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Weekend Wanderings – Catching Up Around the City

Yesterday I got to do something that I don’t get to do very often, meet someone face to face that I have met through WordPress. I was meeting Carol from The Eternal Traveller. It is always really exciting to meet someone, though meeting isn’t the right word, it is more seeing them for the first time.  I asked her if she wanted to go and take photos with me as I need to get some for today’s post.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1443I was meeting her at the State Library of Victoria, so I got off the train at Melbourne Central.  I had no intention of taking the above shot, but when I got there and saw the sun on it with all those shadows, I had to get the camera out quickly.

After we met up and did our hellos we headed down to the other end of the city to Brunetti in the City Square, which is a great place to get a coffee.  We sat there with our coffee and just talked.  It always amazes me when you meet someone that you have met through the internet how easily the conversation comes.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1456After coffee we went to Hosier Lane to check out the lastest graffiti. One of the great things about Hosier Lane, the walls are always changing. I have more photos of that in the gallery, but I had to show you this, a couple having their wedding photos taken in Hosier Lane.  I knew people did this, but I haven’t seen it while I was there before.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1458We headed over to Federation Square after that. Carol hadn’t really been there before, so it was lovely for me to show her some of it.  It was a very sunny day, very warm, and it made these photos great. I loved all the shadows.  I am already starting to wonder how they will look in black and white.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1461There was an interesting exhibition on the ground floor of the NGV, a few settings for a house, but many things were make with Icing Sugar. It was quite bizarre.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1466This is quite possibly one of my favourite shots of the day.  I love the way the world is reflected in all that glass.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1472This image is for Carol.  Her Justin Beaver at Fed Square with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They were showing the movie on the big screen in Fed Square.  There were lots of places for people to sit and watch it.  Moomba is on this weekend and I am sure that is why the city was so busy.

It was a lovely afternoon and we ended it by having a drink at Chloe’s bar in Young and Jackson’s. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Carol, and it was nice to get to know her away from the electronic world.  Thanks Carol for a wonderful afternoon.

Here are the photos I got for the afternoon in the  hot and busy city of Melbourne.

Weekend Wanderings – Taking the Colour Out of the Ordinary

Yesterday my daughter had to go into the city to pick up a text book for her first class on Monday at Uni.  She wanted me to come, which meant I would want to take photos.  I have taken photos in the city so many times over the last few years and I never get tired of it.  I thought that I would take them this time of nothing specific, but just the city doing what the city does, so to speak.

I wandered around the streets, watching what was going on and took photos of it.  I knew before I went into the city that I was going to make all the photos B&W, so that was an interesting thing for me.  I had to think about what I thought would make great B&W images.

LeanneCole-city-20140228-0253It was interesting photographing the mundane, in some ways.  The things that we see every day as we walk around the city.  I did add some architecture as well, and tried some things.

LeanneCole-city-20140228-0259Initially I started with the 50mm lens.  I know so many people love the 50mm, but it just isn’t wide enough for me, and I can’t fit enough into the frame.  I think I should have opted for the 35mm.  I have a friend who has that one and it is her favourite.

LeanneCole-city-20140228-0276I never tire of how much you can fit into the frame when using the 14-24mm lens.  I love the abstract nature of these images.  I am not sure B&W is good for them, but it does make them more abstract.


The state library had something going on, beanbags on the grass and coffee shop out the front.  I didn’t really look to see why, I was too busy taking photos of it all.

So today’s images are all B&W and they go from the mundane, to the ordinary, to some great architecture.  I am going to put them all into a gallery for you.  I am off this morning to teach my second class in Eltham.   Great group of people, I am looking forward to teaching them what I know about Landscape photography.

Here is a gallery for you. I also wanted to let you know that the watermark in each of the image was done with the Mass Watermark software, so easy.

