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A Woodland Bride with a Guest

Part of the reason for going to Trentham on Sunday was to see my friend Yvette.  She doesn’t live there, but her father does and she often goes there for the weekend.  Her father is hoping to set up a studio for her so she has somewhere to paint.  How wonderful it will be for her to have a studio in Trentham, it is a beautiful part of Victoria, much as I imagine Daylesford was before it became so popular, which really ruined it.

Yvette is also a great muse and loves to let me take her photo.  She doesn’t mind the silly set ups I get her to do and just goes with it.  She has a couple of things that bother her, but we are working on those.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5620I put this image up on Facebook on Sunday night.  This is something I want to do more of, the faceless bride.  We had planned on going to Trentham Falls to do photos, but that wasn’t possible, then she told me about this walking path that went into a wooded area, it was perfect.  I would love to go back to this area to do more.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5640-2We realised that a bride needs a bouquet, there wasn’t much around, then we decided on the dead sticks, now when I look back on these, I can’t help thinking how perfect that idea was.   None of us really know who thought of it, but it did work so well.  It is something I would like to try more.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5684Another faceless image.  This could become a theme, I don’t know yet.  We changed the clothing and gave her a new dress, of course it is not really a dress, just a couple of pieces of fabric.  I really like the way it turned out.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5717-2The bride walking on the path, to where, I don’t know.  We did quite a few of these sorts of things.  I liked this one the best.  I need to work on some more bits and pieces for doing these shoots.  I’ve been making headpieces, and attaching flowers and veils and stuff.  I like making them, I might even try making some dresses.  Might.

LeanneCole-klara-20130922-5760-2My daughter also came, she did the driving.  She was also in charge of safety pins.  She was very good at it.  She wore her red coat all day and hang around us with the hood on, and I liked the look, so made her let me take her photo.  I really like the way it has come out, so does she, she wants me to get it printed for her.  She can be funny.

I am so glad I have started taking my bride series and can’t wait to do more.  I hoping that it will happen soon.  I have to get back to work now, I have photos from a session I did yesterday.  The couple that have hired me to take some photos at their wedding next month came over here so I could take some photos of them and see how they photograph before the big day.  I have processed one so far and I am pretty happy with the result.

I thought I might the above images into a gallery so you can just look at them on their own, or not, up to you.

Caught in the Elements

Having a daughter who wants to learn to drive and wants me to take her places so she can do a lot of driving can have its benefits, as I found out last Sunday.  I agreed to let her drive if she let me take some photos of her on the side of the road somewhere.  So we decided to take the back way to Woodend and we knew on the way there would be rolling hills and I wanted to take photos onto of one.  (for anyone interested the bakery in Woodend, the one on the corner, does very good Vanilla Slices)

Leanne Cole - Taking it In

Can you tell how windy it was?  I think she regretted agreeing to do this in the end as she was freezing, but I think it was worth it.  I loved the photos I got.  I didn’t get many, but I was really only after one, so to get three that I really like was great.

The cloak I purchased is turning out to be one of the best props I have, so many want to have their photos taken with it.  I might have to see if I can get more, but different ones.

Leanne Cole - In the ElementsThis was the last lot I took, and I did a lot of work to make the cloak bigger and tried to get her hair to look very wind blown.  It was really windy, I kid you not and the wind chill factor was very cold.

I love this one (above), there is something quite amazing to it, well if you ask me.  This lot and the previous ones of Briony and Ilia make me think I am definitely starting to develop my own style with these.  I like the old masterly painting style, but I hope you don’t say they are paintings, just remind you of them.

Leanne Cole - Hidden 1This was the first version of this that I did, but I wasn’t really happy with it, so I thought I might try a different photo and see how I went.

Leanne Cole - Hidden 2I like this one a lot more.  I think it is softer or something.  I know it breaks the rules of portraiture because you can’t see her eyes, but I don’t care about that, I like the way her hair is blowing in the wind and she is protecting herself from the wind with the cloak.

When I was doing these images, I had Catherine from Wuthering Heights in mind.  I knew it was going to be windy before I planned the trip, the forecast said it would be.  So I wanted to find somewhere open, so the wind could blow and the fabric could go everywhere.  I wanted that idea of Catherine on the Moors in England.  I think I achieved it a little.


Thank you to everyone who went over to Public Domain Textures, it was a great start and I think Joseph was really happy.  I spent all day working on more textures, and I will continue doing that for a while.

I have been asked, by quite a few, about doing a post on how to use textures, so I am going to do one next Wednesday.  I might see if I can get some software and do a screencast, that would be easier for me.  So if anyone knows of anything that I can use for free, please let me know.

A Simple Post

I feel like I have done some really heavy posts this week and I am a bit tired, so today two new images.

Leanne Cole - Ready to Face the WolfAnother interpretation of Red Riding Hood coming out of the wood.  I told her that I wanted her to come out with confidence, she is going to Grandma’s house to fight.  I love the look on her face, she really does look like she isn’t going to take any crap from the wolf, he better look out.

