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Fun in the Sun as we catch up

Summer has arrived back in Melbourne and I’ve been out in it seeing what I can get with my camera. I don’t normally like going out in the sun, but the breeze in the shade has been good so it makes it bearable. The sun here can be so hot. My daughter had some citronella candles outside in the sun and they completely melted. I was almost tempted to buy some eggs to see if they would cook on the concrete. The strange thing is that it isn’t really that hot, it’s just the sun.

Dynamic Range Magazine

On Sale Wednesday


We aren’t far away from publishing. I thought it was today. I got myself very confused. It seems our publishing date is Wednesday. I think the problem is I just can’t wait for you to see it.


Don’t forget you can now subscribe for a year and get a link sent to you for each of the four issues as they are published. You will also get your magazine a day before everyone else.

To subscribe go to Products Page.

If you are considering subscribing please do it now, will make my job much easier. I’ve worked out how to do this in a simple way, but if people start subscribing here and there it will mean that I have a lot more work to do.

If you don’t want to subscribe you will be able to buy each issue individually, and they will be on sale for $7 on the same page.

Printing out Articles

I’m a big one on trying to protect the environment and doing what we can to make sure things don’t get worse. I like that this magazine is digital, it means we don’t have to use a lot of paper having it printed out.

To make it easier we have done the layout so it will print one page per piece of paper so you can print the articles you are mostly interested in.

Please consider the environment and the trees when you are printing, and only print what you absolutely have to.


The gallery is full of photos that I took the other day while in the city. It was a very warm day and wasn’t great for photography, but I got some interesting effects with the Nikon 14-24mm lens. I think I am going to have to get myself some Formatt Hitech filters for it. I just have work out which ones.

Please enjoy Melbourne in the sun.

Weekend wanderings with some bits and bobs

Things have been crazy this last week, but more on that soon. Anyway, I just didn’t get around to doing my normal Bits and Bobs post, and then I thought, why don’t I combine them. So today I have photos for you from one of my wanderings and some updates on what I’ve been doing.

Dynamic Range Magazine

I think it is safe to say that we should make our deadline of February the 10th for the publishing date of Issue 3. I am so excited about the next issue. It has been a bit of an Melbourne-skyline-summer-architecture-3449effort getting everything done for it, Christmas put us  behind a bit, but we are fine now.

There is a profile on Julia Anna Gospodarou, an article on Lightroom, one on competitions and entering them, how to make your own bird photography studio, processing a black and white image in Lightroom, an introduction to long exposure photography, how to choose a photography tour to go on, and another article on the history of women photographers. We also have a new writer who has written on women and marketing for us. I’ve been really enjoying the articles as they have been coming in. I hope you are excited to buy your issue.

If you just want the issue sent to you then buy a subscription for twelve months. You won’t have the worry of remembering to get it each time and will just get the link to Melbourne-skyline-summer-architecture-3414download it in your inbox.

Go to the Products page and click Subscribe.

Of course the issue will also be for individual sale.

Don’t forget to spread the word and let everyone you know about it as well.

I’ve just published another article on the blog for this site. I have written my first article on Social Media.

Social Media for Marketing the Photographer

I have been doing so much research on social media for my own work and marketing the magazine that it was good to finally get a chance to write somewhere about it. It is the start of a series of articles.

One on One Photography Lessons

I’ve been getting quite a number of inquiries for these. It is good. I love sharing my knowledge so good to see that people want to learn from me. Melbourne-skyline-summer-architecture-3341

I had a great experience with someone just recently who had done several classes with other people, but was still confused and I managed to explain it to her in a language she understood. Then after she said it was wonderful and didn’t know why other teachers hadn’t explained it that way before. I have been told from others that I am very good at explaining things in very simple terms that are easy to understand.

If you want to check out what I offer, click here.

Don’t forget that I also have amazing Photoshop skills and I do teach photo processing as well. We do them over Skype and I record the sessions for you as well.  You can find out more about those by clicking here.

Weekend Wandering photos

The photos were taken a few weeks ago on a hot summer day here in Melbourne. They are a good example of why you shouldn’t shoot in summer. I went wandering with a friend to try and capture the skyline of Melbourne. I am looking for places I can go back to.  I also saw some spots I haven’t been to before.

The photos in the gallery are all over the place, another WordPress change, doesn’t load the photos up in the order that you had them.  Thank you WordPress for stuffing up something else.  I have to say my interest in blogging is waning a little, and no doubt WordPress and all their changes really have a lot to do with it.  I love that the blog on my website never gets this many changes.  I really like blogging there so much more.

