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Quiet Thursday’s: Taking it Easy

This week I have been home a lot more and taking it easy, or rather catching on some work.  I got a new computer the other day, so I am also trying to download all my software again, trying to remember what I had on it.  I am also trying to set up things like Lightroom properly, which I really didn’t do the first time.  It will be good to have it set up right, from the beginning.  I know so much more about it now, which is fantastic.  It is going to be a slow process, I’m sure, there are things I am not looking forward to.  I won’t be able to use Photomatix anymore unless I want to buy it again, as they won’t let me download it again.  Oh well, maybe it is time to start using and trying some other software.

Last night I was in at the Royal Exhibition Building trying to get some early evening shots. I haven’t really had a chance to work on many, but I did a couple for you to see.  They are long exposures, a couple of minutes each.  I didn’t use any filters, it was just the night and light determining how long they should be. It is so much fun doing this.  The clouds were moving so quickly, so they looked fantastic.

I will leave you today with two images.  I hope you can enjoy some quiet time today.

Weekend Wanderings: Wrapping up the Year Part 2

It was great to hear how many of you enjoyed the photos yesterday and today I thought I would do the same thing, well similar, show you a selection of images that I have taken in Melbourne.  They aren’t just photos of the city, there are also photos taken within the metropolitan area of Melbourne.

There are parks and gardens galore in Melbourne, so much so it used to be called the garden state.

I was a bit shocked when I realised how many images of this area I have taken and how many posts, apparently 56, that is a good number.  So with 37 posts on the country areas, and 56 on Melbourne Metro, that is 93 posts, though to make up the rest I did go back and revisit some older posts.  I think it is quite an impressive number, and so glad that I have done it.  I can’t wait to see what next year brings and the places I will visit, it should be a good year, I hope you will have as much fun.

Weekend Wanderings – Snapping the City in the Dark

Last Sunday I went into the city for another Social Snappers Photography Excursion for a night photography session. We met at the MCG at 6pm, ended up at Flinders Street Station, and finished around 9.30. The idea was that we would start on the bridge that goes over the train lines, photograph the city from there, then slowly make our way along Birrarung Marr and end up at Flinders Street Station, or near there, to photograph car trails. I knew the area from riding a bike a few years ago, but I had never tried to photograph it, so it was new for me too.


The plan had been to try and get the sunset, but by the time we got there it was pretty much over, I think it was because there were no clouds.  One day, I will get it.  It was a beautiful clear night so we couldn’t complain about that.  Being a Sunday night also meant that there weren’t many trains.


So from there we started walking to the city.  There are paths and they are quite well lit, so it wasn’t hard to find our way. I think the most curious thing was that so many people wanted to know what we were shooting, or why we were taking photos.  I think seeing a group of women out taking photos is not something people see every day, it is something that I hope to change.


This is the Birrarung Marr bridge.  It helps link the city with the MCG.  The MCG is one of our major sports arenas, possibly Melbourne’s oldest.  If you know about Melbourne, you would know how sports mad this city is.  The photos we got from here were wonderful, but it was an area that drove us insane. They have speakers on this bridge that play music, like folk ditties and stuff, and they have more than one going at a time.  It is horrible.  You can’t hear anything, and, well, you just want to enjoy the sounds of the area, but no, you have to listen to a whole bunch of songs and music playing at the same time.  Please Melbourne, turn off the music.


This is a massive sculptural piece that is by the river.  It used to be in front of the National Gallery of Victoria, but was moved a few years ago. Not an easy piece to photograph.  There are too many things in the way, rubbish bins, bright lights.


Finally, we went back into the city, where we all had fun taking photos of the car trails.  This is an iconic image and most people want to get it.  Every time I go and take photos here there are always lots of other photographers there as well. It wasn’t as busy as it normally is. Sunday night probably had a lot to do with it, but it was nice to get more photos.  The above photo is another stacked image, I can’t remember how many, I think around 20.

