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Something for Friday

This morning I spent a lovely morning in the city doing a One on One Photography Session with a wonderful lady. We walked around doing lots of architecture, a subject I enjoy doing. I don’t want to show a lot, but I was trying some things in the State Library of Victoria and thought you might like to see them.

These images were all taken in the LaTrobe Reading Room, or for those of us who have known it for years, the Domed Reading room.

Weekend Wanderings – Taking the Colour Out of the Ordinary

Yesterday my daughter had to go into the city to pick up a text book for her first class on Monday at Uni.  She wanted me to come, which meant I would want to take photos.  I have taken photos in the city so many times over the last few years and I never get tired of it.  I thought that I would take them this time of nothing specific, but just the city doing what the city does, so to speak.

I wandered around the streets, watching what was going on and took photos of it.  I knew before I went into the city that I was going to make all the photos B&W, so that was an interesting thing for me.  I had to think about what I thought would make great B&W images.

LeanneCole-city-20140228-0253It was interesting photographing the mundane, in some ways.  The things that we see every day as we walk around the city.  I did add some architecture as well, and tried some things.

LeanneCole-city-20140228-0259Initially I started with the 50mm lens.  I know so many people love the 50mm, but it just isn’t wide enough for me, and I can’t fit enough into the frame.  I think I should have opted for the 35mm.  I have a friend who has that one and it is her favourite.

LeanneCole-city-20140228-0276I never tire of how much you can fit into the frame when using the 14-24mm lens.  I love the abstract nature of these images.  I am not sure B&W is good for them, but it does make them more abstract.


The state library had something going on, beanbags on the grass and coffee shop out the front.  I didn’t really look to see why, I was too busy taking photos of it all.

So today’s images are all B&W and they go from the mundane, to the ordinary, to some great architecture.  I am going to put them all into a gallery for you.  I am off this morning to teach my second class in Eltham.   Great group of people, I am looking forward to teaching them what I know about Landscape photography.

Here is a gallery for you. I also wanted to let you know that the watermark in each of the image was done with the Mass Watermark software, so easy.

Sometimes There are too Many Things

There is no post today for, seems they don’t want me to write for them anymore, I think, I don’t know really.  They have stopped responding to my emails so I assume that means that they don’t want my posts anymore.  I thought for today I could a post for you about some other things, photography related, but they are little things.

How to tell someone to stop stealing images!

When I did my post yesterday I received a comment from someone who thanked me for what I had said, but she had a small problem, she (D) knew someone that was taking her photos and then pretending that they were their own.  I think the person taking the photos was taking them from others as well, I’m not totally sure, but still, if you knew someone who was doing this, what would you do?

D asked me, but I didn’t really know what to say, so I thought I would ask you and see what you would do.  Maybe give D some ideas on how to stop this person from stealing photos and pretending they own them.

LeanneCole-city-20131107-0165When do the images belong to me?  Follow up.

I got emails back from the State Library of Victoria and the Block Arcade.  The first building is a publicly owned building, belongs to the State Library of Victoria, and the other is privately owned.

The State Library of Victoria have pretty much said the same as what we would expect.  That amateurs are allowed to go and take photos, in most parts of the building, there are some that are off limits.  You can photograph the building, but you cannot photograph the library patrons.  I assume if people are in the images, but not the subject, then that is probably okay.

There is a photography policy and this is what was sent to me:

The policy states:
3.2.3 Cameras and video equipment: Library spaces and buildings
Permission is not required for non-commercial or private photography within the public areas of the Library building but:
• photography of other users is not permitted
• permission from the marketing and communications manager is required for photography in the Keith Murdoch Gallery
• the marketing and communications manager, media coordinator or venue manager should be contacted if the photography is for commercial or public relations purposes. There may be a supervision fee and commercial use is subject to a reproduction fee.
All photographic or other equipment carrying bags must be presented for security inspection when leaving the Library.

LeanneCole-city-20131207-5412The Block  Arcade also has similar restrictions.  It is a privately owned building and therefore they have a lot more restrictions in place about taking photos of it.

Here is part of the email they sent me:

The Block is a privately owned heritage arcade, we are thrilled that tourists visit us on a daily basis and they take photographs for their own
“memories purposes”.

However, we do reserve the right ourselves to the commercial use of Block
Arcade images in conjunction with our retailers e.g. Card & Caboodle.  A
variety of cards and postcards and tea towels have been produced over the
years via this arrangement.

It is such a difficult thing to work out, and I think when I wrote the original post on this I stated that it really is up to you to find out what is and isn’t allowed.  When you can and can’t sell photos of places is so different for each different building.

The one thing I haven’t been able to work out is if there is a difference between using an image for art, or to sell to people to hang on their walls and for using an image for commercial purposes.  So many people think that they are different.  I need to find this out, perhaps that can be my next challenge.

One on One Photography Lessons

Yarra River Bridge looking at Southbank

Yarra River Bridge looking at Southbank

I have been working on  my One on One Photography Lessons and getting them ready to start advertising more.  I really want to push them.

I thought I could offer them as either one 4 hour session, or one 8 hour session that can be broken up into two 4 hour sessions.  I would love to do more of these.  I thought people who might be interested in doing them would be people who want to learn photography, but I also thought that people who want to get good photos of Melbourne when they visit could get me to help them get those images.  Of course, I know Melbourne fairly well.

