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Sometimes You Have to Play

After doing the post yesterday on Mark Simms I found myself inspired by his black and white images and the touch of colour in them.  I have been sitting on the images that I took up in the Mallee, thinking about what I could with them, then I thought maybe I should try making them black and white and adding a touch of colour.

LeanneCole-woomelang-20140125-7295-bwI played around with the highlights and the colours in the images.  It was an interesting thing to do.  I don’t do a lot of black and white. I have struggled with the idea of doing black and white, as I don’t always know which images to use.  I don’t believe every image is better in monotones, but some can be.

It would be easy to just convert them, but I wanted more control than that.  I have the Nik software silver efex, and was going to use that, but in the end I just used Photoshop.

LeanneCole-yaapeet-20140125-8090-bwI also wondered how the fire photos would turn out, so I played with a couple from Yaapeet.  I don’t know if I have added drama to them, but I actually quite like them. When I converted them to black and white I played with the colours again, and lightened some, darkened some.  I really love how the tree came out.

I am not going to go through each one individually, but instead will put the five images I did into a gallery so you can see each one on its own.

Crowding Christmas

Today I have the first set of photos I took the other night when I was in the city.  The first place we went to was the Bourke Street Mall.  It was, as most of the city was, very crowded.  The windows in front of Myer were packed with people.

Bourke Street MallI wanted to get the lights that were over the top of the Mall.  I should explain that our Malls are not like other countries, this is a street that was closed off to cars many years ago, and now it is for pedestrians and trams.  The middle is always clear, you really don’t want to go one on one with a tram, you will lose.

It had just gone dark, and as you can see from the clock on the Myer building it was about ten to nine.  I was hoping the lights would show more, or stick out more, but they didn’t really.  It was a little disappointing,  but hopefully you get the idea of what it looked like.  The rain made it better, I have to admit that.  It made the ground very reflective which is nice.

I have processed this image in a much similar way to how I did the image of the window in the Hopetoun Tea Rooms.  I quite like the painterly effect it gives.  I actually like it quite a bit.  It did start as a 3 image HDR processed with Photomatix Pro and then additional processing done from there.

Bourke Street Mall with some FrostingWith this one, I have just added some frosting to it.  It is nice to see them both and compare whether the frosting works or not.  I am not so sure with this one.

I was up late last night to see if I could get some photos of our tree.  I tried a few things, but I really wasn’t happy.  The lights we have on it are not great.  I do have a couple though.

Christmas Ball and CandleThis is one of the glass Christmas balls we bought the first Christmas we had when our first daughter was born.  We were living in Denmark and we bought a lot of decorations from there.  Of course, we spent way too much money because we didn’t know where to buy things and ended up going to Georg Jensen where we spent a fortune.  Though we have lots of beautiful things that we will have forever.  The candle is in one of their gold candlesticks.

The Elf on the TreeI believe this guy and the others like him were all handmade.  They are so cute and so Christmassy.  I love them.  I have tried to find decorations which are as good and as nicely made here, but it is very hard.  Most of what we have seems to be junk.  Every now and then I find something I think is special and will buy it for the tree.

It is heating up here, the temperature is going to be 39 C or 102 F, perfect for Christmas shopping.  I am going to go into the city for you tomorrow and take some more photos.  Melbourne burning while enjoying Christmas.  Who knows what I am going to get.  At least I know I won’t need the tripod.

Richard Harrison found a video on YouTube of the lights on the town hall and I thought I would post it for you.

Cottages of Spirits

The image that was put up on Friday is from the same place as the images today.  I saw this little house on the way to Daylesford, but decided that I wouldn’t photograph it then.  I stopped on the way back to get some shots, and have shown the tree.

It would appear that it has been many years since anyone has lived in this cottage.  It looks really quaint, it is such a shame that these pine trees are in front, they are so dominant.  I couldn’t go into the property, that would be trespassing, so you will just have to make do with the trees in the way, I had to.

I have been doing more of what I was doing for yesterdays images.  Lots of layers, and lots of different things put on top of each other.  This image was originally processed as a B&W HDR and then a colour image was layed over the top, well other things as well.

The front door, or what is left of it.  The rendering is coming off the walls, and those trees are still blocking it.  It looks like a very sturdy building, shame it has just been left.  There is a structure around the side that looks like it was a sort of extension, but it has completing fallen down.  I tried to photograph it, but the trees were in the way too much.  It would be good to find out who owns these properties and then to see if you can get access to them.

Do you recognise the tree?

It is the same one from three days ago.  I have put more space around it and added the cottage.  Well I didn’t add it, but made sure it was in the shot.  I love the ambience in this image, and it reminds me of a horror film.

