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Keep Quiet, Eyes to the Front

Another classroom today from the abandoned school, it the science room this time. I did the science prep room a few weeks ago, and have been meaning to do this one, but the big empty space in the middle just didn’t see right.  Of course, it is because all the desks and chairs were removed.  Science RoomThe sun hitting the floor is nice, and in the mornings must have been a lovely classroom, actually all the classrooms would have had the morning sun.  Do you see what I mean about the empty space in the middle.  I did have visions of putting a ghosting of tables and chairs, but then with all the sun, I don’t think it would Science Room - Originalhave worked really.

The image was originally done as a HDR processed with Photomatix Pro.  I added some detail, then did a couple of blur layers, the first one was masked so only the front walls, the table and the floor were in focus, and the second layer so only the white board, and the front counter were in focus.  I also darkened the image and lightened up the whiteboard and the front desk so that they would become the focus of the image.  I had to crop the image as well, the desk on the left side of the image was too distracting, so it needed to go.  I also warmed the image up a little.

Science Room - Silver EfexI had to do it in Silver Efex as well.  Though, I initially had some trouble and had to go back a few steps.  I was getting some funny lines, and I realised it was from the feathering I did with the colour image.  I went back to a state before I had done that, processed the image with the Silver Efex, and then did the feathering and lightening.

For me it is the colour one.  I like the different subtle colours in the first one.  It shows those boring colours that schools and hospitals were painted in.

I found out some information on why the school was closed, it was numbers, there weren’t enough kids going there.  They amalgamated two schools, and it was closed.  The school had a bad reputation, and people in the richer parts wouldn’t send their kids there, and the numbers dwindled.   I imagine they didn’t know what to do with the building after that, so it has been left, destroyed and now burned.


Today I went to Doncaster Shopping Centre, and while I was there I noticed a big Nikon stand in the middle of the walkway.  I saw that there were Compact cameras and some of the low end DSLR’s, then I saw a locked cabinet and inside were the good ones.

I asked if I could look at the D800, I have to say it is nice.  It was heavy, though I did expect that.  I played around with all the controls and tried to work out what it could do.  It is very similar to my D300s to use , although there are some things that were very different.

I liked that I wasn’t afraid to play with it and I think the guy that let me see it thought I might run off with it.  I have to say, I really want one of those.  They look like a very nice camera, and seems to be pretty easy to use.  Though, having said that, I was only looking at it, it is different when you actually use them.

After he put it away I asked to see the D600, also very nice.  Easy to work out and seems simple enough to use.  It was lighter, which I expected.  I have been hearing good things about the D600, though, I can’t help wanting the D800.

It was nice to see the big Nikon signs there and to actually see the cameras and hold them.  Most camera stores here don’t seem to have them.  It was also nice to see so many people milling around and looking at all the cameras.  Good PR job Nikon.