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Embossed to Sharpen

On Monday I was in at Photo Color to pick up some prints that were printed for an order.  Rob and I were discussing editing and different things you can do.  He suggested I try using the embossing for sharpening, in much the same way that I had used the High Pass.

I have tried the technique on this image.  The image was processed in Camera Raw, then opened in Photoshop.  A duplicate layer was added then the embossed filter applied.  The blending mode overlay was then applied.  I’m not going to lie, I am not so sure about it.  I find it little too much, though I might need to practice some more.  This image was also processed with Color Efex.

The same has been done to this image, though it was toned down a bit.  I tried to make it not as strong. This image was not processed with Color Efex.

It is an interesting step, I am not really sure about it, but I like to give things a go.  I will try it again at some point.


A parcel arrived yesterday, it was a big box and inside was a Nikon camera.  I have been sent the D5100 to try and see how it works.  I haven’t had a chance to go out and try it yet.  The D5100 is Nikon’s equivalent camera to Canon’s 600D.  I am looking forward to seeing how it performs.  My initial impressions have been quite positive.  I like the weight of it, and I have been able to figure out everything for myself so far, which is always a good sign.

My experience with teaching people how to use a DSLR seems to be that the people who have never used one before have no idea what they are doing and find it all confusing no matter what camera they have.  People who have come from film need some help, but work it out with the manual.  Those that have had DSLR before can pretty much work it all out themselves.

Thanks Nikon, so glad to have received the parcel and I look forward to trying it out.

The Work Continues

I have been getting back into my lino and the purchase of a new tool has helped tremendously.  Nothing like a new thing to help get the motivation up.  I have to say it hasn’t been a great week and I have been questioning myself about all sorts of things, especially my art work.  I have wondered whether I should continue with the lino cuts as everyone seems to think that they are digital prints.  But after getting some help from Wade Wallace from Cycling Tips, he helped spread the word that they are lino cuts and Cafe Racer have suggested that I do something to put up with the prints that helps explain what they are.  I have been thinking along the same lines and will do that.

I’ve been wanting to get the new tool for a while.  It is one of a couple that I wanted to get, however at just over $90 each I really can’t afford to get all the ones I want, so I had to work out which one I wanted the most.

The one I chose was the small U shaped tool.  It is 0.5mm and very tiny.  It is so good.  I can do some really fine detail work, which is so good.  Some of the stuff on these linos are really tricky to get at with the tools I currently have.  I like this one because I can do the little specks and all the little bits that are there. 

I have to be careful with it though.  Michael, I think that is his name, from MES said that they have had trouble with people getting the tool and then breaking them.  He got a small piece of lino and showed me how to use it and how to be careful with it.  I’m so happy with it.  I have to be more careful with it, but overall it was a great buy and has really helped to inspire me to get back into the printmaking.

I’m liking all the tools I have now.  I think the next thing I need to start working on is how to sharpen them.  I have bought a couple of stones to try and sharpen them and I know the theory behind how to do it, but I haven’t tested it yet.  There are lots of books out there on how to do it.  I will have to have a go one day, but not on the $90 tools, perhaps the really cheap ones I have that aren’t very sharp.

So more work has been done on the lino.It is starting to look good and I’m almost half way with it and I think if I just got stuck into it it wouldn’t take me long to do now.  Most of the fiddly stuff is done and I’m actually starting to get excited about it.

On another note I went into APW today and saw the print in the Impressions Exhibition and it looks good.  The whole exhibition looks great.  All the works are framed and the way they have them installed is really good.  I really liked it.  I was told they have sold some of my prints, but couldn’t say how many.  Which it nice, I’m glad that it hasn’t been a waste of time or a waste of money for them.