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I Had a Dream Last Night

I don’t know if it was a dream or a nightmare, but I did mention that I’ve been learning some new things with Photoshop and my just swims at night.  Then early this morning I had a dream and I woke up so inspired to try something.  After I got up, I couldn’t get the image of what I was trying to do out of my head, so, while I couldn’t do what was in my head, it was a scene from Sydney, I decided to try something different.

Elizabeth StreetI took this image on the same day as the image on Tuesday.  It was taken very early in the morning.  It is a HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro and beyond that,  I haven’t done a lot to this, I just got rid of all the people, a couple of cars, you know that sort of thing.

I just loved those Victorian building all in a row.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this image, but then, you know, I had the dream, and well, things had to change.  Could I turn this image into a deserted city?

Elizabeth Street Long AfterSo I played around with 3 images.  I don’t think it is perfect, but I like it.  It is always great when an idea starts to come together.  The foreground came from an image I took up in the mallee, as did the sheep.  I had to make the sheep a lot smaller, and they probably should have been made even smaller.

I had to do a bit to the image to get it to look abandoned.  My skills are getting better, but I still need to do some more learning.  It would’ve been good to have made some windows broken, or things falling down.  Maybe some cracked paint.  This is definitely a direction I want to go in.  The image is probably too dark, but I like to think the world would be dark without us, maybe that is a dream too.

Elizabeth Street Long After with a textureThis is the same image, only I added some textures to it.  Well, one really, it was a granite, I think.  I am not sure about it, but thought I would give you the option.

It is an interesting thing to do.  The sheep are there because my husband thought they should be in the shot.  He thought it added to the effect, and of course he likes to take the credit.

My daughter got her drivers license the other day, so I may never see the car again, so I guess that means I can spend lots of time on the computer, because it doesn’t look like I will be going anywhere.  LOL  Not quite true, I have a one on one session tomorrow in the city, so that should be exciting.  I am really looking forward to spending a whole day taking photos in the city.  What could be better?

Going Up

Another photo from the Manchester Unity Building, I hope you don’t mind, but with so many images to work on, well I figure you may as well see them as well.  As I said, I have so many images to work on for the building and there isn’t enough time right now to do too many other images.  I do apologise.  I have been taking other images, so you will get to see some new stuff soon.

Elevators on the Ground Floor

These are the elevators or lifts on the ground floor of the  Manchester Unity Building.  Anyone can see these, and they are pretty much the first thing you see when you enter from Collins Street.

I can remember the first time I saw them, I was totally amazed at how wonderful they were.  The doors look like pressed copper, and probably are.  I don’t think I would like the job of keeping them looking so shiny.  There is a working class look to them that I find really intriguing.  I don’t know much about the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows, and after doing this image I think I would like to know more.  I might have to go and do some more research on them.

I took this image very early on Tuesday morning, and even at 6.45am I had trouble with people coming and going.  The above image is a HDR, and the first time I did it I used 5 images, but someone walked into the last image and waited for the lift, so when I processed the HDR you could see a ghostly shadow of something.  I tried working with it, but it bugged me too much so I did the HDR again but only used 4 images.

It was hard to work out how to do this image.  There were so many things in it that I wanted to highlight, but that would have made it too busy, so in the end I decided on the middle lift doors.  You get an idea of the rest, and you can still read the inscription on the wall.  Great piece of history, it is wonderful to see some history for everyone to read.  I also love the writing, and you know it was all done by hand by a signwriter many years ago.

I love this image, and I got excited everytime I worked on it.  I hope you enjoy it as well.


It is time to acknowledge all the people who have nominated me for awards again.

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I would like to thank each and every one for this wonderful honour.  I am so thankful for the support of everyone.  I hope everyone will go and look at their blogs as well.

Order, Order in the House

Do they say that in Council Chambers?  I have no idea, but it seemed an appropriate title for the image I have for you today.

Three in a Row

I am sure I have shown you a similar photo to this a couple of weeks ago when I went on a tour of the Melbourne Town Hall.  I have been fortunate and was given the great honour of being allowed to go back and take photos of the Council Chambers.  I went on Tuesday and this is one of the shots that I got.  I love the three chairs that sit up straight and tall under the three windows in the arch.  The three chairs are separated from everyone else by the table and another table further down.  The chair on the left is for the Ex Lord Mayor, the middle chair, the most ornate one is for the Lord Mayor, the final one is for the Committee Chairman.