Weekend Wanderings – State Library and Over the Road

Last weekend I showed you some images of the National Gallery of Victoria and the Fed Square.  On the same rainy horrible day we also went to the State Library.

leannecole-sccity-2570I worked at the state library many years ago.  I worked here when the Museum was still in the same complex and none of the renovations had happened.  I haven’t really been there since all the work was done, but since the weather wasn’t good we decided to go in and take a look.

It is a lot lighter than it used to be.  the glass never used to be in the ceiling, but they decided to put it in as the original designs had glass in it.  I am told it is based on the domed reading room of a library in London.

leannecole-sccity-2604A marble staircase that linked the front part of the library to the part that has the domed reading room.  The marble stairs had worn steps, you could see where people had been walking on them for a long time.

The Library has had many additions since it was first built, when it housed the National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Victoria.  I am sure there are many sites that can give you the history of it.

I was very happy to find out that photography is allowed, though no flash, which of course makes perfect sense.

leannecole-sccity-2565When I worked there this was the reference room.  All the catalogues were in here and that post in the middle is holding up the floor in the domed reading room.

I also have some photos of Melbourne Central.  Photos of things I have taken before, but decided while there, why not do some more.  I also had fun with angles.  Here are more photos from the library and Melbourne Central.

My mess was sorted out, I took photos this morning of the couple I was meant to, and this time I got the right day.  That always helps.  Two people I had lined up to take photos have had to postpone, but that is okay and it worked out well.  Another photo shoot tomorrow, I am excited about that one.  We are going to have a lot of fun, and I get to go to Trentham to take them, even better.

I also want to remind you to keep checking the Facebook and Google+ pages as I am posting photos from the shoots onto those rather than here, well I will put them here, but not as quickly.

Weekend Wanderings – From Arcade to Arcade

There was a time when you could walk from Flinders Street to La Trobe Street without having to walk on the major streets, except to cross a couple.  You can’t do that any more.  Now that Myer is redeveloping their Lonsdale store, or what was the Lonsdale store.  Once you get to Myer, you have to go around one city block to get to Melbourne Central.  Hopefully, it will all be connected again, one day.

Nicholas BuildingI feel I should explain a couple or things.  I realised a week or so back, that some countries have different definitions for Arcades.  Here, in Melbourne, they are usually undercover shopping areas, like the one above.  There are usually little shops in them. These days the shops are usually quaint, one of a kind type of shops.  Usually, not always.

The other thing is that I took these photos some time again, and you have seen some of them before.  You will know which ones, I’m sure.

Block ArcadeThe Arcades often have beautiful architectural details, and if you love photographing architecture, then you will love our arcades.  Many of them date back to the Victorian Era and have those sorts of details.

The city of Melbourne is full of beautiful examples of Victorian architecture.  I think that is mainly because much of it was built when Victoria was rich from the gold rush.  When you look around for that period of architecture, you will understand what I mean.  We have a lot, it is very ornate and very beautiful.

Centre Place

Last weekend when I did the Laneways, people mentioned the above Lane, it is Central Place and a very busy place indeed.  It is mainly little cafes and places to eat.  This is probably one of the best places in the city to find a good coffee.  There are many places to get good coffee, but this lane, and Degraves street, at the other end, are very popular.

Royal ArcadeSome of the main arcades have arcades coming off them as well.  Different styles, different stores. You can really see the style in this image.  This is off the Royal Arcade.

Melbourne CentralIf you start at Flinders street and confine yourself between Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street, you won’t get lost.  Just keep heading in the general direction of North.  Once you get to the Bourke Street Mall, you will have make some decisions to get to Melbourne Central.

There are a huge number of Arcades in those areas.  It would be hard to visit them all.  Then there are ones, that only locals know.  It is a very popular thing to do in Melbourne, to go Arcade shopping.

As for taking photos, well, you can see what I have done.  Look up, look down, and look at the details.  Most of the arcades do not have a problem with people taking photos, there are some that do.  Australia on Collins has security guards that will tell you to stop taking photos.  Though most arcades don’t seem to mind.

