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Up for Discussion: Finding Places to Wander Around

The Weekend Wanderings posts are something that I really enjoy doing and I’ve been doing them for almost two years now.  For me they created a challenge of having to get photos for the posts, so I had to go out and take photos in places that I thought would be of interest to me and to you. I started them to show what a great place Melbourne and the state of Victoria are for taking photos.

sckyneton-hbw6297Finding places to photograph is the next thing. Sometimes it just happens, where I might be going somewhere for something else and I pack the camera just in case I see something, or there are opportunities to take photos.

The other thing I do is plan trips.  I have tended to go to places that I knew about, places I’ve driven through or heard about.  I also learn about some from people I know or talk to.  I love having places recommended to me.  I went to a gorgeous place yesterday on the recommendation of some friends, but you will have to wait for those photos.

I don’t tend to do a lot of research before hand, other than looking the place up on Google maps to see what I can find and to make sure I know where to go. I like to just wander when I arrive.  I find somewhere to park the car and I just walk around.  Usually walking around the streets scsr-h20120512-1377and wandering into shops and talking to locals can help find places that are interesting there as well.  I find being social really helpful.

I think wandering around is best, discover things for yourself and see what you can find.  I nearly always approach the first visit somewhere as a scouting trip and like to think I will go back.  Doesn’t always happen, but it means there isn’t a lot of pressure that first time.

When going to these places it is all about enjoying the atmosphere so I don’t tend to use a tripod unless these is something that I really want to get.  I just walk around with my camera and have my 24-70mm lens, which has become my go to lens.  I guess I am like a tourist, but I am often there to find the things that would look good in a photo.  Often that first trip gives me ideas of what would be the best time of day to be there to get the best photos, even what would be the best time of year.

I have seen so many places and been to many, with many more to see you.  The Weekend Wandering posts have been amazing for me in that respect.

sccreswick-hpm5666bSo how do you find places to take photos?  What do you do before you go and then when you are there? Do you do lots of photography trips?

Today I went through some of the places I’ve been to, but from a while back to show you. Sorry about the short post, hopefully next week won’t be as crazy.

Please remember if you are interested in doing a guest blog, I’m interested to hear what you would like doing.  Just send me an email, my contact information is in the contact section, and I will send you my guidelines. 

More from the Scouting at Heide

Several of you asked for more images from Heide and I thought I would do more images from the garden.  Perhaps look at some stuff that worked, or didn’t, then maybe when I go back for the real trip I will have a better idea of how to photograph some of these things.

Strolling AroundThe gardens at Heide are just as famous as the Gallery.  They are well worth walking around and checking out.  The paths are so lovely.  Beautiful trees.  In the morning it is perfect.  I must go back one evening to check out the evening light on the gardens.

Cows GrazingThese cows are in a large area.  The artist who made them is Jeff Thomson and the cows have been there for a long time.  When my girls were little a visit to Heide wasn’t complete until we went to see the Corrugated Iron cows.  They aren’t looking as good these days as they did when we first started visiting.

When I go back I would choose a different angle to photograph the cows.  Perhaps from the other end.  It is too hard to work out what the one closest to us actually is.

Rick's Running ManI tried to get a good image of Rick Amor’s Running Man sculpture, but I really wasn’t happy with any of the ones I got.  It is a hard sculpture to photograph.  I suspect to get a good one of this, I am going to have to try a few different things.

The gardens are so lovely and peaceful, I think they would be perfect for some portraits, so I am going to see if one of daughters and her friends will come and let me take photos of them.