Three in a Row - HDR OriginalIt would be an amazing thing to be allowed to sit in that chair and call it yours.

When I went to take photos, I knew some that I wanted, and this was most definitely one.  I don’t know if the chairs stand out enough, but I find I can’t take my eyes off them.

I am trying out some new ways of doing my processing.  Some of it is the same, but how I do the blurring is different.  I don’t know if it works, but I actually like the way it is turning out.  I will continue to experiment.  The only real problem is that it now takes me so much longer to process the images.  This one took around 4 hours.  I was starting to think that I would never finish it.

I do enjoy that aspect of it though.  I have a lot of images from that day and you will, no doubt, get to see them over time.  I will also see if I can find you some of the history that goes with it as well.  I was told about a link, but I ran out of time.  There will be more images, so there is still time to give you the history.

It really is a most extraordinary room, so I hope you will enjoy other images.

Speaking of history, I was at the DCA building today, and the phone does not work anymore, well it is not connected.


On the original blog I signed up for WordAds, as a lot of us do.  We do it thinking we will earn some extra money from our blogs and that is always good.  According to the terms and conditions people don’t have to click on the ads, it is done by impressions, so how many times the page is looked at. I assume that is what they mean.  Of course once you sign up, you find out that you won’t get any money until you have earned a $100 and therefore, you will have to continue it until you at least get that much, and they don’t care, because they get to put their ads on your blog.


Unless you are getting really really large numbers of hits then you may never be paid that $100.  Last month I had the largest number of hits ever on my blog, and in the 6 months I have had it, last month was almost the lowest amount they have paid me, well put in the account to pay me when I get to $100.  I am wondering if this is what they do.  How can it be so, it just does not make any sense.

At this rate I will never make that amount and they will win because they got to advertise on my blog for nothing.


I have wondered if it does, as soon as I get to that $100 the ads will go.  I bet they pay me less and less each month so they never have to pay.

If you are thinking of doing WordAds, don’t bother, waste of time.  You won’t see the money from it.


We are in the middle of a massive thunderstorm here right now, it is so lovely.  I have muted everything just so I can listen to all the thunder.  Ah summer, I have missed this.

Teacup Ballet ReWorked

I haven’t done a rework for awhile, so I decided that it might be time to start getting back to normal and doing the posts as I used to.  I have thought about this image a lot, and one day I will redo the whole image, that means photographing it as well.  I always wished I had ironed the cloth the cups were on.

Teacup Ballet - OriginalThis is the original I did way back when, I should find the original post, I do remember the image was based on an Olive Cotton image.  You can see the Olive Cotton image in this post Teacups Following the Ballet, and  you can see the original post for the above image in this post Lighting the Ballet.

There wasn’t a lot wrong with this image, but I did wonder if I did it again, would I do it differently.

Teacup Ballet - ReworkedI think the answer is yes.  The new version is darker, though I think the cups stand out more.  I did some blurring and tried to make the highlights stand out more. I just find the wrinkled cloth a little distracting.

Both images began as HDR images that were processed in Photomatix Pro.  The Reworked image was then processed in Camera raw and a lot further processing was done in PS.  I did some further processing.

The Ballet in Silver EfexI used Silver Efex for this image.  It seems ages since I processed images with it.  It was nice to take another look at it.

Ballet with Color EfexThis one saw the Classic Soft Focus being done to it in Color Efex.  I have also missed using it.  I must get back into using the Nik Software products.  It will be nice to start experimenting again.

I love using the new 27 inch monitor to do my processing now.  I still can’t get the higher resolution, apparently a problem with my laptop, but we have ordered a new cable which might allow it.  It will be good to have it.

I am now off to do some more research for the Virtual Photography Field Trip that a client has purchased.  Off to find out about a place in the world I didn’t know about before.  Almost as good as travelling.  Almost.

Just a quick note, if you would like to find out if the notes I have written about learning your DSLR are helpful, please check out the testimonial  here.