I like this idea,  so am working on webpage and hopefully can start advertising them.  That will be the next thing, how to advertise them when you don’t really have any money.

Enough of the little things, enjoy your day.

Weekend Wanderings – A Full Frame View of Melbourne

On Thursday I went into the city to take photos with the new camera, the Nikon D800.  I have shown some of the photos I got in the last couple of posts, and today I thought I would show the rest.

Now, I have to explain, while I showed the images that I took with the 14-24mm, I also took some photos with the 50mm as well, though no where near as many.  I might put them into separate galleries, so first of all we can look at the 50mm photos.  I have to admit, I found it quite limiting and kept going to change the zoom.

It was interesting using it, but I have to say, that I was having trouble with it, and changed back to the 14-24mm.  I think I like seeing a wider view of Melbourne.  My photography friend thinks we should have a day where both of us take our 50mm and no other lenses and have to use the 50.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will do that.

There are so many great things to photograph in Melbourne, I have said this so many times.  I just never get sick of seeing what I can get.  I am not going to talk too much, but here are the images I took with 14-24mm.

Enjoy your weekend.  My new business cards arrived today, so I am looking forward to handing them out.

Some Times it Just Happens in Front of You

Yesterday when I went into the city, the first stop was the State Library of Victoria, and I wanted to take some photos of the front of the building, you know to see how much I could fit in.  As I was doing that, all of a sudden this woman came from behind with a beautiful dress on.  

LeanneCole-city-20131107-0121I had to take photos, I did.  She was with other people and they were there for a photo shoot, I couldn’t believe my luck.  The dress was so stunning, though I did make some changes to it.  It didn’t go out the back that much, so I made it do that more.  

The photo has been manipulated a lot.  I wanted to create something else.  I love the way she is walking towards it.  I would love to use the library a lot more for photos, and I am working on some plans for that.  I am planning a post on it next week.  

I wish this kind of thing could happen a lot more.  I know it is luck, but it would be wonderful to work with a designer and do more images like this with their designs.  I love the idea of collaboration with other artists, working together.  

Playing With the New Toy

This morning I went into the city to take some photos with my new camera.  I couldn’t wait to start playing around with it.  I just haven’t had the chance before today.  I went into the city with my photography buddy and the first place we headed to was the library.

My friend and I went to the library a couple of months ago and we took photos in the Domed Reading Room.  I used my 14-24mm lens, and got as much of the room as I could.  So I was dying to get back in there to see how much more I could get with the  D800’s full frame and my lens really being a 14-24mm.

The images I took last time.

leannecole-sccity-2585leannecole-sccity-2570leannecole-sccity-2597These weren’t bad, but I had to wonder if I could get more in the frame.  So here are the images I took today.

LeanneCole-city-20131107-0165LeanneCole-city-20131107-0162LeanneCole-city-20131107-0183How much more of the room is there?  It is amazing.  I don’t know if they are great images, but I love how much detail you can get, you can really show the rooms off.  I love the full frame and I really like how my lenses are now what they are meant to be.  I haven’t tried all my lenses on it yet, plenty of time for that.

I am finding the camera quite different to the D300s, especially the shutter, it is much louder and clunkier.  It also doesn’t go as far as the D300s, it is something that will take a bit of getting used to.  When I do bracketed shots on the D300s, it is bam, bam, bam, done, very quick, but with the D800, I have to almost wait for it to happen.  It doesn’t take them as quickly.  Oh, well, just something I will have to get used to, as I already said.

I am going to do a gallery now so you can compare the images better, hopefully they will go from old to new, each time.

Just on a final note, can I just say, I love my new camera.

Weekend Wanderings – State Library and Over the Road

Last weekend I showed you some images of the National Gallery of Victoria and the Fed Square.  On the same rainy horrible day we also went to the State Library.

leannecole-sccity-2570I worked at the state library many years ago.  I worked here when the Museum was still in the same complex and none of the renovations had happened.  I haven’t really been there since all the work was done, but since the weather wasn’t good we decided to go in and take a look.

It is a lot lighter than it used to be.  the glass never used to be in the ceiling, but they decided to put it in as the original designs had glass in it.  I am told it is based on the domed reading room of a library in London.

leannecole-sccity-2604A marble staircase that linked the front part of the library to the part that has the domed reading room.  The marble stairs had worn steps, you could see where people had been walking on them for a long time.

The Library has had many additions since it was first built, when it housed the National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Victoria.  I am sure there are many sites that can give you the history of it.

I was very happy to find out that photography is allowed, though no flash, which of course makes perfect sense.

leannecole-sccity-2565When I worked there this was the reference room.  All the catalogues were in here and that post in the middle is holding up the floor in the domed reading room.

I also have some photos of Melbourne Central.  Photos of things I have taken before, but decided while there, why not do some more.  I also had fun with angles.  Here are more photos from the library and Melbourne Central.

My mess was sorted out, I took photos this morning of the couple I was meant to, and this time I got the right day.  That always helps.  Two people I had lined up to take photos have had to postpone, but that is okay and it worked out well.  Another photo shoot tomorrow, I am excited about that one.  We are going to have a lot of fun, and I get to go to Trentham to take them, even better.

I also want to remind you to keep checking the Facebook and Google+ pages as I am posting photos from the shoots onto those rather than here, well I will put them here, but not as quickly.