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15 Days and More from the Light Projections

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful thoughts about my back, I know that doesn’t sound right, sorry.  I wanted to let you know that it is getting better and I am able to do more and more.  I can sit now, not for long, but I can sit, which is far better than how I was last week.  I can walk around a lot, so I have been going and taking lots of photos of the city, which has been wonderful.

Speaking of which, I went into the city on Sunday night to get some shots of the city at night.  I also wanted to do more of the light projections on the Town Hall from a better angle.  The first time I did them, I was over on the side and I didn’t like how the images turned out.  So on Sunday night I waited for the show to stop and people to leave, then I went and got a spot right in the middle ready for the next one.  I used the new tripod, but I didn’t need to put it up so far because we were right at the front.

I am just going to put them into a gallery for you.

I also did a video and if it ever finishes uploading to YouTube I will add it here as well. Now the video isn’t great, I did take it with the D800 and was impressed with that, but there is a bit of noise from the crowds, then it rained, so you can see my umbrella a bit as I tried to protect the end of the lens from the rain.  I do think it will give you an idea of what it was like, hopefully it will work.

Can You Hear the Bells Jingling?

Last in the month of December so many people were putting up images of Christmas from where they were in the world.  I loved it and it made it feel like Christmas really was everywhere.  I got into it as well and took some trips into the city to see what I could find.  I was so surprised at the wonderful job the City of Melbourne had done in decorating the city for Christmas that I ended up going in a few times.  Lots of people reading this blog also enjoyed the posts and I really enjoyed doing them.

So this year, well I have news, I actually have been given the job by the City of Melbourne to photograph the Christmas Festival for them this year.  I am so excited. I know exactly what will be happening and can now plan where and when I am going to take photos of everything.


A Still from the Light Show that is Projected on the Town Hall

I will also have my new lens, which I got earlier this year, the 14-24mm and the new camera, the Nikon D800.  I will be able to get the whole building in this year and photograph the whole event.  I might even try videoing it with the new camera.

I don’t know if I will do the whole 24 days leading up to Christmas Day and Christmas Day, but I will do my best to bring you as much as possible.

The Festivities here kick off on Friday night of the 29th of November.  The lights on the tree in the City Square will be turned on, and there will be a concert in the City Square as well. Santa is going to come out and greet everyone.  Then after all that is done at around 9 or 9.30, the lights on the Melbourne Town Hall will be turned on and the light show will begin.  It should be an exciting night.

While I am being paid to take the photos for the City of Melbourne, I am allowed to show the images on this blog so you can all see them as well.

May be we can do it as a challenge or something, we can all show images of Christmas from where we are.  Who wants to join me?

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is coming, 39 days to go.

Dancing Christmas Lights

The one event that many people seem to be talking about this Christmas in Melbourne are the lights on the Town Hall.  First I have a photo of it by day.

By Day

Town Hall During the DayThis is the Melbourne Town Hall.  I took this image on Sunday morning.  I thought at the time it was pretty cool with the big ribbon on it.  Then someone mentioned the lights, and I thought I should go and see what they were talking about.

By Night

Town Hall 1

At night a fantastic light display is shown.  Christmas music plays in the background.  It is very festive.

Town Hall 2They go through lots of changes as well.

Town Hall 3Sparkles all over.

Town Hall 4How cool is the clock tower?

Town Hall 5All wrapped up in brightness.  It is so wonderful to watch.  There were lights coming from all different directions.  How they managed to get them to match the building is amazing.  My husband was amazed.

The photos are not great.  It was raining and I didn’t want to point my camera up too far.  You get an idea of what it looked like.  It is a shame I can’t get the music for you as well.

Thank You

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