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Tuesdays Bits and Bobs: Sorting Through it All

It has been a complete surprise to me how busy the start of the year has been.  The last couple of years it has been so slow at the start and taken a couple of months to get going, but this year I feel like I have started the year running.  There always seems to be something that needs to be done.  I keep forgetting things I have to do, and then I remember later on.  It does feel like there isn’t enough time in the day.  I just need to start being more productive with my time.  Of course, being busy doesn’t mean I don’t love it.  I do, and most of what I’ve been busy with has to do with taking photos, and there has been a lot of that. Newsletter It is coming together.  I have to do some videos for it, well tutorial ones, but should get those done in the next couple of days.  I was having a hard time trying to work out if I should do Lightroom, Photoshop, or Elements, …


Up for Discussion – HDR Photography

Love it, or hate it, it seems to be everywhere at the moment, and has been for the last couple of years.  I did my first HDR image back in December 2011.  I believe this was the first HDR image I put on the blog. It would have been done with Photoshop, I didn’t get software for doing HDR until later.  I look at it now, as I do most of my early attempts at HDR and just cringe.  The colours are over saturated, they have a very surreal effect to them.  I am not sure that it is what I was after at all. These, as I said, HDR is everywhere, some are good, some are bad.  I’m not saying which, but I thought we could talk about it here. So what is HDR? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.  The idea of it, well my understanding, is that it will take the bright areas of an image and the dark areas and make an image that looks more like what we see with our …


The Evolving Continues

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to start doing some new work, compositing images.  I have slowly started planning some work and experimenting with that.  Then last week I showed you a wedding photo that I had done a composite with, changing the background.  So this week I finally got around to going to Montsalvat in Eltham to take some photos that I could use for compositing. I have to be careful with these photos, I had to pay $22 an hour to be allowed to take photos and I am only allowed to use them here. So I took some photos and will try experimenting with them, but I am still deciding if I would ever use Montsalvat again. The background was taken at Montsalvat in the big room above the Great hall.  These windows are so gorgeous and the light coming through was lovely.  I have some plans for the images, but I need to photograph my model first.  I really wanted to try compositing one, so I got …

Tiffany Window

ReWorking the Great Hall

This image was first done May on a trip to Montsalvat at an Artist Retreat in Eltham, not far from me.  This is the Great Hall.  This image isn’t bad, but I was never really happy with the greyness in the window.  I do like the setting and thought I would use it today to redo. The view out the window is certainly much better in this.  I did reprocess the HDR in Photomatix Pro. I have gotten very used to how that software works and what I can do with it.  I then did some processing with Topaz Adjust 5, really just added some detail, which has made the image more textural. Well, I think it has.  This image was a lot more saturated so I desaturated it a bit.  The image was darkened and the table and floor were lightened so your eye would be drawn to the window and outside. There are aspects of both that I like.  The first one shows more of the room, whereas the second one has more …

Keep your Distance

Waiting, Waiting for the Cafe to Open

On Sunday we got to Montsalvat a little early.  We thought maybe the cafe would be open early, but it wasn’t, so we had about 20 minutes to kill.  Strangely there was still stuff to entertain us and that we could photograph.  This first one, I should have showed at the beginning. This is the main entrance that you drive through when you arrive at Montsalvat.  From the start you know you are in for something different. Here is another gate, I couldn’t resist the decorations, I don’t know if they were trying to tell me something.  Did you notice the one on the building.  I didn’t know Peacocks liked to sit on top of things.  The building on the left is the original entrance.  The little window is where you  paid.  Not the case anymore.  Shame, it is so cute, and the turnstile is also quite unique. These geese were so nice.  They didn’t like us getting too close, but they didn’t mind us  taking photos of them.  They are very funny birds.  I …

Black and White Through a Door to a Door

The Ins Again

So, as stated earlier, I have all the images that I posted earlier again, but this time they are in black and white.  So if you haven’t seen the earlier post go to Now for the Ins.So now you have, hopefully, seen them in black and white, and colour, what do you prefer?

A Door Through to a Door, Through to a Door

Now for the Ins

Today’s post is going to be done in two parts.  First of all I wanted to show some more images from Montsalvat.  I have shown you the outs, and some of the ins, but more on the ins today.  One of the things about the Great Hall is the attention to detail that is present everywhere. These stairs are in the main hall, and if we go back to the episode of Masterchef, that those of us who live here would have seen, all the contestants watching did so from the top of these stairs. They are wooden steps, which is a little surprising, I thought maybe they would be stone, so a little surprised that they aren’t, though not disappointed.  If you look closely you can tell that many, many people have walked up and these steps, look at how they have worn. This doorway is at the back of the hall in the far corner.  I love it and love how you look though and see another door.  I had to go through. …