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Weekend Wanderings – Macro View at the Aquarium

As you would have gathered I’ve been going out and taking lots of photos.  It is unusual for me to go out this much, but I do seem to be going out and getting something every second day, and it looks like this next week will be the same.  It is good, gives me lots of photos to work on, and lots of photos for Weekend Wanderings, and so today I thought we would look at the photos I took this last Wednesday when I went to visit the Aquarium.

It has been a couple of years since I was at the aquarium, but it has changed quite a bit.  Everyone now has to go in reverse order, well you don’t have to, but that seems to be what people do.  I found it a bit confusing, but hey, I’m getting old.  They have changed some of the exhibits, which is also nice, though the jelly fish room seems to be gone, and there are almost no jellyfish. I was really disappointed with that, I really wanted to try and photograph them. I also thought I would take my macro and 50mm with me, but the 50 wouldn’t focus close enough, so I stuck the macro on and got some interesting shots, I think.


It was interesting using the macro, for those that don’t know I have a Nikon 105mm Micro, or macro lens.  I haven’t had it very long, but I am enjoying seeing what I can do with it.  I wasn’t sure what I would get at the aquarium, it is a very difficult place to shoot, but I managed to get some shots.


There is a crocodile there now, and he/she is big.  There is a little bubble thing you can go up and see it, and when I went into it the croc was climbing over it so all I could see were teeth.  I have another photo which gives you some idea of the size, it will be in the gallery.


I loved the stingrays and enjoyed taking photos of those as they went past.  I was especially proud of this image, I thought I did good, and the macro did too.  Not all my shots were very good, in fact there are only a few that I was really proud of, but it was fun trying.


I gotta say, I think this one is a cracka, can you tell I’ve been watching the cricket.  I thought this was a great shot and I was so pleased with myself.  The turtle looks like it is so in focus.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do there.  The only thing I don’t like is the light bit behind its head, I’m sure I could get rid of that if I really wanted to, but will leave it there now.


I debated with myself as to whether or not I would show this one, but the colours are so pretty.  I know it is a blurred cuttlefish, but it looked interesting.  I hope you don’t mind that I showed it to you!


The penguins, the big draw card to the aquarium I think. They stand around behind the glass and just look at us looking at them.  They have snow, and they do interact with one another, but my friend said, “they look so bored”.  I don’t know if they are, but I do know, or seem to remember something about how they only stay there for a short time, and they are rotated with other penguins.  There was a big swimming tank down one end and I loved the way the penguins would stop near the top and stare at us, it was great, and also good for getting photos.

I know many people don’t agree with Zoos or Aquariums, but I have to say, I think they do much better work now than they used to.  They do help with the survival of many species, but I think one thing that we all forget is that we go and see them, we fall in love with the species, we make a connection with them, then we want to ensure their survival.  If you feel something towards them you get that, so I think many animals, birds etc, are taking one for the team, and they bring their plight to the attention of the world.  I also think zoos are doing a much better job these days with making sure that the animals are treated humanly, and give them environments as close to their natural habitat as possible, well I am sure the Melbourne ones do.

Anyway enough of that, I will step off my pedestal now. I have so many photos for you now, I hope you don’t get too bored looking at them, but I’m sure you know how it is, so many images didn’t work, that I really wanted to show the ones that did.  I have a semi busy weekend planned, it is Australia Day here on Monday, so a long weekend, lots of people will be out and about, so hopefully a nice weekend weather wise.  I hope you have a good one planned.



In the Deep Blue Aquarium

As I said previously, I went to the Melbourne Aquarium on Friday with Klara.  She has been hassling me to take her for ages.  We caught a tram up Flinders Street to the Aquarium.  For those who have been before, but haven’t been for a while, the entrance is now on Flinders Street.

Penguins on ParadeThe Aquarium had Penguins at the moment.  I have no idea if they are always there, but there is a massive display of them.  It is one of the first things you see.

They are behind glass so photographing something like this can be really hard.  You can end up with lots of reflections trying to take photos through glass like this.  To help avoid it, I put the lens of my camera right up to the glass, that way no reflections could be seen.  The only problem was looking through the camera, I should have changed the focusing as well and taken it off spot focusing.

Penguins SwimmingI loved watching them in the water.

FishA fish, I am just going to show the images now.

Jelly FishSharkGoing OverFrom AboveI don’t know that I think any of these are really great shots.  It was a lot harder to take photos at the aquarium than I thought it would be.  It didn’t help that it was school holidays and there were so many people there.

The Aquarium is a nice place to visit, but it isn’t one I do often.  The $35 price tag for an adult to enter is a bit much for me.  It doesn’t take long to go around the whole thing, it really isn’t that big.  I just don’t think you get your moneys worth, which is such a shame.  I must admit I spend all my time walking around thinking about how money I spent and how much I hate it that it cost that much.

Then again, there were so many people there, that I wondered if the place would cope if more people could afford to go.


I was asked to do a small presentation today at a workshop for Emerging Artists.  The talk was about blogging, my work and the internet.  It was really fun and not as scary as I thought it would be.  The group is new I think, it is 1835 Ceative.  I was made to feel very welcome, though I don’t know if I gave them any advice that is really helpful, it was nice to be asked.


I usually do my blog in Windows, all my editing software is in Windows, but I do most of my looking in Ubuntu, that is my main operating system.  If my editing software could be used in Ubuntu I would never leave it.  However, I do have to use Windows, but today I have been noticing an amazing number of adds on my blog, it seems they keep popping up everywhere.  A side panel on the right keeps coming up, and then more adds along the bottom.  It is really frustrating.  I thought if I paid for the upgrade, I didn’t have to put up with this on my blog.

Interesting I don’t get the adds when in Ubuntu.

What’s happening now WordPress?