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Towering Above

This is meant to be a post about the school, and I hope you don’t mind, but I had to do one from the Manchester Unity Building.  I’ve looked at some of the others I have done, but I wanted to see what I could do with one of the images from the tower.

Towering OverThis is the image after I was finished with it.  I like the darkness.  I hope this is something like what he wanted.  It is dark, and perhaps has more a gothic feel to it.

This image started off being a four image HDR processed in Photomatix Pro.  I did originally process it with HDR Efex, but the sky came out really weird.  Though having said that, I ended up putting in a completely different one.  It was overcast when Towering Over - Original HDRthis image was taken and raining, so the sky became very white, as it does in conditions like that.  I will put the original HDR for you to see.    Hopefully you have seen that by now.

As I was travelling into the city the sky was overcast, but there was a lot of definition in the clouds, then it started raining.  Today it was similar, so I went outside and took photos of it.  (Remember when you are taking photos of the sky to take them at horizon level.)  It takes a long time to put in new skies, especially when there are lots of areas you need to cut into to.

Once the sky was in, the processing was pretty much the same as what I do for the school images.  Detail was added and layers were blended, which helps get the darkness.  Blur layers were added, and masking was applied.  I wanted the MU in the windows to stand out.  I also wanted some of the detail to stand out.

It was tempting to do this in black and white, but the building is famous for that colour, and I wanted to keep that.  I could try Colour Efex, and I might do that with my next attempt.

It has been such a wonderful experience, being invited to photograph such an amazing and iconic building.  I know I am envied by quite a few of my friends.  I have had many people offering to be my assistant.


I have been nominated for quite a few awards, but I hope the people who have nominated me don’t mind if I leave it for another day.

The River Muse

The River Muse article on me is up now, if you would like to read it, the direct link is here.  I hope some of you will check it out.  You might find out more about me, LOL.

Tamrac Camera Bags

I have been meaning to update you about the new camera bag as well.  I have used it quite a few times, and it has been fantastic.  I can’t believe how heavy it feels with everything it, then I put it on my back, and it is so comfortable and the weight doesn’t seem that bad.  I could wear it for a long time.  I used it on Thursday when I went into the city.  I was worried that I might take someone out with the tripod on the back, but it was fine.  I almost forgot to mention the rain, I had no umbrella, but the waterproofing of the bag meant I wasn’t worried at all.

To find out who distributes Tamrac bags in Australia go to C.R. Kennedy, if you are elsewhere in the world, then I suggest you go the Tamrac Website.

I’ve been thinking about getting another camera bag, just a small one, one that I can just put a camera in, maybe a spare lens, and a flash unit.  I am thinking of getting the Tamrac Aero Speed Pack 75 Dual Access Photo Backpack, it looks like exactly the thing I want and it isn’t that expensive.  I have a Crumpler small camera bag, but I find it hard to get stuff in and out of.  I have to say if Tamrac’s other bags are anything like the one I have, well, I don’t think I can go wrong.