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Weekend Wanderings: Early Morning Trip to Point Lonsdale

This past Tuesday Christine Wilson and I headed out again to take photos. This time we decided to go to Point Lonsdale, she hadn’t been there before, but I had on a few occasions. Then we thought, hey let’s get there before sunrise, which for right now meant getting up at 3am to be out of the house by 4am. I’m not the type of person who likes to rush, I like to have time to get ready, to make sure I have everything.  So when 4am came around off I left. I met Chris just over the Westgate Bridge and then we took my car to Point Lonsdale, stopping for a coffee along the way.


We knew as we were getting closer that we weren’t going to get much of sunrise, you could tell, there just weren’t enough clouds and really not enough colour.  As we were arriving a massive ship was going through the heads to Port Melbourne.  I love seeing the big ships going in and out.  We saw three the time we were there.


There was some colour but the main reason we were there were to do some long exposures.  I got a Lee Big Stopper and was experimenting with it.  It seemed to work fine, but it doesn’t really fit the Cokin Filter holder properly, so I might have to get a proper Lee Holder, am searching for that now.  I’ve been getting stuff from the B&H, but it can take such a long time to get here, just over 3 weeks.  You can get stuff from the UK in a week, but from the US 5 weeks is nothing.  I might have to do some internet searching.  The Cokin one would be fine if the little nodules it has at the bottom could be pressed in so the front of the filter was flat, but you can only put filters in a certain distance and they get stuck.


The early morning light is so lovely to work with.  I love how it hits everything, and we are almost at the time of year where a nice early morning will give some beautiful golden light here.  I think it happens around Autumn.  There was some on this morning, but not much.

I had to take photos of the lighthouse too.  It is something I really enjoy about Point Lonsdale is that there are a few things to photograph, you can do the pier, the lighthouse and then there are lots of rocks as well.


I have been here a few times to take photos, but never when the tide was so far out.  It was incredible what was revealed when it went out.  Rocks everywhere.  I switched to my wide angle and tried getting some shots from different angles.  It really was getting too late in the day here, the sun was bright and the light was really bright, but it was fun.  We got there at 6am, left at around 1pm, though we did go into town for breakfast for an hour and half, so you can see there is a lot there to photograph.


My long exposures were disappointing, I found out too late that my lens was dirty, I got some horrible light marks on my images and so had to convert to black and white.  I was kicking myself, especially after that post on mistakes we make, well, here is one for me, I must remember to clean my gear more often.  I was so particular about keeping the filters clean, I didn’t even think to check my camera.

For those that don’t know where Point Lonsdale is, here is a map for you.

We had a great morning, the weather was gorgeous, the only real problem we had were other people.  There were lots of people around, which was natural considering what a gorgeous summer day it was.  People were swimming, but I think it was too cold for that, still, it was sunny.  The clouds weren’t really moving enough for long exposures, still, we both know what is there, and I’m sure we will go back.  Maybe next time spend the night, so it is easier to get up early.

I have a gallery of the images, I hope you can see what a beautiful day it was. I hope you have plans for the weekend.  I have Social Snappers tomorrow, we are doing one end of Bourke Street to the other, which should be quite interesting, lots of architecture.


A Bit Before

The other night when I went to take photos under the Westgate Bridge, I took lots.  Of course, the ones I showed you the other night were the best, but I have a few more to show you now.

The Sun on the BridgeThis is a HDR image, processed with HDR Efex with 5 images.  These are also the first five shots I took when I got there.  It was also the only time I got the sun shining on the bridge like this.

Some of the best views of Melbourne can be seen from on top of that bridge, but there is no way you can take photos from it unless you do it from a moving car.  They built this great big high bridge, but you can’t walk over it to look at the city.  It is such a waste.

Sun on the Ship YardsThis is the same place as the last photo in Sunday’s post.  This image is also a 5 image HDR image processed with HDR Efex.  It is good to use it and see what can be done with it.  I did as Another Thousand Words suggested and upped the contrast and that has helped a lot.

Ship Going UnderThis is the front of the ship that I showed on Sunday.  It is heading out.  I had to do this as a single image.  The ship was moving way too fast to do a HDR and when I tried it the ship had too much ghosting.  This worked out a lot better, though I lost a lot of detail in the bridge.

Sun Sets in For NightThe sun set, just before it turned the sky on fire.  It was great to watch it unfolding.

I am heading into the city tonight, hopefully will get some photos.  I need to see what the city is going to be like for Christmas.  I would like to go back in and get some night shots.  I am hoping some of you will join me.  We will have to make a time and date, well, the time will need to be about 8 o’clock at night.  Let me know if you are interested.


I have been nominated for some more awards by some wonderful people.

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Thank you to all three, it is very much appreciated, and I hope everyone else will visit their blogs.

Bridge Over River Yarra

For quite a while I’ve been planning on taking a trip to somewhere under the Westgate Bridge to take some photos.  One of my favourite painters, Rick Amor, did a painting with it in it once, the painting was done from the perspective of underneath.  I loved it, and ever since, I have wanted to do something similar.

I mentioned on my facebook page that I was going to go, though I was surprised at what I found.  Here is what I put up “Got the weather wrong, thought it was going to 37 C or 98 F tomorrow, but that is happening today, so the sunset at Westgate Bridge isn’t likely now, but with thunderstorms predicted I might get something even better, find out in tomorrows post.”  Then I got there.

Ship Sailing Out to SeaIt was raining when I first arrived, not heavy, but enough to be slightly annoying, thankfully it didn’t last.  Some massive ships go down the river here.  We, my husband came with me, watched one that we were worried wouldn’t fit under the bridge.  Of course it did.