It was a very good evening.  One of the women that came along has said that she was feeling a bit shy, and was worried about doing this sort of thing, but she said that I gave her lots of information and that she learned a lot.  Her tripod broke and we had to share mine, which was fine.  She started using a lunch box to support her camera which, surprisingly, worked rather well.  I had so much fun, and I can’t wait to do more of these excursions.  I really think Social Snappers is such a great idea, it is good to go out with a group of women and just enjoy taking photos.

I’m running behind today, I was out all afternoon photographing Lake Albacutya, and then last night doing the milky way at Jonesy’s Bush Retreat.  Today, I’m off to Nyah West for my workshop on landscape and night photography, that should also be really good.  So for now, I have a gallery of images from last Sunday.  I hope your weekend is good and you get lots of chances to take photos.


Weekend Wanderings – Melbourne at Night

It is becoming very popular with my Practical Photography Class to spend the last week’s class in the city doing some night photography. It is by far the best class, and so many students really look forward to it and enjoy the evening so much, and this last class was no different.  I am getting so much better at planning where to go, making sure they get some great images.

This last class, I wasn’t sure how it would be.  We decided to go on Sunday, less people, but all day Sunday it rained.  Even as I was getting on the train to the city and getting off, it rained.  As we went for a coffee to start with, it was raining.  Not heavy rain, but enough to be annoying.


Our first stop was in front of the Casino. I had planned that we would be there for the 6pm gas show that the casino does every night.  Though I suspect some nights it is better than others.  I don’t know if it was because it was Sunday or because it had been raining, but it wasn’t great.  The above shot was just before.

The rain stopped for the rest of the evening and it turned out to be a fantastic night for night photography.  The clouds hung around and gave some wonderful skies, I liked the way the light from the city bounced off them.


Then the gas fires started and it went off.  One, there in the middle, wasn’t working, and didn’t give it great symmetry.  It was very disappointing really, though it was good to know that we were in a good spot for capturing them.


We thought of taking more reflections, but there were still so many people around it was hard to get the footpaths with the reflections on them.  Melbourne has become such a busy city, it always seems like there are so many people around.


There were a couple of Black Swans in the water on the river.  They were so hard to photograph in the dark.  I had to turn my ISO all the way up to get any shots of them.  They move around constantly.  I have seen them there before, there are also two that have been hanging out in a park near here too.


I think I mentioned yesterday that I had a One on One Photography Session with someone yesterday, and part of what she wanted to learn to do was take some night photos so after doing some other things around the city we headed down to the river.  It was wonderful being back there, though the biggest difference between last night and last sunday, were the buildings, there were so many more lights on them last night.  They really lit up the skies.

I am going to include a gallery for you now. I will put as the title, Sunday, for the ones taken last week, and Friday for the ones taken last night.  I hope you get to see some night skies with your camera this weekend.  Happy Snapping.

Docklands in Full Coverage and Only 5 Days to Chirstmas

Yesterday I braved the heat and headed into the city to take photos of heat weary kids lining up to see Santa. With the temperature set to 40ºC, it was always going to be hot.  I thought going in early would help, but it really didn’t.  I got some nice shots, but because they are children I can’t show you, unfortunately, so I thought I would show you a lot more photos from the Docklands, I took lots.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4851Here is the Christmas Tree with the city behind it.  There were people around, but compared to other places around the city, the Docklands were dead.  It is funny, because I think many of us would like to see the Docklands be successful, and have ideas, but I don’t think the developers are listening to us.  Maybe once the Ferris Wheel is going, if, it will make a big difference.

I had to do a lot of walking this day to get all the photos for the City of Melbourne, but it was nice walking around here.  Then I had to go back that night to catch some photos of the tree with the lights on it.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4857The light pillars also had light lights around them.  It was like lines leading up to the tree.

I am going to do a gallery with nearly all the photos I took that day of the Docklands, both day and night.

