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Influencing Us: The Art of Christmas

As it is Christmas in a few days I thought it might be nice to look at art work with a difference for the Introductions/Influencing Me post this week.  What I thought would be nice would be to look at how Christmas, St Nicholas and Santa Claus have been depicted in art throughout the ages.  They are images that we often see at this time of the year.  I really enjoyed going over websites and find images for you.  Of course there are many more on the internet. I have some links at the end of the post.  I always find Christmas a great time to get new gear, though not this year, might have to wait until my birthday.

I thought we could start with different depictions of the birth of Christ from as early as the 4th century to about the 1800’s.

Then I thought what about St Nicholas, how was he depicted and how did he end up looking like what we think of as Santa Claus.  So these are very old images up to more modern day ones. There has been this myth that he wears red and white because of Coca Cola, but it isn’t true, if anything Coco Cola stole santa to advertise their drinks.

Then I thought how different  the modern Santa Claus is now or the image that many of us have of him.


Then I thought, as a final thing we could look at Christmas cards and the Christmas scenes they depict.  It is interesting that Christmas is nearly always depicted with winter scenes. It is so different here, though I guess depicting Christmas scenes where it is in the middle of summer would be a bit weird, Santa would be in red shorts and a red t-shirt with a white trim.  Perhaps he would be wearing  a red sun hat, his nose would be red with sunburn, but then he would have white zinc on it to stop the sun burning him anymore.  I am sure he would wear thongs on his feet and, of course, they would be red.  Santa often arrives at functions here in a fire truck.

Below are some links of the places where I got the images and you can read more about the history of Christmas. I’ve tried not to do too much Christmas posts this week, but sometimes, you just have to do them.

Finding the Christmas Cheer in Melbourne

This morning was a bust.  It was horrible weather, raining, white sky, and nothing was looking good.  So we headed off to find Christmas in Melbourne.  Of course we, as you do at Christmas in Melbourne, headed to Myer to look at the windows.

Before I show you the photos, some history.  Myer is famous for their Christmas windows.  Every year, for the past 57 I think, they put up a Christmas themed story.  Parents bring their kids from all over Melbourne to see the windows.  You have to get there early or you are waiting in the cue for a very long time.

scxmas-2702This is Russell sitting on the tree watching Santa going past the moon.  Can you see Santa?

scxmas-2704Santa and the Reindeer have a stack and Russell is watching, you can’t see Russell in this one.

scxmas-2711Santa’s sleigh can’t be fixed, so Russell, see him on the left of Santa, comes up with an alternative, an old car.

scxmas-2716The car is painted with red glitter paint, the reindeers are hooked up, and it is all ready to go.

scxmas-2719Santa flies around and around the world delivering all the presents.  If you look hard you can see him in his red sparkly car.

scxmas-2732Jobs done, time to relax.  Looks like someone has given Santa a present as well.  There is Russell making snow angels. Russell saved Christmas.

scxmas-2717This lot were in the corner of one of the windows, this is happening under the snow.

scxmas-2735The last window, which is somewhat separated from the rest has the traditional Nativity Scene in it.  I don’t know if they use the same one every year.

scxmas-2740This was just a little while after we looked at the windows and the crowds were beginning to grow.  We looked at 7.30am, and by 9 the crowds were 3 or 4 times the size of this.  If you were walking past you wouldn’t be able to see the windows.  The cue goes a long way when it is really busy.

The photos aren’t great, it is hard to take photos when you have glass between the subject and the camera.  There are a lot of reflections in the glass, I did my best to get rid of them, I hope they don’t detract from the story too much.

It was lovely to see that some have gone to some trouble for Christmas and I must go in again and see what I can find.  I would like to do a night shot.


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