Melbourne Central is a little different.  They do have rules, but they seem open to people photographing the area where the shot tower is and accept it has become one of Melbourne’s Icons and people will photograph it.  The same with the clock in the same area.  I don’t know how you would go photographing the rest of the place, you might find photography is not allowed.  I have a couple of shots here of some lights in the cafeteria, I don’t know if they were allowed, but since it was a fairly public area, I didn’t think it would matter.

Here a heap more images, I have tried to put which arcade the photo is from.

I have no idea how the arcades in Melbourne compare with other cities, but we do have some lovely one.  If it is raining and you want to take photos, then the arcades are the perfect place to go.  The other thing that is nice about them is that you don’t need to worry what time of the day it is either, although, having said that, you do need to consider other people, there will be times when they are very popular and very busy.

So if you are visiting Melbourne it is a very iconic thing to do.  I will do a self guided tour for this as well.  The self guided tour will give you ideas of where to go to take photos and what to look for.  I will also do a map.

Acting Like a Tourist with a D5100

As I said earlier I wanted to go out this weekend and try the Nikon D5100 and see what it was like.  One place I’ve been wanting to photograph for some time was the State Library of Victoria.  So my daughter and I went into the city, I went to take photos and she tagged along so she could shop.  All the photos have been taken with the 5100 and then processed.  They were opened in camera raw and a few things adjusted, but nothing else.

State Library of VictoriaThis is a sculpture on the corner in front of the State Library, and you can see the library in the background.  It is the building with all the columns.  It is an amazing building.  First built in 1856, I think, and when it was first built it also housed the Museum and the Art Gallery.  All three were there until the 60’s when the art gallery moved down the road, and the musuem moved, I don’t know exactly when, but in the last 20 years.

State Library EntranceThis is the main entrance.  I worked here about 22 years ago and when I did there was a revolving door in front.  It was taken out because, apparently, it was too dangerous.  It was great, I loved the revolving door.

This image was hard to get, people kept walking up to see what time the library opened.  In the end I had to make the image out of two to get it with no people.  So more processing was done with this image, but not much more.

The inside is great as well.  It has been extended and extended.  The domed reading was built in the 1930’s and was based on a domed reading room in a London library, I believe.  It was further extended in the 1960’s, then when the museum vacated to new premises, more extensions were made and major refurbishment of what was left.  It is hard to believe that it is the same place that I worked in, so different now.

I would really like to go and get some photos inside it with no people in there, but I will have to see if they will let me.  I would love some geometric style images of the domed reading room.  I suppose I should ask.

We didn’t go inside, as I didn’t want to have to check in my bag, Klara just wanted to go shopping.  We headed over the road to Melbourne Central.  We went into an entrance that we don’t normally use and we saw this.

Library on the SideWe almost walked past this, it is a “Little Library”.  It is in a space on the side and you can just walk straight into it.  I don’t know if you can read the instructions on the window.  It says:

We believe reading should be for all to enjoy, so please feel free to borrow a book.

However, we ask that you adhere to our honesty system and replace another title in its place, so everyone can continue to enjoy our Little Library.

How cute is that.  I also took this.

From the Little LibraryThis is there in case you missed what was written on the glass, we did, missed it that is.  Klara loves books and she thought it was fantastic, she is the one in it.

Back to the Nikon, at one stage my daughter said to me, “mum you look like a tourist”.  A fair statement, then I realised that this particular camera is perfect for that type of photographer.  It has the capabilities to change the settings and you can have some control, no control or a little control, but as a camera for travelling it was perfect.

I know the other day I said it was heavier than the Canons I borrowed, but carrying it around today was no trouble at all.  It was easy to get in and out of the small camera bag I have, and the bag never seemed heavy.  I find when I am carrying my D300s around, it does get very heavy, but the D5100 was really good.

I did have a problem at one stage, I pressed something and it started doing some weird things.  It was trying to edit the photos for me, and it took a few minutes to work out what had happened and to change it back.  That was a problem with the photographer and not the camera.

I assume it will be going back soon.  It is nice have new toys to play with and try out.  I wonder if they will send me more.

