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Birrarung Marr at Night and a Catch up

It is nice that Sunday is here and the week is basically over. It has been an exhausting one, but also good. It will be nice to have some time for me for a little while.


Dynamic Range Magazine

It is out and I know most of you are aware of that. I did a post yesterday on one of the changes we’ve had to make, and so far it seems to have been a good one.  I will need to change all the links.  Now when you buy the magazine you need to go to the shop.  Here is the new link:

Dynamic Range Magazine

Don’t forget to buy your copy.

The other option is to Subscribe and so many have done that so far. You can do that on the same page.


I will now be putting all my focus into the book. I need to get that done before things heat up again for the next issue.


Taking Photos

This is something I’m looking forward to as well. I have missed going out and taking photos, and when I have gone out I’ve often been too tired to really enjoy it. I am looking forward to going out and really concentrating on some new things I want to do.

I am going to leave it there for now. I do have other news, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet, you might have to wait, but not too long.

I have photos for you that carry on from the photos I showed you last weekend. These are night shots taken at Birrarung Marr. I hope you are having a good weekend.

Weekend Wanderings: St Paul’s Beach

On Friday I spent a wonderful day with a friend and we went down to Sorrento to take some photos on the back beaches. It was probably a mistake going there as it is the busiest time of the year there for holiday makers. We weren’t quite expecting it to be as busy as it was.

We went to a few different places, but I think the best photos I got were from the last place, St Paul’s Beach.


The rocks are a great colour. I had my Merrell shoes so I was in the water taking photos. The tide was still out quite a bit so the water wasn’t too deep.

Nikon have loaned me the 28-300mm lens and I’ve been playing with it. I do think that I like the length of this lens. I like how versatile it is. I used it for the whole day and didn’t once think about changing it. I could zoom right in or right out. Brilliant really.

We were there for the sunset.


This is the best sunset shot I got. It wasn’t great for that. Actually, as my usual luck would have it really. One day I will get an amazing sunset, one day.

There were some teenagers on the beach taking photos as well and when it was clear that there wouldn’t be a sunset they started playing around with steel wool. I asked them if I could take photos as well.


I’ve never photographed this before, so it was fun to do. I didn’t take a lot. I said good bye and left them to it, but also thanked them for letting me take some photos.

It was a great day and we discovered a new area that will need exploring. I took over 800 photos, so many to play with. I will leave you with a gallery now from this area.

Weekend Wanderings: A Trip to the Coast

Yesterday afternoon a spare of the moment decision was made to see if we could catch a sunset. We didn’t know where, but then I had also had an email about the possibility of some Aurora action. That decided it for us and we headed down to Blairgowrie, to one of the back beaches.

We drove all the way down there and when we got there there was a lovely glow over the beach, golden hour. As the sun went down it was clear that it was going to be a pathetic sunset.

We stuck around hoping to see the Aurora Australis. Or is that Australis Aurora? Again it was fairly clear that it wasn’t going to be possible to see as there were too many clouds. So the whole trip was a bit of a waste, but it is always fun to go out and take photos.

I have a small gallery for you so you can see what I got. I hope you had better luck this weekend.

Weekend Wanderings: Kinglake and Back

On Friday I had another One on One Photography Session and this time we decided to do some landscape photography. First we headed out to Kinglake to see what we could see.

It has been nice to see the countryside here again, especially as spring is happening all around. The weather has been warm, and that also means the snakes are going to be waking up, so care has to be taken as well.


We were looking at lighting and how it can make your images more interesting. It was getting late in the day and we were able to get some great shots of back lit trees. Also trees that are blossoming with the season.


With spring are also flowers and they were everywhere. Lots of wild ones, well they were growing out in the wild, so I assume they are. They are small, most of the ones we saw, and very beautiful.


We were also looking at how the light was hitting certain things. Breaks through the trees and then the light hits some things singling them out. I love light like that and look for it when I can.


My client also wanted to see Banyule Flats and to do the sunset there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much of a sunset, but before it set we looked around some of the other places and got the late afternoon sun shining on the trees over the other side. It was so peaceful there and nice to see it in the late afternoon, I don’t tend to go there at that time very often.

I’m out today, escaping to the coast to get some photos. The weather here is getting warm and summer is definitely on the way, unfortunately. I miss winter already, hopefully there will still be some cooler weather. Still I’m looking forward to spending the day with my friend and seeing what we can find to photograph around the coast.

Here are some more photos from Friday. All the photos in this post were processed in Lightroom CC. I hope you are having a good weekend, and you will be going out to take photos as well.

Wanderings from the USA: Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey

Things are taking longer to get back to usual that I thought, and getting out to take photos here at home hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Still with thousands of photos from the USA I still have lots to show you. I also realized that while I was away I showed you some photos of places, but from the same place there are still many more I can show.

I visited Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey on my third day in the US. I also did a post on it back there, USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey, so today I thought I would go through the folder and show you some more of those photos.

I’m not going to talk about them, I think you can see what they are.  It is the weekend here, and things have to be sorted out. I need to get on with some stuff, so I hope you have a safe and productive weekend.

