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A Lily in Black and White

While the Monochrome Madness Challenge has been great in getting me to do more black and white, I have to say I have done some before as well.  Okay not lots, but some.  Recently I was looking through something and I found an image that I had done some time ago, perhaps two years ago, and I had forgotten how much I liked it.

sclillies-2129-bwI loved how close and person you got with the tip of the lily.  I also really liked how you could see the textures on the flower too.  I just have always really like this composition and making the image black and white really seemed to suit it.

sclillies-hpm2023bwI am pretty sure this is the same flower, but from a different angle.  Again the black and white did just suit it.  It is one thing I do like about black and white, the way you just look at shape and texture, even mood.

My lilies in the garden are slowly recovering from the hot summer and I hope I will be able to start picking some soon and doing some photos with them.  They are such a beautiful flower to photograph.  If I ever get my extension tubes it will be fun seeing what else I can get with those.

This was meant to be a quick post today, I’m a bit tired, it has been a very busy seven days.  I am looking forward to do nothing, though I need to start working on some images from the Pink Lakes, which I am excited about.  It is also going to be a very foggy morning tomorrow morning, so I want to get out there with my camera, and capture some foggy images, maybe one will be perfect for MMC9.

Next Up for Discussion Post.

On Tuesday I am going to do a post on HDR photography for my Up for Discussion post.  I know many people have questions about HDR photography, so I am happy for you to submit your questions to me and I will put them at the end of the post, so hopefully some other people can give you answers, especially if I don’t know the answer.  If you have a question, email it to me and put HDR in the subject line.

As usual the gallery so you can look at the images individually.

The Lilies of Ages

Would you be surprised if I told you I had been doing more experimenting?

Well it is true, I have been.  After doing the ones from the beach and the coastal areas it got me thinking, and I wondered what else I could apply it to.  I wondered whether or not it would work for lilies.  So I picked a few from the garden and took some photos.  I chose to use a white background, well almost white, so the colours in the image wouldn’t be too dark for the processing.

LeanneCole-lilies-20130901-8376I think this one worked the best.  I did 7 of them, and with each one I treated them differently.  I don’t record what I have done, but I save all the layers so I can go back and see what I did to them.  It is an interesting process, seeing how somethings can come together so beautifully, like the one above and with others, no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

LeanneCole-lilies-20130901-8379Like this one.  I like aspects of it, but I don’t think it works as well as the first one.  Actually I know it doesn’t.

I did a few of them, so I am going to put them all into a gallery and you can see what I mean.

I don’t know if I am going to keep doing images like this, but there are definitely aspects of the processing that I like, that I might try along with some other things.  I don’t know yet.  Interesting times ahead, I hope.  How is your experimenting going?

Influencing Me – Robert Mapplethorpe

You had to know that eventually I would get around to doing one of these on Robert Mapplethorpe.  His black and white photographs are an inspiration to anyone who loves black and white imagery.  He also worked in colour, but is more known for the black and white images.

Mapplethorpe 1He also photographed a lot of flowers.  Which is the part of his art practice that I have always enjoyed the most.  The flowers were nearly always quite simple specimens.

Mapplethorpe 2He manipulated the flowers to suit the images he wanted.  Just because it was a flower and would look normal in most images, didn’t mean that he had to do the same thing.  He made the flowers work for the image that he wanted to create.

Mapplethorpe 3There is a simplicity in his work, something that I have tried to achieve as well.  He doesn’t let the box that contains the image get cluttered with unnecessary props.

Mapplethorpe 4You get to see the beauty of the flower and what it has to offer.

Mapplethorpe 5When he does use props they are used to help the image in creating lines that work for the flowers he is photographing.

I think for me it is all about the lines, which also works with my architectural images, and when I photograph flowers, I usually look for simple flowers that have beautiful lines and a simple elegance.

Cole 1One of my images, and I think you would have to agree that there is a definite Mapplethorpe influence in it.  The trick, I believe, is finding the right perfect flower.

Detail of Death 3There are those lines again.  I like looking for those.  I have to say that I am attracted to many of the same flowers as Mapplethorpe.  I don’t think I have to do the same images, but it is a good idea to try and imitate when you first start out.  It is a fantastic way of learning.  I know I have said that before, but I still think so.

First comes imitation, then influence, then developing your own style.  Learning to be an artist is an interesting experience.

I know this is just the way he influences me, I am sure other people find he influences them in different ways, if so, then please comment and let other people know as well.  I would enjoy hearing them as well.

Lily Kind of Day

Lily’s don’t seem to grow here in the summer.  I don’t know if that is normal, or it is just the lack of water they get in my garden.  They seem to die off and then come back when the hot weather goes away.  They now remind me of cold days, so I thought they would be perfect for my post today.

Single LilyThe lilies were taken many months ago and I went through what I had to see what I could use today.  They aren’t the best ones, you have already seen those.

Lily TrioThat day I also did some of them together.  Not really sure I like them and I suspect I have over processed them somewhat.  I was lost and I didn’t know what to do.  I need to start playing more I think.


I have been nominated for so many awards by so many wonderful people and I have not done anything to acknowledge them, so please be prepared for a long list.

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titaniumphoto has also honoured me on their blogroll.

Thank you to everyone, and I hope everyone else will go and visit their blogs.

Quick Sunday

It has been a very busy day and I am running very behind.  Just a photo today.  This is from the Lily session I did a couple of weeks ago.I’ve been at the theatre all afternoon, the set is finished and I am looking forward to photographing the dress rehearsal tomorrow night.  Though, we have decided you won’t see them until after it opens on Thursday night.  Can I just say the set looks fantastic.

Detail of Death

Today it is my daughter, Klara’s, birthday, she is 17.  We are going out later, I don’t know for how long or if I will get a chance to do my post, so I am doing it earlier.  I have a detail of one of the lilies that I photographed a couple of days again.  I have been so excited about showing you this one.

This is one of my favourite images from that session.  I love the little tail and the abstract nature of it. I did add a little detail to it to bring out the lines and the texture of it.

There isn’t a great deal of difference between this one and the previous one, except there is more detail, I tried to draw more out.

I had to do it in black and white.  I did this before I did any detail to the original, I like the softness of this.  I had planned on doing a HDR image with it, but I decided that the original image was fine and decided to use just a single image.  I know very unusual for me.  I can’t help feel that the image is thinner, I know that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I love the translucency of the flower.

I have added the flowers to my website as well if anyone is interested in purchasing one, the website is here.

Tomorrow is Rework Friday, I think I know what I am going to do, but if you don’t mind I thought I might do more than one image.  Will see.

Flowers on Sunday

So it is Sunday and I was looking at a bunch of flowers that my daughter was given and decided to take some photos of them.  I like the way petals form a new beauty under the dying flowers.

Not an original thing to do, but here, sometimes you just have to do it.

Sunday is overcast here, hope it is good photography weather for you.


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