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Mixing Portraits, D5100’s and Silver Efex to Get . . .

. . .

Briony - My ChoiceThis morning I put the clothes horse with a black sheet over it, put a chair in front of it and sat Briony down on it.  Then I put up the tripod and put the D5100 in it.  I opened up one of the curtains, and let the light from our overcast day come in.

I am not going to lie, she hates having her photo taken, she thinks she looks ugly, but she did sit for me.  This was my choice of image and was the last one I took.  I started with the camera on portrait mode, then switched it back to Aperture Priority with the aperture set at f5.6.  I think it worked better this way.  The aperture in the portrait mode gave too much depth of field for images like this and you could see how crinkled the sheet behind was.

The image was processed in camera raw, then any marks and blemishes were removed from her face.  The image was then made into black and white in Silver Efex.  I showed her the image, she complained it wasn’t in colour.  I am starting to see that after all these years they are now finally starting to like their red hair.

Briony - her choiceThis was the image she choose and wanted me to do.  She likes how her jaw looks.  I think she looks angry in it, or not happy.  I don’t think she looks as gorgeous.  The first photo, well I can’t take my eyes off hers.

Her choice of image was processed in the same way as the first one, and given the same treatment in Silver Efex.  Though, I did use the burn tool to give her eyes and little bits of her nose more shadow.  I drew them on.

It is so hard to believe she thinks she is ugly, and that she doesn’t photograph well, she has always been good to take photos of.

It was nice to take photos with the D5100.  You can take just about anything you want with it.  It is a great camera, and so far it has passed every test that I have done.  Though, with sports I think the shutter lag would be a problem.  With cycling you need a fast shutter, so it would be a problem for that.  I can see how any new photographer or hobby photographer would enjoy taking portraits with this camera.


It has come to my attention that I have been nominated for some another award.

Blog of the Year 2012, I have received another nomination for this from

Teacher as Transformer

Thank you so much, and I hope others will go and look at their blog.