My Gift to You

It is Christmas morning now and as I wait for the family to wake up I thought I would write a quick post to you and present you with my gift for the year. As I have done in the last couple of years, my gift is an image. It was hard working out which one to give away this year, as it is every year. In the end I decided to go with the following one.


It had to be one from my trip overseas to the USA and when I was going through them this one stuck out. It brought back some wonderful memories. Yosemite National Park was one of the absolute highlights of my trip and therefore my year. I would have loved to have spent more time there, but feel so grateful that I got to see it at all.

This is a view of North Dome, if memory serves me right, reflected in the river. There was a fire over the other side of it and you can still see some of the smoke from it.

The photo is a high resolution image so you can right click on it and download it onto your computer and print it out it if you wish. It is for personal use only.

I’ve decided to take a short break from the blog. Just for a week, I feel the need to take some time to reflect on some things. It is only for a week, so I will see you again at the end of next week.

Take care, and be careful out there, Christmas is a busy time on the roads. It is the start of the summer holiday season here. Summer has certainly hit us, with too many hot days already.

Merry Christmas

Just a Couple of Bits and Bobs

It is a very hot Friday here in Melbourne. We are on day 2 of a 4 day heatwave. It is currently 39°C and tomorrow is predicted to be 41°C, with Sunday hot too, but a cool change to come as well. We are always on very high alert when it gets like this, it can often mean lots of fires. We don’t want that.

It has been a slow week and I have to confess I haven’t been doing a lot. A couple of things to report.

My Camera

My camera has been sent away to be repaired. I feel so lost without it. They melbourne-christmas-festival-2014-106told me it would only be a few days, but I’m starting to get worried now. I don’t think I will have it for the weekend. It hope to get back before Christmas.

Tamron Lenses

It is time for the loan lenses to be returned to Tamron Australia. I am really going to miss the 28-300mm lens. I have used it so much and it became my go to lens. I might have to look into getting one of my own.

I would like to thank Tamron Australia for loaning me the lenses for my trip.

Some of you may remember this site. I used to write for it a couple of years melbourne-christmas-festival-2014-108ago. The site fell silent for a while, but it is under new management, so to speak. I’ve been asked to write for the blog on it again and I agreed.

My first article, Finding a Photographer, was published the other day. The link is there if you want to take a look. Funny doing an article on portrait photography.


It is almost here, a week away. I’m planning on taking things easy, at least while it is hot. Things will get very busy, very quickly afterwards. Especially with another edition of the magazine melbourne-christmas-festival-2014-101to get out.

Apparently they are predicting a white Christmas here, a white hot Christmas. So guess we will be doing a lot of melting this summer.

I have Christmas photos for you. I like the way they show how Christmas is here, it is hot, and horrible at times.


Weekend Wanderings: Early Morning Around the City of Melbourne

Since my return a couple of things have happened, one is summer has come very early here and it looks like the snakes are awake, so I don’t want to be going anywhere where there might be any.  I have to work out what to do for the next 6 months basically.

The other thing has been how surprised I’ve been to see what people have thought of my architecture shots from New York. I used to do it a lot, but have moved away from it in the last year or two and now I’m starting to wonder if I should be getting back to it.

So the plan for this summer is to do more coastal work. Go to the beaches and such and see what I can do. The other plan is to explore more architecture around the city and maybe in some country towns as well. I love what some of those towns have. So with that in mind the other morning I caught the train into the city and met up with a friend on the steps of Parliament House.


The plan had been to see if we could get a sunrise there, but the sunrise was a bit pitiful, so we had to be happy with just taking photos. It was nice to be able to take photos of this building with no one else around. Such a grand building, shame it is for politicians.


This was actually the first image I took. It is the top of Bourke Street and Parliament House is behind me. The city was starting to wake up.

My friend had to go to a meeting so I wondered around on my own.


This image was taken a couple of minutes after my MM image on Wednesday. It is a different spot but if you look closely you can see there were lots of people around. The Formatt Hitech filter I used really helped to get rid of all those people in the other image. I am going to have to do more.


I couldn’t pass up the cakes in the Hopetoun Tea Rooms window. Not too many, but again, one of the lovely things about early morning is that there are hordes of people around. Melbourne is becoming a very busy city. I think with our dollar doing so badly it is becoming a cheap place to visit.


I finished off at the Melbourne Town Hall. Another great building, oh and yes, another built for politicians, but at a lower level. It is rather stunning, and a great example of what Melbourne did during the gold rush.

It was nice to just wander around and I think the comments from the last couple of days have been enough to help me get out of the funk I’ve been in in the last couple of weeks. I’m getting excited about things again. I also went into the Digital Show yesterday and met many of the people that helped me with my gear for my trip. It was lovely to talk to them and see them face to face. I got to see lots of new products as well, which was really nice.

