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Introductions: Suzzanna Flanagan

First of all I want to apologise for the lack of these posts. I keep forgetting to find new people, but I will try and see who I can find for future ones.

Today I would like to introduce you to Suzzanna Flanagan. She is a woman who works on the magazine with me, she is helping me with my book and she is also a friend. We often go out together to take photos.


It is funny looking through her photos as many of them are very similar to mine. We have been out many times together taking photos.

I asked her where in the world she was, well I know, but for you.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and take many of my photo’s in Melbourne, the state of Victoria and whenever I am lucky enough to travel overseas – I’m off to Singapore in July and can’t wait to see what I can capture.


Going through her photos there is a love of wildlife in her work. I know she loves going to the zoo and taking photos of the animals and birds there. Once again, somewhere I have often gone with her.

I asked her how long she had been taking for and why.

I bought my first SLR camera for a 3 month overseas holiday in 2000 and didn’t take it off auto! At the end of the holiday the camera was put away and it still sitting in the draw gathering dust. However, in 2011 I started to get interested again and bought my current DSLR.

I’ve always had an interest in art but never had the skills to be able to create something (I could copy, but not create) and I find that with photography I can do both – I can capture (copy) a scene and depending on the composition of the shot and the post processing (I only do some basic processing) I can ‘create’ an image that speaks to me.

More recently I have been doing the layout design for Leanne’s Dynamic Range Magazine and have gained another aspect of photography that I love doing; there is just something so satisfying about getting an article and a group of photos and coming up with the best possible way to display them both to their best advantage.


While we go out together for photography it is always interesting to see her photos as they are very different to mine, and really interesting.

I asked her about what inspires her.

For me, it’s all about the time and place. I often go out with Leanne Cole and I’m sure she is sick of me putting my camera away after taking a few photo’s because ‘I’m just not feeling it today’! Other times, I’ll take hundreds within the space of an hour or so and not want to leave where we are.

I love taking photos of landscapes, animals (I’m now into my second year of membership with the Melbourne Zoo!) and macro’s where I can without a macro lens.


While many of our trips have been around Melbourne I have taken her up to the Mallee a couple of times. I am fairly certain that she loves it up there too.

I asked her if there was anything special about the way she works.

I tend to think that we all see things differently and this applies to photography as much as anything else, and can be very surprised when a photo I think is great receives a lukewarm reaction and visa versa.

I’ll leave it to each of you to see if there is anything in my work that ‘speaks’ to you in particular.


There are a lot of travel photos in the mix as well. Suzzanna loves to travel and her photography skills have improved a lot as she gets more and more experience.

I asked her what gear she uses.

I use a Canon EOS 550D and my go to lens us a Tamron 18-270mm f3.5-6.3 (which is a great lens to taken when travelling, as it has such a great range and I can generally get away with just talking this one).  I also have a Canon 17/40mm and a 50mm, although these don’t get taken out of the camera bag as much as I probably should!

If you would like to see more of Suzzanna’s work then you can find her on Flickr and Instagram. I would like to thank her for giving me permission to feature her work and I hope you will say hi.

I have a gallery of some images that I like for you now.

Introductions: Andrew Paranavitana

We can thank Chris again for the Introduction today. She has known Andrew for quite some time and I’m always hearing about what they get up together, well when they go to take photos. He is Andrew Paranavitana, or as I know him, Andrew Parmi.


He has photos of many of the same things that I do, rather we seem to like taking photos of the same things. I look through his work and can see many images that I have that are similar, not necessarily the same place.

I asked Andrew where in the world he was.

I live in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Edithvale, which is close to the beach but a long long way to Melbourne city, where I tend to spend most of my time shooting!


One of the main differences between our work would appear to be the way we process it. He seems to use a lot of textures on his work, but I think he explains what he does. It is really interesting and with many doing that artistic type of photography that is on the internet now, it seemed like a good idea to show someone who is doing that style of work.

I asked Andrew how long he had been taking photos for and why.

I started shooting when I was in high school as a teenager, probably around 13-14 years old in the mid 1990’s. I enjoyed playing with film and darkroom manipulation / alternative processing techniques. I carried on with photography as a hobby for a few years after but ended up abandoning it as the price of film and processing was too high for a uni student. It was in 2008 that I was gifted with a digital point n shoot Canon just before I embarked on a 5 month long trip overseas. On this trip I rediscovered my love of photography and kept shooting my way across the globe. Upon returning I began uploading (after several weeks of convincing myself not to) my work to folio sites such as RedBubble and Fine Art America. It was here that I met many other talented photographers and artists, went out on shoots together and developed my post processing skill set and confidence to expand my photography further.