Left at School

As I said, I went back to the abandoned school last Saturday.  This time I took my tripod and got much better images of the darker areas.  It was good to get some images that weren’t so noisy.  We went around much of the same places and I took more photos.  I also got more photos of some classrooms.  Though today’s photo is one of the last ones I took.  I saw this as we were leaving.

This school bag was just left lying there, books hanging out.  The school mustn’t have been closed all that long, either that or the bag has been left recently.  I don’t know.  It seemed very appropriate and almost too good to believe.  Though having said that, really the thing that would have made it even better would have been if the bag was a better colour.  Oh well, can’t have everything.

I did process this image as a HDR image in Photomatix Pro to begin with.  It was with 5 images.  After that I started playing and a lot of what I was doing didn’t seem to make much sense.  So really, I haven’t done a lot to it.  I wanted the bag to be the main focal point and tried a few things.  I don’t know if they really worked.  The bag just wasn’t interesting enough to me.

The other problem I had was that patch of bright green grass.  It was too bright and took too much away from the bag.  I tried a few things, but in the end I de-saturated the image quite a bit, and then added a bit of warmth to help give it that brown colour.  It isn’t great when you work on an image and just can’t seem to get the effect you want.  Unfortunately it happens.

There are still many many more images, thankfully, and I am pretty sure the rest will be far more interesting, well I hope they will be.

I did go to the market this morning in St Andrew and I did take my camera.  It was fun taking a few shots, though that is all I took.  I took my camera with the battery pack and my new lens, the 24 to 70mm, and it is rather large.  It wasn’t good, I mean it was good for taking photos, but everyone noticed it too much and it got way too much attention.  People always think I am a professional photographer, I’m not really.  I will do a post on the market tomorrow.  Can I just say, it is a great market and I know we will certainly be back.

Sometimes You Just Need to Look Up

I’m not going to say much today, I have a lot to do, so here are some more photos of the Block Arcade.

Feel like you’ve seen it before?  You have, two days again.  I didn’t realise I had done 3 bracketed shots so I did a HDR, you can decide which one is better.

Looking straight up through the light.  I love the angle.  I did a lithograph of this once, unfortunately it didn’t work, but still, I like the straight up angle. This is also a HDR image.

Here is another image of the arcade.  Taken under the light.  This is the other end of the arcade.

I will have to go out and take some more images now.  My stocks are running low.  Still plenty of places I want to photograph.

Teacups Following the Ballet

I have been thinking of an image that I knew I had seen once before, a photograph by a well known Australian Photographer, Olive Cotton.

If you click on the image it will take you to some information about who she was and what her thoughts were behind the image, from the Art Gallery NSW.

I think this is an amazing image, very simple, but beautiful  It may be a little dark, but that could just be me.  I decided that I would attempt to repeat it.

I didn’t have the spot light like Olive did, and if I can find a stronger light I might try this again.  Still, I don’t mind this.  It is a HDR image, but I have done quite a bit of post editing, obviously, since it is black and white with some sepia toning.

I had quite a bit of trouble trying to work out the composition.  I didn’t want to put it on a table cloth, so decided to just use the top of my coffee table as if it were a dance floor or bare stage.  I tried to copy the composition exactly, but my coffee table wasn’t wide enough, so I had to bring everything in a little closer and you don’t quite get the space around them like Olive did.

I mixed them up a little more and tried not to make it so uniform.  I don’t know if it works better or not, but I do like this one and the first one I did.  There is a simplicity with the cups and saucers which is really nice.  I don’t care that some bits are bit over done.  I have to get a stronger light for doing this.  I have some flash lighting, but the lighting is too diffused, I need it to be more direct.  Perhaps, changing what the cups are sitting on as well.  I have been thinking about going to one of those places that sell old building materials and seeing what wood I can find that will be good for these sorts of photos.

I decided to try swapping the cups and saucers with some of my sugar bowls.  I don’t mind this either, but again, it would be good to have something different to put them on to take the photos.  That really is something I need to think about.

Oh well, if it was perfect from the beginning then I wouldn’t keep trying.  I do enjoy doing this kind of stuff, have I said that already?  I hope I aren’t boring you with all my still lifes.