I have some more photos for you now, as I usually do. I hope your weekend is wonderful and you get lots of photography done. All the images were taken with the D800 and the 24-70mm lens.

Weekend Wanderings: Spring Morning in the Bellarine Peninsula

When I wrote the title to this post I almost said summer morning because it seems like summer here. It has certainly arrived very early. Apparently we are going into an El Nino which is the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. It will bring hot temperatures and no rain, at least for the next few months. Early October has broken more records with days around 35°C or 95°F.  I’m not looking forward to summer at all. It is going to be too hot to do anything. For those of you that live near snow, lots of photos will be greatly appreciated.

Another change is how I take photos has to change again, so it will mean lots of early mornings and late afternoons. I will have to get used to getting up very early in the morning to drive to places. Last weekend was the first time I did it since I got back. Though we didn’t try to get anywhere for the sunrise, but still we arrived at Queenscliff quite early.


It was a very clear sky and the day was going to be warm, so we knew that there wouldn’t be a really magnificent sunrise, so opted  not to try for it. Queenscliff was lovely and so peaceful at that time of the day. The water was calm, though it is inside the heads of Port Phillip Bay which is part of the reason for that.


The water was also quite clear and I enjoyed watching the seaweed that clung to the leg of the pier dancing around in the water.

I took the Tamron 28-300mm lens with me which has become my go to lens at the moment. It doesn’t leave my camera very often. It is such a great length or range. The 28mm gives you some wide angle, not always as wide as I would like, but a great compromise, and the 300mm means I can zoom in quite a bit. No lens is ever going to give you the best length, but hey, I think this one is pretty good. It is one I would definitely recommend. I know I will miss it a lot when I have to return it to Tamron Australia.


The tide was out so we walked around the cliff and saw some unusual man made structures. I think left over from the WWII when we were terrified of being invaded, though nothing happened this far south, well except something about a German cargo ship that wasn’t allowed to enter. Fair enough really. Still, we were ready for it. One thing about being so far away from the rest of the world is that our distance does tend to protect us from what is going, most of the time.


After breakfast at Belsize & Co in Queenscliff we decided to drive around the coast to St Leonards. Here we found another pier, and possibly my favourite of the day. It was getting warm and towards midday when we got here so people were everywhere. You can’t see it in this photo but there were lots of people swimming and doing the summery type things you expect for a warm day.


It was certainly a pier with a lot of character and one I would love to go back to at some stage. There was a lot to photograph around it. It also had some many different elements. Yes, a return visit at a better ‘photography’ time of the day is needed.

We did go on to Port Arlington but you will have to wait for those photos another day. We knew the light was going to be harsh and we wouldn’t get good photos so we decided that it was going to have to be a scouting day. We found a few places that we want to go back to so now we just need to organize when.

I’m going to leave it there, I’ve talked enough today and will leave you with a gallery of more photos. It is Saturday here and we are expecting a storm, apparently, it was meant to happen yesterday, so who knows if it will rain or not. I hope you are having lovely ‘photography’ weather where you are. Take care.

USA Wanderings: Playing with Photoshop

One of the things that I really missed while I was away was my 27 inch monitor and Photoshop. I am sure I’ve told you before how much I wanted to process some photos with Photoshop and there is one group of images that I was excited about, but wasn’t quite sure what I would do with them until I got them on my computer here.


On the day I went out with my brother in law to go sailing we also went somewhere else before hand. He took me to some of the salt ponds near San Francisco. They were amazing, though I had seen some from the air when I was flying into the city. We don’t have anything like these here, well not that I am aware of.  They are evaporation ponds, so they put salt water into them and wait for the water to evaporate and then collect the salt that is left behind.

It was hot there, there was no shade and we did a lot of walking, so when it came time to do something with the photos I wanted to see if I could show that in them.


Summer can be such a horrible time to get out and take photos, but I’ve been thinking for quite a few years that there has to be a way of doing it. Just recently I watched the movie Erin Brockovich, and they did it quite well so I tried to imitate that in my photos. Blow out the highlights a bit, and almost desaturate the colours. I am trying to remember what the landscape looks like on really hot days.

I quite like where these are going and think I will experiment more, with other photos I took there and future ones. Summer is just around the corner here, so I will have no excuse not to get out and take photos. I especially want to do it with some photos of where my mum is. I think it would work really well up there.

So here are some of my first attempts at putting that heat and how I was feeling when I took these images.  They were all taken with the Nikon D750, with the first three using the Tamron 28-300mm lens, the remainder were taken with the Nikon 24-70mm lens.