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Weekend Wanderings – Snapping the City in the Dark

Last Sunday I went into the city for another Social Snappers Photography Excursion for a night photography session. We met at the MCG at 6pm, ended up at Flinders Street Station, and finished around 9.30. The idea was that we would start on the bridge that goes over the train lines, photograph the city from there, then slowly make our way along Birrarung Marr and end up at Flinders Street Station, or near there, to photograph car trails. I knew the area from riding a bike a few years ago, but I had never tried to photograph it, so it was new for me too.


The plan had been to try and get the sunset, but by the time we got there it was pretty much over, I think it was because there were no clouds.  One day, I will get it.  It was a beautiful clear night so we couldn’t complain about that.  Being a Sunday night also meant that there weren’t many trains.


So from there we started walking to the city.  There are paths and they are quite well lit, so it wasn’t hard to find our way. I think the most curious thing was that so many people wanted to know what we were shooting, or why we were taking photos.  I think seeing a group of women out taking photos is not something people see every day, it is something that I hope to change.


This is the Birrarung Marr bridge.  It helps link the city with the MCG.  The MCG is one of our major sports arenas, possibly Melbourne’s oldest.  If you know about Melbourne, you would know how sports mad this city is.  The photos we got from here were wonderful, but it was an area that drove us insane. They have speakers on this bridge that play music, like folk ditties and stuff, and they have more than one going at a time.  It is horrible.  You can’t hear anything, and, well, you just want to enjoy the sounds of the area, but no, you have to listen to a whole bunch of songs and music playing at the same time.  Please Melbourne, turn off the music.


This is a massive sculptural piece that is by the river.  It used to be in front of the National Gallery of Victoria, but was moved a few years ago. Not an easy piece to photograph.  There are too many things in the way, rubbish bins, bright lights.


Finally, we went back into the city, where we all had fun taking photos of the car trails.  This is an iconic image and most people want to get it.  Every time I go and take photos here there are always lots of other photographers there as well. It wasn’t as busy as it normally is. Sunday night probably had a lot to do with it, but it was nice to get more photos.  The above photo is another stacked image, I can’t remember how many, I think around 20.

It was a very good evening.  One of the women that came along has said that she was feeling a bit shy, and was worried about doing this sort of thing, but she said that I gave her lots of information and that she learned a lot.  Her tripod broke and we had to share mine, which was fine.  She started using a lunch box to support her camera which, surprisingly, worked rather well.  I had so much fun, and I can’t wait to do more of these excursions.  I really think Social Snappers is such a great idea, it is good to go out with a group of women and just enjoy taking photos.

I’m running behind today, I was out all afternoon photographing Lake Albacutya, and then last night doing the milky way at Jonesy’s Bush Retreat.  Today, I’m off to Nyah West for my workshop on landscape and night photography, that should also be really good.  So for now, I have a gallery of images from last Sunday.  I hope your weekend is good and you get lots of chances to take photos.


Retracing My Steps at Heide

Saturday morning I went back to Heide Museum of Modern Art with two clients.  It started out looking like a promising day, but then the clouds rolled in and the sun was hidden.  It isn’t very often that I am disappointed when this happens, but as we trying to do some landscape type of photography, it meant that the light was too flat.

Reflecting off the Rings of SaturnAs I said the sun did shine a little at first.  I love the way the morning sun is reflecting off the Rings of Saturn by Inge King.  I tried to do more images looking up at the sculpture this time.  Where they have it positioned you are meant to look up at it.  Unfortunately to get the sculpture and the sun I had to dodge trees as well.

Heide CourtyardThis is the courtyard and main entrance to Heide.  The black building is a new part that was built a few years ago.  It added a whole new gallery onto the building.  Since then they have also redone the cafe area, thought I haven’t been to it yet, hoping I might get a chance this week.  There is an exhibition on at the moment that I want to see, Art by Twilight, the art of Louise Bourgeois.  I have seen a couple of her pieces, but it would be lovely to see a whole show on her.

Side Gate to the Kitchen GardenIn another post I did about Heide someone mentioned that they loved the kitchen garden and had the book on Sunday Reed’s garden.  Sunday Reed is famous for many things, but she is especially famous for her gardens.  Her kitchen garden is still there and is still looked after and maintained.  I don’t know what happens with what is grown in the gardens, though I suspect the cafe gets much of the produce.

I really didn’t take much after this, I found the light just too flat and horrible.  It happens like this.  My clients took some images, but in the end we decided that we wanted breakfast more.

Tamrac’s Aero Speed Pack 75 Dual Access Photo Backpack

I haven’t said much about the bag since getting it for Christmas, but I thought it was time to tell you how much I love this bag.  I have used it on a number of occasions now and I have not been disappointed.  My husband carried it around for me at the Bay Crits.  It wasn’t big enough for all of my stuff, but I carried one camera and the other lived in the Tamrac bag until it was needed.

I use it when I go somewhere like the city.  I want my camera with me, but the reason for the trip may not be photographic.  The camera is easy to get in and out of the bag.  It isn’t a pain to use the bag and it sits very comfortably on my bag.

I can’t recommend it enough.  I am so happy that I found Tamrac, and I want to thank  C.R. Kennedy and Tamrac.

Online Classes

I have put up some more online classes for people wanting to learn Photo Editing.  I am trying to organise times that will be fine for people overseas.

I know a lot of you said that you were interested in learning photo editing from me, so if there are other times you would prefer, then let me know and I will see what I can organise.

The Beginners Basics are still available.  I’ve been getting some good feedback, so that is great to hear.  I am going to be writing some more parts for them as well, more on taking photos in particular circumstances.

I am also wondering if people would be interested in a one off class on HDR images?  Let me know.

Scouting Out Possibilities

This morning I got up early and went to Heide Museum Of Modern Art to take some photos of the Gallery and the gardens with all the sculptures.  Heide is situated in a big park that were once the gardens of the home owned by John and Sunday Reed.  Fascinating history.  When you drive into the carpark you come across this sculpture.

Rings of SaturnThis is called Rings of Saturn by Inge King.  She has done some amazing sculptures.  It sits upon a hill and you are meant to look up to it.  It is a pretty amazing sculpture and as you walk around the gardens there are fantastic sculptures everywhere.  I did take more photos but you will have to wait to see them.

I gave this the title of scouting because I am planning a proper trip there in a couple of weeks.  I just hand held the camera, and it was really just to see what type of photos I could get so when I go back I will know more of what I want to photograph.

There were a couple of things that I did find out, if you are going early to take photos of the outside of the building, then you will find all the blinds down.  That wasn’t great and was quite disappointing.  I will have to go when the gallery is open to get shots of the outside looking in.  Need to get there really early if you want to do the main area in front of the gallery otherwise you have to put with deliveries and staff arriving.

I am not thinking too well today, sorry.  I had a bit of encounter on the WordPress forums this morning.  I was trying to let the developers know that the reader wasn’t loading properly and then I got a response from someone that always responds to peoples problems there, only I find that this person can be so patronising.  It has really done my head in.  I think I need a cup of tea, “Briony, please make me a cup of tea”.