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5100 Doing HDR

There are two things I have to try out, you know the first, that is the Nikon 5100 DSLR, and the other is the HDR Efex Pro 2 software from Nik Software.  I have been playing with the HDR software, but only a little.  I decided today to take some still life images with the 5100 and then process them with the HDR software.

I wasn’t totally sure how to take bracketed shots, but I used the exposure button, did one at the correct exposure, then one at -1 and a third at +1.  I could have gone further, but I wanted to see what the results were like with those first.

This image was taken in my kitchen with the dead roses that I have.  Roses can go really lovely after the water in the vase has dried up and they are just left.

As stated earlier, this is done with three images and was processed in Photomatix Pro.  I wanted you to see an image processed in Photomatix, then you can compare the software.  I have done nothing else to the image.

This image has been processed with the same three images, but with HDR Efex Pro 2.  It is different, but not a lot.  I was quite surprised.  I haven’t really taken enough notice of what the software can do.  You can do a lot to it when you are processing it.  You can change the depth of field, that has to be good.  There are sliders for contrast, structure and many other things.  It could be really good.

I like both images for different reasons.  I should do more of these, and I think I will next week.

The Nikon 5100 was great to use for these photos.  I had no trouble working out the controls and changing the exposures for each image.  You would have to use a tripod to do it, though, I should work out if there is a setting to take bracketed shots automatically.

One of the settings that I thought that would be perfect to use for this still life set up was macro.  I put the camera on it and took this image.

This is the macro image straight from the camera.  I have done no processing to it.

I have changed the levels and curves on this, but nothing else.  Changing those has helped the image a lot.  It seems clearer.

Though I do like the macro setting and was really surprised with it.  I would like to play with it more.  The flash coming up automatically was a little annoying, and I had to work out how to turn it off.  Again, it didn’t take too long to work it out.  It was fun.

A friend asked me about it the other night, I said it would be perfect for someone like him, someone who wants to get back into photography.  It would also be a great camera for someone to learn photography with.  I am looking forward to seeing what else it can do.

I had a request, the backdrops that I use on the still life images I have painted myself, and I have been asked to show how I do them.  It is an interesting idea, so I might look into showing you how to do your own backdrops.  I hope you won’t mind.


I have been nominated for some more awards.  I have received 3 nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  That is so great, so please go and check out the blogs of those that have nominated me.

Living and Lovin


Sylvie’s Fashion Secrets

From Hoof Beats and Foot Prints I have been nominated for the

Blogger of the Year Award

I would like to thank all of them for the lovely honour of being nominated.  Thank you.

Town Hall by Nikon

For today’s post I picked another photo that I took with the Nikon 5100 on Sunday of the Ivanhoe Town Hall.  I was so disappointed with how the sky turned out in the photos. When I was looking through them, there was one that I thought wouldn’t be such a bad image if the sky were better.  It has been overcast and rainy here today, so I took the 5100 outside and took some photos of some clouds.  I picked one image and replaced the sky.

There has been quite a bit of processing done to this.  I have tried to enhance the brick detail more.  The lighting has been completely changed as well.  What do you think of the cloudy sky?

The original is there on the left.  It’s really washed out and I really don’t like the sky in it.  The clouds and the processing have improved the image so much.  A lot more mood has been put into the image.  The darkening of the bricks has helped give the outside of the building more depth.

Of course, I couldn’t just leave it at that.  With the Nik Software, you know I had to try the image in Color Efex.

The Color Efex filter Classical Soft Focus.  This filter really is my favourite.  I find a lot of the others too much, whereas I like the subtleness of this one.

So after using Color Efex, I had to see how the image would look processed with Silver Efex.

When it is changed to black and white with Silver Efex, the whole mood changes.  It almost looks like it was taken at night with a full moon.

The other day when I did the post on the images from the back beach, someone suggested using the soft focus on the black and white image, so today I decided to try that.

Though,  now that I compare the two, there doesn’t seem a lot of difference.  It is softer, but not a lot.

Doing the images in different ways can be a great thing, but then it becomes harder to work out which one you like the best.

I had hoped that I would be able to get out with the Nikon 5100 today to get some photos, but the weather wasn’t suitable as we had thunderstorms and rain this morning.  I am planning some trips this weekend to really try it out.  Though, I am going to try some still life images this week with some dead roses I have.