Time Ticking Away

For today’s post I decided to go through some older photos, well, not that old, but ones from the field trip I did in the city that ended at Melbourne Central.  At the time I took these images I didn’t get around to these, and had quite forgotten about them.

This giant fob watch is one of the attractions at Melbourne Central and has been there ever since.  I read somewhere it was put in around 1981, but that can’t be right.  When I first moved to Melbourne there was nothing there, and I moved here in 1986.  Doesn’t really matter, it appeared some time after that.

It is really large and when it was first installed there was also a giant chain that sort of made it look like it was being held up by the floor above.  They have removed the chain.

On the hour, every hour, the bottom of the clock comes down and music plays.  The music is the tune to “Waltzing Matilda“, which if you know anything about Australia, is one of our most famous songs.  I suppose the American equivalent might be something like “Yanky Doodle Dandy”.  The song is about a swagman, someone who lives on the road, and steals a sheep to eat.  There wouldn’t be many Australian’s who don’t know the song.

I don’t remember how long the music goes for, but if you go to watch, you will find a lot of people hanging around waiting for it to start.  My children loved it when they little, but now, they couldn’t be bothered.  I have to admit that watching it now is a tad boring, perhaps because I’m not watching and listening to it with the amazement of my small children.

Here is a close up of what comes out the bottom.  The birds all swing around, and I think the little fellas playing the flutes do as well.  I can see why little kids love it.

It is one of those things that is unusual the first time you see it, but after awhile, well, after you have seen it so many times, well, it isn’t so amazing anymore.  If you are in Melbourne and if you have never seen it, then you should go and take a look.


How is everyone going with the changes to WordPress?

I am adapting, still not happy with everything, but perhaps will just have to adapt more.  There are definitely things I don’t like.  I wish I could say, on every blog I visit that I don’t want to get follow up emails, without having to always remember to uncheck the box.  I woke the other morning with 20 or 30 emails from blogs because I had forgotten to uncheck the box on a couple of blogs.

I don’t know about the new reader.  Like it or not, I think it is here to stay.  I am not a fan of scrolling, but I assume it is something else we will have to adjust/adapt to.

I spoke to them today about making more use of their news section, to let people know what was happening, but I get the feeling it is all too much for them, and they don’t really care that much what we think.  Wait, let me see if I can find what they said to me.

We are looking into the best way to announce new features. As it is, we can’t make a new post right away, as some of the features do have some growing to do based on feedback after launch. For example. the comments following change that you mentioned was almost completely redone based on feedback from the moment it launched to the time we posted about it.

I don’t see how letting people know what is happening from the outset, will change the outcome they are after.  It seems they want people to be confused, angry and upset.  I don’t understand that.

I think the staff at WordPress have forgotten that blogging is all about communication, and they are not doing any of that.  Shame really.

Seeing the Light

On the field trip we stopped for coffee near the end of the 6 hours we had spent taking taking photos and when I looked up this is what I saw.

Look at those chandeliers.  I can’t decide if they are tacky bad, or so tacky they are great.  There they all were.  This is the side of the food court in Melbourne Central.  Not an easy place to find to have a coffee.

This image is a HDR and processed the way all of them are at the moment.  The next one is as well.

This one is on its own.  I thought it was a good way to show you the light on its own.  Still not sure about it.

So the latest about the accreditation.  Hummph.  I have been convinced to go in and show them my email, saying it was approved.  I will do that, but I have also heard that the same thing has happened to many other media people.  The rumour is that Cycling Australia has put a red line through many names and I am one of them.  Can’t believe it. I am not happy.  I have given Cycling Australia so many photos over the years from various events and this is how they repay me.  Apparently I’m not big enough to count.  Not looking forward to going in and being told that I don’t have accreditation.  It is all crap.

I hope this means that Cycling Australia will never ask me for photos again, I really don’t want them to call me again, let alone have to speak to them.

Can I also say, I hate social/business climbers, and I think I’ve been cut out by one.