My Melbourne – Things Returning to Normal

Yesterday I had my first One on One Photography Session since returning and I guess it means the holiday really is over. In some ways it was nice that everything is getting back to normal, but then again I feel like I’m in a strange place as well, in my head that is. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think having my client being someone from the US was really good. We talked about my experiences there and she talked about her experiences here. It is always different to see your country through the eyes of a visitor, the good, and the bad.


We met under the clocks at Flinders Street Station, a very iconic meeting place, and then caught a train to Southern Cross Station to take photos around Docklands. I think that is a place that visitors hear bad things about and might not go to, so I thought it would be a great place to start.


We walked around there and eventually ended up at the Yarra River where we decided to stop for an early dinner. The point of this One on One was do some night photography, so we ate early and got ready for the sunset.


It wasn’t a spectacular one, but it was nice to see what we could get something where we were.


As more and more lights came on we started our journey back towards Flinders Street Station, stopping along the way to see what images we could get. The Yarra River is a great subject for reflections for night photography.


We tried to get as many reflections as well, however the water wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. Still, I know I can go back and do this again, anytime I want to.


We finished off near Flinders Street Station. I had a great time, and I hope she did as well. She seemed very happy with the night shots that she took. I am looking forward to seeing the shots she gets when she gets back to the States, though I think her husband might be upset with me when he realizes she might want a new tripod.

Quite a few of these are HDR’s that I’ve processed in Lightroom, actually nearly all the sunset, and all the night ones are. I think I like HDR’s for night photography, and I do think they come out better. I’ve been experimenting with the HDR photo merge in Lightroom, but should compare it with Photomatix at some stage, but at this point I think it does a pretty good job. I do have to go and change some of the settings, but it is good that you can do that.

I have more photos from the afternoon. It was nice photographing something familiar again. Some things have changed since I was in this area last, but much is the same. I do love Melbourne, so it was nice to be back in it, it seemed like it had been a long time since I was there last.

USA Wanderings: Home and Back to Reality

It really is over now. I’m sitting here writing this blog where so many others have been written. It is a little sad, but it is also good to be home. Now I have to get back to work, so many things to do, but I thought I would tell you about my trip home, and let you know I had arrived safely.

My trip was fairly uneventful, that was until I got almost home, nothing bad, but it took longer than expected. I left New York on Friday and caught a plane to Indianapolis, though I really only got to see the airport. I hung around there for two hours before boarding my flight to LA or LAX for the final part of my journey.

While flying to LA I saw a beautiful sunrise and because we were travelling back in time, I don’t know how else to explain it as we were going through a different time zone, I saw the longest sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. It lasted for almost three hours. I took some photos of it with my phone. I have a couple of photos of it for you.

They are the only photos for today, sorry.

At LAX I was met by Pam, and we had a brief meeting and catch up. I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get through security, and so we didn’t spend much time together. I am so sad that we didn’t, as it turned out I got through rather quickly and got to the gate wishing I had spent more time with her instead. Sorry Pam.

My QANTAS flight took off a little late, but without incident. I ate and then tried to sleep for the next 8 or so hours. I got more sleep than I did when I went there, which was good, but not enough. I hoped it was enough to get me through the first day back. The food was good, and I did enjoy that, but I seemed to be asleep for the snacks when they came around so around 3 or 4 in in the morning I was starving and it seemed to take them forever to serve breakfast.

Just before hitting Australia we were told that there was fog at the Melbourne Airport and we were going to have to stop in Sydney to refuel, great, add 45 to 60 minutes to the trip. Once up in the air we flew to Melbourne, landed on the tarmac and stayed there, for another 45 or so minutes. Apparently the fog had thrown everything into chaos and we couldn’t get to a gate. Being a Airbus 380, there are only so many gates to park at. There was one plane leaving and we were waiting for them to depart so we could get to the gate, but of course they found some problems with the gate, so we had to wait longer.  We finally left the plane just over 2 hours longer than we were meant to.

Once off the plane going through border security was a nightmare. There were so many people and no one seemed to know what was going on. It was confusing and so annoying. Fair dinkum Melbourne Airport, you really need to employ more people and get a better system in place, compared to the US it was a nightmare. Customs was fine and had no trouble there, finally got out of the airport just after 11 am. My friend met me and we went out for breakfast. It was so nice.

I got home just after lunch and my daughters were waiting for their presents. They loved everything I gave them, which was a relief. My husband liked all the lollies I got him, but I think he rather liked the Batman tshirt, cape and all, a lot too.

Tiddles was a bit funny, but he keeps coming to me for cuddles, which is really nice.

Last night I slept for 12 hours and feel okay today. Now I’m trying to make room on my computer for all the photos. I have two One on One’s this week, I have an article to write for dPS, and have to get moving on the magazine, so everything is happening here. I am going to be very busy.

I will continue writing about the US in the next few days, so final thoughts and such, and then I will start getting everything, well nearly everything, back to normal.