That lead me to go back to school to study a Diploma in Photo Imaging at RMIT Melbourne in 2013. After two tough but totally enjoyable years, I completed the course and have moved into part time architectural photographic work as well as still shooting and creating for myself.

I shoot and process my images because it allows me to create and recreate the world as I see it. Photography is a huge outlet for me, both creatively and emotionally, allowing me to express a sense of myself that can’t be done in words.


Some images have abstract qualities to them as well. I’ve tried doing images like this, but they never seem to work properly when I do them. I like this gnarly tree, I like that word gnarly as well.

The next question was about inspiration.

I draw from a lot of film and music videos of the 90s for inspiration. Grunge photography first surfaced in this time and embedded itself in my mind. My work takes on a appearance and feel at times, which is a direct connection to some of the visuals I have taken in as a teenager and young adult. Directors such as David Lynch, Mark Romanek and Darren Aronofsky are a few to note.

My inspiration also sources from my own life and experiences throughout. At times I subconsciously try to create via those experiences, good and bad, through visual short stories. Often, I don’t realise this is happening until the piece is complete.


I enjoy seeing the photos of Melbourne. You can get a lot of inspiration from looking at how others take photos, and even more so when they photograph the same areas that you do. I’ve certainly been getting some ideas from these images.

I asked if there was anything special about the way he worked.

I think it’s entirely up to the viewer to decide if there is anything special within my work. I tend to pour heart and soul into my imagery, so viewers connect with the pieces in different ways and take away a variety of reactions from them. I always find it interesting when someone can see in my work, something that I have not.

My textured and manipulated imagery has been created by blending a standard digital photo with images of concrete, paper and other textures, to create a nostalgic and ‘old world’ appearance. Personally, this is the folio that I consider to be the most unique and special, as the pieces are familiar landmarks and sites around the world, but the scene itself is from another time.


I was happy as well to see some photos of where I had been recently, San Francisco and New York. Our images are very different and it is nice to see the same places taken by someone else. It is very interesting.

I asked about what gear he used.

  • Canon 5D Mk III

    Canon 24-70 f2.8


    Canon 50mm f1.4


    Lensbaby Muse


    Adobe Photoshop

I would like to thank Andrew for giving me permission to feature his work for you. I have some links for you as well, his website is ANDREW PARANAVITANA PHOTOGRAPHY, and his Facebook page, Andrew Parmi Photography. I have a gallery for you now with some of my favourite images.

Working on Photos

The other day I finally decided it was time to start looking at my photos from the states and playing with them. I wasn’t sure where to start, but when I thought about it I think the ones that I was most disappointed about were the ones from Bodie. I had no idea what I was going to do with them. I just played around to see what I could do with the images.

When I was away I just took photos, did some quick processing in Lightroom. It has been great since I got home to use my large monitor with Photoshop to see what is possible. I hope you like them.

I’m just going to leave you with two of the images today.

UfD: Five Tips for Macro Photographs

When I did my article for the magazine I had planned on adding some tipS on what you can do to macro photographs, but in the end decided I didn’t need them. Still I made the list so I thought I might share it here with you.

Five Tips for Macro Photos Using Lightroom

1 – Cropping the Imagefine-art-macro-flower-photograph

We are often told not to crop images, that it means the files will be too small, or you limit your choices for prints. I have heard all of these, and to some extent I agree, then again if you have an image and your macro subject is really small in it then why not. I crop nearly all my images, and do it to get the best composition I can. I don’t think I am ever going to enlarge my images so they are enormous, so it is not something that really matters.

2 – Use the Adjustment Brush20150525-marysville-7320

The adjustment brush in Lightroom really is your friend, and it can be really good for bringing out the subject of your image. I use it all the time. You can lighten the subject or darken your background. You can use a lot of different adjustments there and I recommend trying them out.

3 – Add Vibrance to Your Subject

This is one that you have to be careful with, it can be great to give your subject a little vibrance, it will help it stand out from the background. Though, I need to warn you to be careful and watch the image. Some colours don’t look good when you put the vibrance up. Colours like reds, bright pinks and purples, so take care.

4 – Remove Some Colour From the Background

Taking away some of the vibrance or saturation from around your subject can help it stand out. You naturally go to the lightest thing in an image or the brightest, so making sure your subject is one of those will help it stand out.