Leanne Cole - PossessionThis one hasn’t worked.  I like the idea, but I didn’t think it through enough.  The hair didn’t work.  Oh well, it can’t all be perfect.

So I changed the colour on my website, and put a new banner on it, check it out and I changed the background colour of the blog, I wonder if anyone noticed.


Photos and Being a Professional Artist

This post is going to be all over the place today.  I thought I would show you some of the new photos I have been doing and include a gallery so I, and you, can see all the images I have done so far, the good and the bad.  I also want to talk about some of the things that are important to me.

First let’s look at some of the photos.

Leanne Cole - Remembering the MomentI photographed Emelia last week.  She was so different to others that I have photographed.  I think because she was older, but she is more experienced at modelling and I think she could act as well, so when I asked to do something she pretty much knew what I wanted, it was really nice.

I like the above image, it has a very different feel to the other images, and is quite romantic.

Leanne Cole - Saying No to the AppleI was attempting to do another version of the apple being refused here, and I think she is very clear about not wanting to eat the apple.

I am not sure if it works as an image, the sun was a bit annoying and I have spoken about this before, I need to work out how to work with the sun in these situations.

Klara also posed for me.

Leanne Cole - IntensityI like the intensity in Klara’s face, but the sun was again a pain.  I really want to try this one again.  I think she loves the image, well she loves her hair in it.

Leanne Cole - The Offering, 1st VersionThis image was more Klara’s idea and I helped her work out how to execute it.  She wanted to be a witch with a bleeding heart in her hand.  We decided to use the red fabric balled up to be the heart and the draping down to represent the bleeding heart.

It was interesting working to someone else’s brief, though she was very happy to do it my way, and I think she even enjoyed it in the end.


I have to make a decision between the two organisations.  I am a member of both, but one is more for professional photographers and the other for artists.

I joined Australian Institute for Professional Photographers (AIPP)  because they ran courses and workshops, they had competitions.  It costs $300 a year to be an emerging member, to be the top level member, Accredited, you have to pay $400 a year.  I have been a member for over a year and a half and have never been to any of their courses or workshops, none of them have seemed relevant to me.  They are also quite expensive.

Then, I thought, I would wait for the competition, then I took a look at it and to enter it is so expensive, as far as competitions go.  I can’t afford to pay $160 to enter 6 images in my category.  There is another competition, I can enter 5 images for around $60, so I am finding the $160 just a bit much.  To me the AIPP seems to be all about getting more and more money from its members.  I just can’t see any benefits in it.

Magazine subscriptions were included, but the magazines have gone digital, and I just don’t remember to look at them anymore.  They can’t even send an email to say when it has been published.  Who can remember when they are published quarterly.

With National Association for Visual Artists (NAVA) that have resources, produce books, give legal advice, well some, and also let artists know about competitions, grants and all sorts of things that are relevant for practicing artists.  It only costs $60 a year for an individual.  There are other levels of membership, with the most expensive being $230.  Though that top level also includes a fantastic insurance package for artists as well.

Really, is there a contest between them?

I also saw a great article today by Peter Eastway and what is real photography, so if you are interested in seeing what he had to say then click on this.

Now for my gallery of my work so far, it is going to be interesting seeing it all together like this.  Most you have seen, but couple you may not have.

Enough for today.

ReWorking Ghosts

You have heard me say this before, I had planned on doing something different, but got distracted by another image.  When I planned what I was going to rework today, this image did not come to mind.

Ghostly Klara - OriginalI took this image 18 months ago.  I used my neutral density filter to give me a longer exposure so Klara would look like a ghost.  The neutral density filter I had was crap and turned everything pink.  I have learned so much since this image that I am more confident about getting rid of the pink.

Ghostly Klara - ReworkedToday I spent a lot more time on it.  I tried to get rid of the pink tinge, and I think that worked.  You, hopefully, will notice that the image has been cropped.  I think that works much better and maybe I could have done it more.  I didn’t try too hard to get rid of the white outside, but I am not too fussed with it.

I did some blurring with it and changed the lighting inside the shed to try and highlight Klara standing next to the window.  I attempted to bring out the detail without it being too dominant in the image.  I much prefer the rework.

Ghostly Klara - Color Efex 1Because I can, I played with the image in Color Efex.  I think the above image was done with the preset Paper Toner.  I like the effect.  I had done one with her in color and the rest in this tone.

Ghostly Klara - Color Efex combineYou can decide what you think.  I haven’t quite made up my mind yet.

Ghostly Klara - Color Efex 2I can’t remember what I used with this.  It was with Color Efex again.  I don’t mind this at all.  It is soft and the colours are really nice.  Though, not a lot of difference to the reworked image.

I do think this is a much better rework than the original.  I am sure I put this image on the blog about 18 months ago, but I can’t find it anywhere.  Maybe I just thought I had.

Every time I go up I mean to do it again, but then stuff happens and I don’t, but I will do it again.  So much fun.  It is nice to do images sometimes that are just for fun.

