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Weekend Wandering – Melbourne Indoors

About a month ago I had a Social Snappers Excursion in the city, we went around the arcades, and today I thought I would show you some of those photos. I wasn’t sure about showing them as I have shown so many photos of the arcades I was worried you might be getting bored seeing them again,  however we did go to some places that I haven’t photographed much, so I am going to show those.  It’s really only two places.


One of the first places we went to was the Cathedral Arcade in the Nicholas Building.  It is a beautiful arcade, but very, sadly, run down.  It could really do with some TLC.  I would love to have seen it in it prime.


For no other reason, than because I like it.  I took this in the Royal Arcade, it was on the stand for the Macarons.  I love how they have things like this just sitting there.  They also don’t seem to mind you take photos.


We went to Myer to take photos of the interior.  I am not sure what their policy is on people taking photos in there, but it is such a great building and I love photographing it.  There are so many angles and shapes.  There is glass everywhere so the reflections are amazing as well.  You just never know what you will be looking at.  I do know that woman standing in the middle of the image, I am pretty sure, was watching us.


If you go all the way to the top there is a big window where you can see all the buildings in the city. Well not all of them, but it does give you a good view of the city.

We had planned on doing more, well we did do more, but we were going to head outside, but just as we started it started raining, so it was back inside.  I love going through the arcades, always trying to get something different, makes it challenging that way.  I think the others enjoyed it as well.

I have a gallery for you with a few more images.  Not too many.  I hope you are having a good weekend.

4 Days to Go and Myer is Keeping Up Traditions

Myer is a department store in Melbourne, I don’t know how long they have been operating for, but it has been a long time, and one of the traditions of Christmas that Myer has always done are their windows.  Everyone tries to get to the Myer Christmas windows to see what they have done this year.  However, Myer also do a lot inside the store as well.


The windows have been so popular this year and every time I go in, I haven’t been able to get near them.  I managed to get some photos over people’s heads a couple of weeks ago, but they aren’t great, as you can see.  The story for the windows was Gingerbread Friends.  You can’t tell by the photos, but things in them move and change, very close to being like an animated story.

I decided this year to get permission to take photos in the store. It seemed like a better thing to do, that way I could just walk around and take photos of what I wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about being told I couldn’t.  I don’t know that I would get told that, but it is private property and they would be well within their rights to do that.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83943I was curious to see what they would do this year.  Last year it was a very summery theme, but this year, it was more traditional and more what we are used to seeing at Christmas.  There is a big opening in the middle of the store and they hung these trees down the middle, so you could see them on every floor of the store.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83960The theme seemed to be GIVE, I suppose quite a clever one, of course we all want to give, and that means we need to spend money, but I do like the mainly red and white theme that Myer uses.  The word GIVE was everywhere.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83939This was one of the first things we sure, this beautiful old sleigh that was used for their decorations.  There was a little sign that explained the sleigh which I photographed and will put in the gallery at the end.


Myer do a lot for Children, and this is part of what they have around the area where Santa is.  I can’t remember the floor, sorry.  I couldn’t see Santa, he is in a special house, though when my children were little we used to take them to Myer to see Santa and have a photo taken.  Myer do visiting Santa really well, it is quite private and really intimate, it is wonderful.  So I couldn’t get to see Santa, maybe next year I can ask for access, maybe.

I am going to do the gallery now.  It was great going in there and taking photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  I would also like to say thank you to Myer for allowing me to go and take photos in their city store.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

My email is

Looking Back With 23 Days to Go

My Monday posts have always been about other people’s work besides me, and I had hoped to show you the work of another WordPress photographer, but she has not responded to my emails, so I was kind of left with nothing, and as no one has sent me any images, I thought perhaps today we will look at my work, so in today’s post I thought we might look at the Christmas photos I took last year.  I hope you don’t mind.

I am going to put them in a gallery for you.  I thought it would be interesting to look at them again and we can compare what happens this year with what happened last year.  I know some of the things are the same, but some are most definitely are not.

I have done something to my back, so I can’t spend too much time on the computer, so please excuse me if it takes longer to get to your emails than usual.

