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4 Days to Go and Myer is Keeping Up Traditions

Myer is a department store in Melbourne, I don’t know how long they have been operating for, but it has been a long time, and one of the traditions of Christmas that Myer has always done are their windows.  Everyone tries to get to the Myer Christmas windows to see what they have done this year.  However, Myer also do a lot inside the store as well.


The windows have been so popular this year and every time I go in, I haven’t been able to get near them.  I managed to get some photos over people’s heads a couple of weeks ago, but they aren’t great, as you can see.  The story for the windows was Gingerbread Friends.  You can’t tell by the photos, but things in them move and change, very close to being like an animated story.

I decided this year to get permission to take photos in the store. It seemed like a better thing to do, that way I could just walk around and take photos of what I wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about being told I couldn’t.  I don’t know that I would get told that, but it is private property and they would be well within their rights to do that.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83943I was curious to see what they would do this year.  Last year it was a very summery theme, but this year, it was more traditional and more what we are used to seeing at Christmas.  There is a big opening in the middle of the store and they hung these trees down the middle, so you could see them on every floor of the store.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83960The theme seemed to be GIVE, I suppose quite a clever one, of course we all want to give, and that means we need to spend money, but I do like the mainly red and white theme that Myer uses.  The word GIVE was everywhere.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83939This was one of the first things we sure, this beautiful old sleigh that was used for their decorations.  There was a little sign that explained the sleigh which I photographed and will put in the gallery at the end.


Myer do a lot for Children, and this is part of what they have around the area where Santa is.  I can’t remember the floor, sorry.  I couldn’t see Santa, he is in a special house, though when my children were little we used to take them to Myer to see Santa and have a photo taken.  Myer do visiting Santa really well, it is quite private and really intimate, it is wonderful.  So I couldn’t get to see Santa, maybe next year I can ask for access, maybe.

I am going to do the gallery now.  It was great going in there and taking photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  I would also like to say thank you to Myer for allowing me to go and take photos in their city store.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

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Christmas Hotting Up

Today I have included a video down the bottom, well more audio, it is a Christmas song which seems very appropriate right now.  So please play it while you look at the post.

As I said yesterday it is hot here today.  It is currently 37 C (98.6 F) and very dry.  The dry is good, but the hot is not.  We went into the city before lunch and I couldn’t believe how long the queues for the Myer windows were.

Myer QueueAll the people looking away are all the people waiting to see the windows.

End of the QueueThis is near the end of the queue.  It went a long way.  I was hard to understand people standing for so long in such heat.

Elf's giving out informationThere were some elves at the City Square handing out some cards to kids.  I think it had some activities on it for kids to do in the square.

Elf with the MobileHere is another elf taking a small break and chatting on her phone.  Who knew that Elves were up with Modern Technologies.

Portrait with the ElfThis woman gave me her camera and asked me to take her photo with the Elf, and I couldn’t resist taking a shot with my camera as well.  She seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.

In the SwimThere is the City Square, you can see the tree, next to it is this little water feature. With it being so hot today lots of kids were jumping in and paddling in the water.  It was quite cute watching.  I was also a little envious, I wouldn’t have minded jumping in as well.

Federation ForestThis display is at Federation Square.  It was a rather bizarre display.  I didn’t really get it, though it may not have been a Christmas thing.  There was a sculpture show on, so it was probably part of that.

Relaxing in Fed SquareThere were a whole heap of deck chairs set up in front of the stage and large television.  My husband was sitting in one of them and said they were very comfortable .

The lighting is quite strange, but I have to say, it was kinda of like that.  It was getting very overcast and I think a cool change was on its way.  The light can be very weird it is that hot and a change of weather is happening.

I hope you have enjoyed the daylight version of Christmas in Melbourne, it is hot, it is exhausting, it is busy.  so many people looking for last minute gifts and trying to get away from the heat.

I hope you have found somewhere cool.

Finding the Christmas Cheer in Melbourne

This morning was a bust.  It was horrible weather, raining, white sky, and nothing was looking good.  So we headed off to find Christmas in Melbourne.  Of course we, as you do at Christmas in Melbourne, headed to Myer to look at the windows.

Before I show you the photos, some history.  Myer is famous for their Christmas windows.  Every year, for the past 57 I think, they put up a Christmas themed story.  Parents bring their kids from all over Melbourne to see the windows.  You have to get there early or you are waiting in the cue for a very long time.

scxmas-2702This is Russell sitting on the tree watching Santa going past the moon.  Can you see Santa?

scxmas-2704Santa and the Reindeer have a stack and Russell is watching, you can’t see Russell in this one.

scxmas-2711Santa’s sleigh can’t be fixed, so Russell, see him on the left of Santa, comes up with an alternative, an old car.

scxmas-2716The car is painted with red glitter paint, the reindeers are hooked up, and it is all ready to go.

scxmas-2719Santa flies around and around the world delivering all the presents.  If you look hard you can see him in his red sparkly car.

scxmas-2732Jobs done, time to relax.  Looks like someone has given Santa a present as well.  There is Russell making snow angels. Russell saved Christmas.

scxmas-2717This lot were in the corner of one of the windows, this is happening under the snow.

scxmas-2735The last window, which is somewhat separated from the rest has the traditional Nativity Scene in it.  I don’t know if they use the same one every year.

scxmas-2740This was just a little while after we looked at the windows and the crowds were beginning to grow.  We looked at 7.30am, and by 9 the crowds were 3 or 4 times the size of this.  If you were walking past you wouldn’t be able to see the windows.  The cue goes a long way when it is really busy.

The photos aren’t great, it is hard to take photos when you have glass between the subject and the camera.  There are a lot of reflections in the glass, I did my best to get rid of them, I hope they don’t detract from the story too much.

It was lovely to see that some have gone to some trouble for Christmas and I must go in again and see what I can find.  I would like to do a night shot.


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