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Wasted - 3

Influencing Me – Olive Cotton

Perhaps, I thought, it was time I did one of these posts on a woman.  Another Australian Photographer and one who worked about the same time as last week’s photographer, Max Dupain.  Really, it is hard to think of Max Dupain without thinking of Olive Cotton.  Indeed she worked in his studio for some time and they were married breifly. She photographed him working, and when you look at his work you will see photos of Cotton in amongst them. I have shown you this image before, and said how much I love it and what it represents to me.  The way she has lit it and the shadows are so strong.  The title always got me as well, Teacup Ballet.  It has always been something that interested me, the idea of turning inanimate objects into some more real, as though they really do have personalities and may be like humans. Similar to the one above.  What is the image really about, the glasses or the shadow? I would imagine both, but the way the …

Teacup Ballet - Reworked

Teacup Ballet ReWorked

I haven’t done a rework for awhile, so I decided that it might be time to start getting back to normal and doing the posts as I used to.  I have thought about this image a lot, and one day I will redo the whole image, that means photographing it as well.  I always wished I had ironed the cloth the cups were on. This is the original I did way back when, I should find the original post, I do remember the image was based on an Olive Cotton image.  You can see the Olive Cotton image in this post Teacups Following the Ballet, and  you can see the original post for the above image in this post Lighting the Ballet. There wasn’t a lot wrong with this image, but I did wonder if I did it again, would I do it differently. I think the answer is yes.  The new version is darker, though I think the cups stand out more.  I did some blurring and tried to make the highlights stand out more. I just find …

Imitation Teacup Ballet 2

Teacups Following the Ballet

I have been thinking of an image that I knew I had seen once before, a photograph by a well known Australian Photographer, Olive Cotton. If you click on the image it will take you to some information about who she was and what her thoughts were behind the image, from the Art Gallery NSW. I think this is an amazing image, very simple, but beautiful  It may be a little dark, but that could just be me.  I decided that I would attempt to repeat it. I didn’t have the spot light like Olive did, and if I can find a stronger light I might try this again.  Still, I don’t mind this.  It is a HDR image, but I have done quite a bit of post editing, obviously, since it is black and white with some sepia toning. I had quite a bit of trouble trying to work out the composition.  I didn’t want to put it on a table cloth, so decided to just use the top of my coffee table as if it …