Can you see what is behind the ship?  I can’t believe it, a sunset.  It looked wonderful.  We stayed around around here for over an hour as the sun went down.  I didn’t get the stormy clouds I thought I was going to get, but got the sunset I was hoping for.  Isn’t it always the way.

Bridge Enjoying the End of the DayThis was taken just before the it completely disappeared.  It was getting cold, hard to believe after a hot day of 37.  I don’t often get images like this.  I was thinking I would get cloudy, maybe even some lightning, if I was lucky, and I got this.  I know the shots are pretty clichéd, but sunsets are always lovely to have.  Everyone loves them.

The first shot of the ship is a straight image, it is a raw image and processed in Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6.  A little bit of gradient was also used.  The second image, and the following one are both HDR images, though instead of using Photomatix Pro which I normally do, I processed them with HDR Efex Pro 2.  It worked really well, don’t you think.  Wait till you see the next one.

Further Up theRiverThis image was taken in the opposite direction and is up river from the bridge.  You have to love a red sky like that.  I also love the shipyards, I would love to be able to get in closer to them and take photos, it would so interesting.  The equipment they use and the size of the ships, it is pretty amazing.  I think I am going to have explore the area more.

So, after thinking I would just gets lots of clouds and nothing else, it was a pleasant surprise to actually get what I had hoped to get when I first planned the trip.  It was a great reward, if you can call it that.

Another thing I have been thinking about, if people are interested, I wondered whether people who are visiting Melbourne, or living in Melbourne would like to join me on some of these trips.  I never feel really safe on my own.  I wouldn’t charge you or anything, though there would have to be an understanding that I am there to take photos, and not tutor people.  I don’t mind answering a question or two, but it was more about people getting together to take photos.

If you are interested, then please join my facebook page, or follow me on twitter and I will mention on there places I am planning on going to.


More awards, SERENDIPITY has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, please take a lot at their blog, some lovely photos of snow there.

This next one, I’m not sure which one is for me, or whether it even matters, Carol received her first awards for her blog and that is a wonderful thing.  Please take a look at her blog Loethen Art Designs.

Thank you to both blogs, I am always grateful for your support.

Early Morning at Point Lonsdale

The alarm went off at 3am this morning, I wish I could say I got up then, but I was out of the house and on the road by 4.30am.  It is now just after 7pm and it has been a very full day.  I arrived at the Point at about 6.20, I could see the sunrise as I was approaching and thought I missed it, but really, there was nothing to miss.  It was a very disappointing sunrise, you would think if I was going to all the trouble to get there that early, that a beautiful sunrise wasn’t too much to ask.

This was one of the last photos I took here.  I spent about an hour walking around the lighthouse, up to the lighthouse and then down again.  It was nice to be there by myself, without anyone huffing and carrying on because I wanted to take another photo.  I just chilled.  I waited about 10 to 15 minutes for that Container Ship to get into that position.  It looks so small, but it wasn’t.  The ship is entering Port Phillip Bay, which is the entrance to Melbourne.

After I left here I drove over to Barwon Heads and had a look around.  I took some photos there as well. I think I took about 370 photos, though most of them are either 3 or 5 bracketed images.  I will get around to showing you more, I was going to do it tonight, but after Barwon Heads I had to go to Geelong for a Schools Cycling Event run by Cycling Victoria and I was there until after 4pm.  I’ve only been home for an hour.  I’m beat.  I need a shower and to just sit.

I didn’t do a lot to the image above, that isn’t to say I won’t, but right now, I just wanted you to see one of the images I took.  I know a lot of you like lighthouses, so here it is again, and this time it is guarding the sea.

One Lovely Blog Award

I have come home and found that Michelle from the A Touch of the Divine had given me the above award, I hope you will all go and see her blog, the award is here

Thank you so much Michelle.

Another adventure tomorrow, the Daylesford Market.

Day 10 – Looking Forward to the Weekend

I thought I would share some photos that I took a month or so back when I went down to check out the foreshore along the Mornington Peninsula for this weekends workshop.  It was good to go down before to check out the lighting, but more importantly I realised that going there in the afternoon at twilight would be pointless because there are far too many people around.  It is also hard to work out places to go because there is so much traffic on the roads.

I took this shot down near where the two heads of the bay meet, there is a narrow gap for ships to enter or leave.  It is near Point Nepean.  Just looked on Google maps to help me remember the name and because Point Nepean is a Armed Forces base, think Navy, it doesn’t say what it is called.  So funny, there are photographs of it, but they can’t name it.

I don’t know that I think this shot is that interesting, it may have been better if we were looking at the morning sun as opposed to the late afternoon sun.

We found this old cemetery on the way to where the previous photo was taken.  I think it goes back to when the area was first settled.  There are memorials to people who went down with their ships.

Again the sun was against me.  Most of the place was in shadow because of the trees hanging around it.  Would be nice to go back when the sun is somewhere else, possibly early morning.

This is part of the foreshore in Rye.  You can see how many people are on the pier and it wasn’t even that warm.  There is always something about the beach that draws people to it, not sure about it myself, but I do enjoy photographing it, without the people that is.

Nothing special about this image, it really was a point and click kind of image.  Of course with a DSLR it is never really one of those.  I would have had the camera on A, or aperture priority.  I used a f stop of f22 and the shutter speed was 1/13 of a second with an ISO rating of 100.  I would have used the tripod.  I can take photos at the slow a shutter speed, but the conditions have to be right, with the environment and with me.

Tomorrow I will be packing up and heading down to Rosebud, where the house is that we are staying in.  Looking forward to coming home with a stack of photos to edit and show you.