Jump Right In – It’s Christmas

That is the catch phrase that the Melbourne department store Myer is using for Christmas this year.  Though the first thing I noticed when I walked in the centre of Myer was this:

Rings Going UpI am not going to lie, I thought, okay there is red, and there is white, they are the rings you use on ships, and then there were swimmers.  What does this have to do with Christmas?  Then we went up the escalators.

Myer ChristmasWith the large Christmas across the floor, I started to realise, that this is how Myer were saying Christmas this year.

Reining in the ReindeersThe Reindeer’s were similar.  Red and white was everywhere.  It was so wonderful, but I couldn’t work out the significance.  Posters were everywhere that said

Jump Right In – It’s Christmas

The rings of red and white were everywhere as well.  I finally figured it out this morning.  I have to admit I love it now.  To me, Myer are the only ones that have given us an Australian Christmas.  Everywhere else, while it is wonderful, just does more the traditional stuff.

So what does it mean to have Christmas in Australia, well I think Myer are reminding us that it is hot here, and it is usually about avoiding the heat, doing what you can to keep cool, it is about water, and swimming.  Many Australians go to the beach for Christmas, or they go swimming in their pools.  Christmas here is all about Summer and how to celebrate a festive time in it.

Rings Going DownThis was taken from near the top looking down.  You can see the top rings more.

I congratulate Myer on their unique take on Christmas in Australia, I loved it, and I hope you all did as well.

Christmas Eve here and we are pretty much ready for tomorrow.  I will do a post later for tomorrow.  I’m not going to wish you anything yet, Christmas isn’t here yet.

Crowding Christmas

Today I have the first set of photos I took the other night when I was in the city.  The first place we went to was the Bourke Street Mall.  It was, as most of the city was, very crowded.  The windows in front of Myer were packed with people.

Bourke Street MallI wanted to get the lights that were over the top of the Mall.  I should explain that our Malls are not like other countries, this is a street that was closed off to cars many years ago, and now it is for pedestrians and trams.  The middle is always clear, you really don’t want to go one on one with a tram, you will lose.

It had just gone dark, and as you can see from the clock on the Myer building it was about ten to nine.  I was hoping the lights would show more, or stick out more, but they didn’t really.  It was a little disappointing,  but hopefully you get the idea of what it looked like.  The rain made it better, I have to admit that.  It made the ground very reflective which is nice.

I have processed this image in a much similar way to how I did the image of the window in the Hopetoun Tea Rooms.  I quite like the painterly effect it gives.  I actually like it quite a bit.  It did start as a 3 image HDR processed with Photomatix Pro and then additional processing done from there.

Bourke Street Mall with some FrostingWith this one, I have just added some frosting to it.  It is nice to see them both and compare whether the frosting works or not.  I am not so sure with this one.

I was up late last night to see if I could get some photos of our tree.  I tried a few things, but I really wasn’t happy.  The lights we have on it are not great.  I do have a couple though.

Christmas Ball and CandleThis is one of the glass Christmas balls we bought the first Christmas we had when our first daughter was born.  We were living in Denmark and we bought a lot of decorations from there.  Of course, we spent way too much money because we didn’t know where to buy things and ended up going to Georg Jensen where we spent a fortune.  Though we have lots of beautiful things that we will have forever.  The candle is in one of their gold candlesticks.

The Elf on the TreeI believe this guy and the others like him were all handmade.  They are so cute and so Christmassy.  I love them.  I have tried to find decorations which are as good and as nicely made here, but it is very hard.  Most of what we have seems to be junk.  Every now and then I find something I think is special and will buy it for the tree.

It is heating up here, the temperature is going to be 39 C or 102 F, perfect for Christmas shopping.  I am going to go into the city for you tomorrow and take some more photos.  Melbourne burning while enjoying Christmas.  Who knows what I am going to get.  At least I know I won’t need the tripod.

Richard Harrison found a video on YouTube of the lights on the town hall and I thought I would post it for you.

Looking Out

One of the lovely things we found while wondering the city, was that at the top of Myer are some very large windows and you could look out over the city.  You can some great views, and it is nice because they are often things that only workers in the big city skyscrapers get to see.  I love rooftops and it is really nice to be able to photograph them.