5 – Add a Vignette

Anyone who follows me, or has for a while know20150327-flowerandgardenshow-0121 as Smart Object-1s I love vignettes. I love the way it really helps you to focus on what I want you to focus on. Nothing more to say really, I just love them.

They are my tips, they might not be yours, but would love to hear what you think could be other great tips.

If you like this sort of post I would like to hear as well, I might try doing some more for other types of photography, or see if I can get some other people to give us their tips.

The photos are all macro photos that I am sure you have all seen here before.

Quiet Thursday’s: Getting on With Things

It has been quiet around here, I have to admit, but that’s been nice. Since the magazine was published earlier this week I’ve had a chance to catch up on some things and breath. I’m recovering from my cold, thankfully it wasn’t that bad that I couldn’t do anything, but still it was annoying to have, isn’t it always? I have heard from quite a few of you that you have loved how the magazine looked and what was in it, and I’m sure it will get better and better. I’ve added a link to the purchase page in the sidebar if people still want to get it.

Work now starts on the next one which will come out in 3 months.


The little bit of extra time has meant that I’ve had time to do some processing, the processing I like doing. So I’ve been working on a number of images to show you. The above is one of them. It is an old house that was vacated when they decided to dam the area. Years of being underwater has taken it’s toll. the reservoir isn’t that full now, so I don’t know if it will go under again.

I’m still writing for Digital Photography School and have a number of articles I need to get done for them, so I’m working on those. I was also approached by someone else to write some articles for their blog. It would be great to do that, but time will tell if they are prepared to pay me what I think I should be paid. I’m fair I think, I don’t like overcharging for things just because I can or could. I hate being ripped off, so I try not to rip others off.

The work continues, but I’m not complaining, well not too much. Lots to do means I can’t get into trouble, so they say.

On the weekends when I do my Weekend Wandering posts I only use Lightroom for the images and rarely do I do anymore to those images, but sometimes I just have to go into Photoshop and so the images today are the ones I’ve been doing a lot more processing too. I really hope you like them. In the gallery are a couple of photos from Mordialloc and the rest are from my travels inland.  You will also notice there’s the colour version of my image from MM yesterday. I’m off now to do some more writing, I hope you have a nice Thursday planned. Take care.

Quiet Thursday’s: Tea and Packing Up

Today is going to be a busy day, ahead of an even busier weekend. I’m off to Jan Juc for the weekend with Chris from sv-takeiteasy. We have star trails, long exposures, and well lots of photos to take. We are going to try going further and seeing what we can get. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It should be good though. Lots of photos. I’m hoping we can get back to the lighthouse at Airey’s Inlet as well.

I haven’t been putting up a lot of photos on Social Media this week. I got distracted trying to get my computer fixed, which it seems to be now. I turned it off last night and this morning it turned back on no problems.  I still have the high resolution that I was meant to get with my monitor, so all good really. Good to get the computer all going properly.

For the photos today I am going to show you one I did do and put up.


I spent quite a bit of time on this image.There were so many reflections in the window and it was hard. Of course it isn’t really this dark, but I wanted to concentrate on all the cakes. I haven’t done an image like this for a long time, and it was good to just play and see what I could get. I think I spent all morning on it.

Of course, what would the Tea Rooms window be without all the cakes. So I apologize if this makes you hungry. I do love photographing this window. As I said before the reflections were really bad and I took my polarizer with me. I put it on, but I couldn’t really see that it was making any difference to them. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing with it. Hopefully the cakes just stand out.

I’m off, I will leave you with a gallery now. I hope you have a quieter day that I think I’m going to have.

Quiet Thursdays: The Macro World

The weather last weekend was shocking, we had lots and lots of rain.  Don’t get me wrong, the rain was good, but not good for taking photos.  After using my macro lens again recently I’ve really got back into  macro and am having a lot fun taking photos with it and then processing them.

I’m trying to keep experimenting on the macro images, like the ones I did for the International Flower and Garden Show.  I am trying to refine it more and work out what I want with them.  I do like where they are going.  I will continue to keep experimenting.

The other day I took the Tamron 150-600mm that I have on loan from Maxwell International Australia back to the Melbourne Zoo and was taking photos.  As we headed to the gorilla enclosure we walked around the corner and there in front of us was Kimya and her baby. She has a name name and is being called Kanzi. She was sitting on a hill eating.  I quickly got some photos then, as I was doing that, she climbed down and within a couple of minutes she was gone. I got a nice image of the new baby, so I thought I would share it with you today.


I will leave you there with the image of mother and daughter. I’m out and about again today.  Some busy days ahead.  Think I will leave next week very free.  I hope you get some quiet time.


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