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Today has been crazy.  Nothing has gone as planned this weekend.  I had a family portrait session this afternoon, and then I went to St Kilda.  It has rained most of the day, so being able to go out and take photos hasn’t been great.  So when I got to St Kilda, I took very few photos.

I haven’t done this very well.  I am so tired, and when I got this image on the computer, I just didn’t know what to do with it.  I think part of the reason is, because it doesn’t really fit in with the type of work I want to do anymore.

Sometimes, I find, I am just not in the right head space.  I don’t really like this image now, but you may find it appealing. I think this is what can happen when you try and force yourself to do something that you don’t really want to do.

This is a HDR, though again, it isn’t a good one.  I think, I think I am really tired, and I don’t think I should do this when I feel like this.

When I go out and do something like a family session, I find it so draining.  I have to be constantly thinking, changing what I am doing and just taking photos.  It is hard, your mind never stops.  I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t comfortable.  Doing portrait sessions is still new to me, though, definitely something I want to continue doing.

I feel like I should apologise, I feel I have let you down.  Though, I guess there are going to be times when it isn’t going to work.  I will just have to keep trying.

HDR or Not to HDR

In yesterdays post I showed you some images that work better with HDR and you see more detail.  Today I have some images that I took last night at St Kilda and this time you can see whether or not the images are better for using HDR or not.

Same thing again, originally exposed image first then the HDR image with the bracketed shots I took.

This is St Kilda Baths, I think that is what it is called.  There are swimming pools, gyms inside and outside around it are restaurants.  It is a very popular place in summer.

This is the HDR image, it is not really that much different.  I don’t know about you, but I love the original one more, the colours seem richer some how.

I have taken images of this before, but from the other side and very early in the morning.    It was very dark or starting to get light.  It is nice to take some photos from this view and I must say if I go back early one morning this is a view I should try.

This is the HDR image, and I think when you compare it with the one above there isn’t much difference.  Is HDR necessary for this image? No, probably not, the image doesn’t have that contrast between light and dark and if you were just presenting the first image then it would probably be fine.  I don’t think HDR is necessary for this type of image.

It was unfortunate we didn’t get to see a really nice sunset, but again this is the original image.  This building is on the end of the pier.  It burnt down a few years ago and then they rebuilt it.  So glad they did.

This one is the HDR and there are elements that I like, but there is ghosting that I couldn’t get rid of it, so I’m stuck with it.  The sky around the building has also turned out weird.  I think perhaps the first image has worked better, but the reasons could also be that my camera went really weird.  More on that soon.

When to use HDR, good question.  I suppose when you have lots of contrast in an image and you don’t want those black spots, or areas that are blown out, then HDR is the way to go.  For these images here then I don’t think it was necessary.  It will always have to be a judgement call and will always depend on what look you are going for.

Now, for my camera.  I have some questions. Look at the following two images.

These is when the images started going wrong.  I have no idea what that black thing is across the lens.  It wasn’t the camera strap.  I have no idea what that white strip is as well.  It was in every image after this, but not the black bit.

This is the same image has above, but I cropped it for the images I showed you.  There is that white strip again.  My husband thought some moisture might have got into the camera, but I don’t know about that.  I have a Nikon D300s and every image after this had this.  Though when I got home and took some photos it wasn’t there.  It was very humid down at the beach.

So any ideas.  I thought maybe it was the memory card, but my husband didn’t think so.  I have no idea.

Different Types of Photographers

Of course, there are photographers that take different images in different genres, but this week, I’ve realised that many of us can be divided into two different types of photographers, the technical ones and the non-technical ones.  I am pretty sure I fall into the second category.

I met a woman while I was down in Geelong and she was into photography, has done photography all over the world and when we talked, she talked about technical aspects of photography.  She talked about her zoom lens and what they really were compared with her camera, she talked about the Calvin temperature scale for taking photos.  I understood most of what she was saying, but it has occurred to me, that I am a lot more ad-hoc when it comes to taking photos.

I know a lot of the technical stuff, you can’t really do photography without knowing some, but I enjoy more the element of surprise, of trying something weird and wonderful and hoping I will get the weird and wonderful.  I love it when I go out to take some photos and what I end up with is nothing like what I expected and it so much better.  Look at the following image.

I took this image in about 1997 or 1998.  I scanned the negative, which accounts for the graininess of the image.  I went out one morning in winter, I believe.  We, my friend Sandra and I, arrived at St Kilda at about 6am and it was raining.  I thought, well that’s it, but instead we went to find coffee and waited a while.  We came back at 6.30, and while not raining anymore, it was still very wet.  It was also still very dark.

I decided that I had to take some photos, so I set up the tripod and took a heap of images.  I had no idea what I was going to get, but when I picked up the images from the lab, I was presented with some of the most amazing photos.  I had no idea that I would end up with something like the above.  I was so happy.  I always remember going to pick up those photos.

So when I go out to take photos, I just have a go.  I sometimes plan, like I will try the neutral density filter, but I don’t get too technical about it.  Perhaps that is the artist coming out in me, letting things develop on their own.

I do like playing on the computer with the images as well.  I had a play with the above image.

I didn’t do a lot to it, but I have darkened some areas and lightened others.  I enjoy the technical side of Photoshop, though it doesn’t seem technical, I just play.

So what type of photographer do you think you are?