My work for the City of Melbourne is almost complete, and Christmas is almost here, we are heading back into rainy weather, which you would think would be good after 40 yesterday, but it would be nice if it were cooler, but still sunny.  It is one of the strangest summers ever so far, ones like this always make me nervous.

I heard some people talking on the train yesterday, two visitors from the UK were saying they found the weather strange, and a woman sitting across from them said, that the weather was very changeable in Melbourne, that she had lived here all her life and still wasn’t used to it.  I remember thinking, that it was absolutely true.  We really never know what we are going to get.

My husband just said another one, “if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait 5 minutes”.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

My email is

Please note the images in this post have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.


Christmas from Around the World – 9 days to go

It has been an interesting week.  I have nearly done all the images for the City of Melbourne, just a few left, and it is almost time for me to start thinking about Christmas here, what to get my girls and husband for Christmas.  So tough.  However, today is not about me, it is about other people and I have been sent emails with links and have some Christmas photos for you from other people.

Mary from Sublime Days sent me a link to some photos she posted last Christmas. This is what she said to me, “last year while I was living in the city of Lowell it was so gorgeous to my eye during Christmas time that I wanted to capture it exactly as I saw it. The photos that I sent to you are the ones I thought really did capture it.”

Then I received an email from Thomas at THETOMPOSTPILE and he wrote,

“Thanks so much for your faithful blogging. Your energy and persistence (and skill and beautiful work) are inspirational. I have taken your comment about “only one person sent pictures” to heart, and hereby send you some Christmas photos from my part of the world, in this case, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.”

Robert from FINISTERRE also sent me a link to his blog and some of hit Christmas photos.  His were a little different, it was Christmas in the office, which is often fun.  Not something I get to do because I work from home, I suppose I could have a party on my own.

Then I received an email from Dani at Henry Arthur Photography with some more Christmas photos, these ones had snow.


I also received an email from Laura from LAURA MACKY who inspired me to write the post about taking night photos, I knew she was about to go and get some and I have to say I think she did a great job.

I had to include some Christmas photos from one of my oldest blogging friends, Marie  from My Little Corner of Rhode Island.  We have been following one another almost from the time I started blogging, and I have enjoyed our friendship ever since.  So here are some of her photos.

Then when I got up this morning I found an email from Ingrid with a link to her blog, Road Tripping Europe and some of the photos she had taken at a Christmas market in Brussels.

It is so nice to see Christmas from around the world and how people celebrate it.  I haven’t said where all these people are from, but you can go to their blogs and find out for yourself.

The weather is starting to heat up here, we are expecting 40°C on Thursday, so no summer at all, then it hits us suddenly, not really good.  Though with the weather warming up, I am hoping I can get out more and take lots more summer Christmas photos for you.

There is one more Monday before Christmas, so if you have some photos, please, please send me an email, my email address is, I would love to show more images next Monday.

12 Days and the Night is Lit Up

Today’s post is very short, I have some photos for you of the City Square at night.  I like it so much better at night.  The tree turns lots of different colours, and there is something very “Christmassy” about lights, night and the dark.  I think it has something to do with our Southern Hemisphere summer Christmas that we feel like it is more like Christmas at night when it is dark and the lights are turned on.  Sad we have to stay up so late to see it.

When I was in the city the other night taking photos of the projections on the Town Hall, the same night that these were shot, we met a lovely lady who was in Melbourne from Northern Queensland visiting for a few days.  I meant to say hello to her the other day when I did the post, but completely forgot.  So Bec, please accept my apology and I hope you and your friends have had a great visit in Melbourne.

Hello Bec.

Now for the photos, I am going to put them into a gallery for you too look at.  They are all from the city square and you should recognise some of the same things from yesterday’s post.

Please note all images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.

Monday is approaching fast, if you have any photos of Christmas where you are, please send me an email with a link.  I ask you to send an email so I can keep the emails together, easier for me to find them.  If you put a link in a comment on the blog, then I have to search through all the comments, makes it a lot harder for me.

My email is