Playing with the Light

A few years ago when I was studying photography one of my projects was Playing the the Light.  We could do anything we wanted, but light had to be the focus.  I loved the project and I have wanted to do it again for a long time.  I needed a very dark place, a pen light and some things to light up.  I used my hallway with all the doors closed, very cramped space, but since it was my first attempt in a while it worked.

Roses getting some Light

See what I mean?  I put the light over and around the roses.  They didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped, I couldn’t get a very good torch.  All the torched these days are LED, and they give too much light for this.  I had to put a heap of tape over the end with a small hole in it to try and close the amount of light coming out.  I also had to be dressed in black, with gloves as well so I wouldn’t be seen.  It is pretty hot here now and not really a good thing to be doing right now.

This needs practice, I can’t lie.  I also think doing it at night would be much better. I do like how the roses have come out.

Lighting the PlumsThis bowl was purchased at the Daylesford Market and this is the first time I have used it.  The plums came from a tree that my husband rides past on his bike.  The tree is on public land, so he has been helping himself and bringing heaps home.  They are very nice.

This image has worked better, but it could have been better.  I really will have to try this again.

Teatime in the LightMy daughter helped me with this one.  When I asked her what it looked like, she said electric.  It hasn’t worked brilliantly, but it gives you an idea.  The first lot I did, all those years ago, were done on film, and I had no idea if they worked until the film came back from the lab.  The others worked better than today, but I probably need to think a lot more about what I am doing.

Klara in the LightKlara wanted some photos, so I did some. I tried doing what I did with the others, but she kept laughing and wouldn’t stay still.  We had to change, so she sat still and I shone the torch on the wall.  I had to do it quickly, otherwise it burned out.  I also had to take all the tape off the end of the torch as well.  I am going to have to do more of these, but somewhere with a better backdrop.

TiddlesThis is Tiddles, our cat, he kept jumping up on the table I was using, so we thought we would try one.  I think you can see why you shouldn’t do one with a cat.  He kept following the light and wouldn’t stay still, no matter how many times we told him not to move.

Playing like this is a lot of fun, and I would like to do a lot more of it.  I just need to get a better torch, use a bigger room, and do it at night.  Lessons learned.

I meant to tell you this yesterday, and I was in such a hurry I forgot all about it.  Apparently The River Muse is doing something on me.  I was interviewed over the internet and the article was being published on the 10th.  So if you are interested check it out The River Muse.


I have been nominated for a few more.

One Lovely Blog Award

The Year of the Warrior

Make Believe Boutique

Leibster Award

Eric M Vogt’s Blog

2012 Blog of the Year

Orbs Delight



Finally, from Patricia another award,


Congratulations on the awards and thank you so much for nominating me.  Please visit the blogs.


For a while, I have wanted to get photos of my daughters.  They aren’t very co-operative, well, not like they were when they were little.  Now the hair has to be right, and, of course, they need to be in the right mood.  One loves to have her photo taken and the other hates it.  Impossible to get one of both of them together.

She wasn’t happy, wouldn’t do much, and I think the face says it all.  Though, her expression really helps with the tone of the image.  I like the intensity of her eyes.  They seem to stare straight at you.

I wanted to do these photos to try out the new lens I got.  I purchased a 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I wanted a good lens for portraiture, and I believe this one is going to be perfect for it.  This image was taken with it.  It is beautiful to use.  It is very heavy, but that is OK.

So, processing, well I did much the same as I have been doing in the past, just a few things were done differently.  I copied the image and layed it on top, blurred the new layer, then added a mask and went over the eyes, the lips, a little of the nose and some of the hair, so they weren’t blurred.  I think this helps give an intensity to the face.

The second session was brilliant, she was happy to have her photo taken.  We agreed that she would let me take the images I wanted, as long as I did some that she wanted.  It was a pleasure doing these.

This image is one of the last.  I was having a lot of trouble with the light in her room, and then in the end what we did was have her sit on the bed.  I focused the image with the lights on and turned the auto focus off, turned off the light, then took the image with flash bouncing off the wall.  I loved the effect.  It is great having family that you can practice with.

I processed this image the same as the first.  Though the background has two blurred layers, her body one, and no blur on the eyes, lips, around the nose, and some of the hair.

I forgot to mention that I promised both of them that I would remove any acne I saw on their faces, and I did that with the spot healing brush on Photoshop.

It is unusual to see portrait like shots on my blog, but I do think it is necessary at times.  I want to do more, but I would like to do more like this.  I don’t think a portrait has to be someone looking beautiful and smiling in front of a camera.  I like these images because I think they both tell a story.

I have included the originals, they are very different, in colour.

Hope you are having a great weekend.  If you are in the Northern Hemisphere I hope you are keeping cool, and those in the USA that are near the fires, I hope you are keeping safe.  For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you are keeping warm.

Oh, just quickly I have just realised that this post is my 350th, can’t believe I have written that many.  They all have photos, that is a lot of photos.  Sorry, had to share.