I have been really enjoying these types of images and I’ve been thinking, (there it is, me thinking),  I wouldn’t mind trying to do more of these.  I love the darkness of them, the idea of the past and what might have been.  I think you can expect to see more.

Here is that tree again, I have done other things to it, not much really, not compared with the others here.  This image reminds me of something we used to do in the darkroom, sabattier, I think that was what the technique was called.  I really like the effect, I don’t know if it is better than the other image of the tree, perhaps you might know.

Scraggy And Craggy

What a day.  I was going to post the photos that I took last night at rehearsals, but I was out all day and have only just arrived home, and well, I need to put my feet up and play with my new phone (just got a Samsung Galaxy SIII).  I got up at 4.30 this morning and went for the road trip with my daughter.  We have been to so many places and I will show them to you over the next few days, though tomorrows post will most definitely be about the theatre.

So only one photo today, but I hope you agree with me, it is a good one.  I actually stopped at this place, on the road from Daylesford to Kyneton, to photograph a house, and I did photograph it, but then this tree caught my eye.  I took a series of shots of just the tree and windmill, and some others with the house in the corner, but I liked this one.

I wanted it to look sinister, so I am hoping that I have succeeded, it seemed fitting, considering my daughter, Klara, was telling me all about the scary movies that she has been watching and scaring herself with.  She really does have the most active imagination I’ve ever seen.  Would this tree scare you on a cold dark night when there was a full moon?

Day 18 – Roots And All

This tree was on the beach at Flinders.  When we walked down the very steep path there were signs all along saying to be careful because the walkway had been damaged by high tides.  There certainly was damage and there were no steps at the bottom, we had to climb off the platform to get onto the beach.

I didn’t notice the above tree until we were heading back, it was right beside the steps, but back a little.  I thought at first it had been dumped there, but I can see now the roots have become exposed due to tidal damage.  It was a little tree, and I don’t hold out much hope for it if it gets more really high tides.

I haven’t done a lot to this image.  I have added sepia to it to give the monotone impression of the image, though the original had very neutral tones, so it wasn’t difficult to change the colour a little.

That’s all for Day 18.  Hopefully have a post tomorrow on using ISO and some on Shutter speeds for those that are finding both a little confusing.

Working on New Ideas

It has been a busy time, I’ve been to Sydney and photographed the Australian Junior Track Championships.  It was nice going somewhere different to take photos.  New challenges and trying to work out how it will work.  I got some great shots and I hope people are generally happy with them.

I still have my exhibition on in July at Cafe Racer and need to get a move on working on stuff for that.  I don’t really want to do anymore linocuts for it as I think they could be a waste of time.  My target audience don’t get what they are, so is there any point in doing them. Perhaps if I can get people to understand them there might be a place for them in the future.

I have been working on my garden as well, and the area that needs the most work is where the tree was, and of course in front of my studio.  I showed you photos of the tree coming down, but I didn’t show the aftermath.

I was left with a destroyed backyard and there was nothing left of the garden that I had been working hard on.  It was soul destroying.  Even after almost a month, it still makes me very sad and very angry to see what happened to my yard.

Now, as time has moved on, the garden has changed again, but hopefully working towards something better.  The last of the wood finally went yesterday, so I don’t have the hassle of what I’m going to do with that.  I was putting it up on the nature strip when a guy drove by, was interested, and when I told him how much there was, said he would take the lot and I didn’t have to move anymore of it.  So massive bonus.

Sorry, the photo isn’t great, just took it then with my phone.  Too early in the morning.  I think you can see the progress so far.  New plants have been planted.  Four new trees that will screen out the neighbours eventually.  I need some more of those.  The neighbours right beside us, who had wanted the tree gone for many years, haven’t said a thing to us.  All we have seen them do is jump on the fence and perve into our yard.  I think that is such a violation.  She, the wife, even got on the fence and spoke to the man who was removing the stump, can’t believe she thought she had a right, after refusing to pay any money for it.  Well, I think they have done their dash, and if they want anything from us in the future, well they better not ask.

Next big job is getting rid of a lot of the cement that is in front of my studio.  It will be good to work in there once all the work is done.  I have had trouble with the studio door not closing for awhile, but yesterday I broke some cement off, that I thought was lifting one of the corners, and it worked, it sunk back down a bit and the door now shuts and can be locked again.  So happy about that.

I have never really been into gardening, but I find that I love working in it, and I love how it is looking.  I fancy myself to be a like Margaret Olley, she has a gorgeous garden and is a still life painter.  I want to be like her when I grow up.

That is enough for this post.  I have been working on some new stuff, but it is all tied together with the garden and moving on.  Next time.