingback.

As I said the video isn’t great, a few problems there, I am also not sure about the quality, I tried to get as good as possible.