I have always liked the different sizes, different shapes and the colours.  It is like looking at a puzzle.  There is a mixture of the old and the new.  Small buildings in amongst the large tall ones.

This image is a HDR, processed with Photomatix using three images. A little post editing in Photoshop CS5.  It was hard to get a clear image as the window glass was fairly dirty and if you look closely there are marks everywhere on it.  I don’t mind, I think this image is more about what you see rather than it being a fantastic photo.

The clock tower from, what was the GPO building, stands tall, trying to imitate all the other buildings around it.  I have never really nocticed the clock tower before.  It is rather overshadowed by many of the buildings around it.

Again, this image has marks and if you look closely you can see all the reflections of the lights that were on in the store behind me, that were reflecting in the windows. Probably just as well I wasn’t trying to get an amazing image.  Again, this image was processed the same way as the first.

As an aside.

Today I went into the city for a friends birthday.  We went out for lunch, had some very good Yum Cha, seems to be becoming a tradition.  Before we went I had to think of a present to get her for her birthday.  I didn’t know what to get her, then I remembered that she loved my photography, and I had some photos that I had had framed for an exhibition.  So I thought I would give her one for her birthday.

Afternoon Glow on the Lighthouse

This is the image that I gave her.  Though the one I gave her was more yellow than this. I love this image.  I could look at it all day.

So I gave her the framed print and she was so happy.  She insisted on me helping her work out where she was going to hang it, then she got a hook and hung it straight away.  It was such a lovely thing.  I loved that I could give her something that she really liked.

It is something I used to do quite a bit, give my work as presents, but I haven’t done it much recently.  It is often a great thing to do.  It doesn’t cost me much to do, but they feel like they are getting something that is worth much more.

Another thing that I wanted to say as well, is that getting images printed can be one of the best things to do.  I don’t know, but I always find the photos turn out so much better when you get them printed.  They look so much better than they do on the computer.  You should try doing it if you haven’t already.

Field Trip – Up and Down Alleys

Well that wasn’t quite what we did, but we did do a lot of laneways, arcades, and some stores.  We walked for hours.  We started at 10am and caught the train at 4pm, so my 4 hour field trip turned into 6 hours.   It was so good.  We took photos and I helped when help was needed and I offered suggestions on how to do things.  My taking photos was good because then I could demonstrate how I work, though my priority had to be my fellow field tripper.

I have so many photos to show, but my favourite photos were taken in the department store, Myer.  This was not the beginning of the day, but near the end, but I loved the angles and the lines.

When you go into the middle of the store, you look up and this is what you see.  The whole store is open right up and you see all the way to the top floor to the massive skylight that is at the top.  You should be careful going into stores like this to take photos, especially in today current climate and the fear of terrorism everywhere.  You can be told that you can’t take photos.  We walked in and just did it.  I work on the theory that you should just do it until someone tells you not to.  No one approached us, so we didn’t stop.

Under this light was a counter with perfume things on it, I found a corner and lay my camera down on its back.  Then I positioned it to look straight up and I just clicked.  Quite an exciting thing to do, you almost have to trust yourself and your camera.

All these images are HDR images, and were done with 3 bracketed images.  Without using a tripod all day, I thought 3 images would be enough.  There were far too many people around to use a tripod, it would have been a total hindrance.

Teresa said, look at this, and I tried, but I was too short to see over, so I just had to put the camera over the edge and click and hope that I got something, I did.  I love all the lines and different angles.  It is quite amazing.

This is similar, but it was taken from the very top of the store.  I love the arch type lines.  Almost religious, which is, so I’ve been told, how many people find shopping.

I think this is my favourite.  I just love the angle.  You can see other buildings through the ceiling.  What an amazing skylight.  We spent so long in here.  We went from the bottom all the way to the top and back down again.

Teresa is, I believe, really happy with her photos.  She enjoyed the day and got over 200 images to work with and experiment with.  I, on the other hand, took over 800. though most were 3 clicks per image, so about the same number as her.  I know that I won’t always be able to take photos like that, but it was great to be able to today.

With all the images I took, I suspect that you will be seeing a good selection over the next week.  I hope it doesn’t bore you.