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Traditional Being ReWorked

Last night I stayed up late to work on an image to show today.  I knew that I wasn’t going to have much time to do it today as I was off to the city this morning with Klara.  We went on a tour of the Melbourne Town Hall and then off to the Aquarium.  I really wanted to do the tour and the bribe to get Klara to go was the Aquarium.  I am hoping that I might be allowed to get back into the Town Hall to take some shots.  So I found an image I could use that I could rework for todays post.

Wine with ApricotsThis image was first shown to you in March in a post called Processes and Traditions.  This was when I wasn’t doing so great with the HDR processing and was still finding my way around the software.  I have learned a thing or two since then.

As I said, last night I worked on an image.  I was worried that when I looked at it today that it would look bad.  It doesn’t, but then I realised there was another major problem with it.

Wine and Grapes - Reworked

Can you tell the difference?  I did the wrong photo.  Can you believe it?

I could go and redo it, but to be honest, right now I am too tired.  I am hoping you can tell what I have done differently to the first one.  Look beyond the fact that the image is different.

I tried to bring out the textures a lot more.  I have also done a lot more blurring than what I was doing in the past.  I made the background much darker.  I did lose the wine bottle, but I don’t think that matters.  I love how the crystal glass comes out.

I was allowed to take some photos today of the inside of the Town Hall, but they aren’t great, you really need a tripod to take the photos.  I will show you some from there and the Aquarium in the next few days.


I have been given quite a few more awards and I really need to acknowledge some people.

Versatile Blogger Award

The Timeless Treasure

Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography

Go Forth and Conquer


Very Inspiring Blog Award

Simon’s One Photo A Day Plog

Keli has a Blog

Liebster Award

MD Photography


The Lighting of a Fire

Blog of the Year


Here is an award I have not seen before.

The Clements Award


It has been wonderful to be nominated by so many people, I truly am honoured.  Thank you so much and I hope everyone else will go and visit the blogs.

Red Wine with Grapes

While I had everything set up yesterday, I tried some other set ups.  I didn’t want to put them all up yesterday,  today I thought I would show you one without so much fruit.  I am going to do the same as I did yesterday, start with the original image and then show the HDR image, followed by two other images where I have tried other things.

I have done some editing with this one.  Had to do a bit of work to the tablecloth because it was too bright.  I am also not happy with how all the glass just blends in and doesn’t stand out.

This is the HDR version.  I am a lot more pleased with this.  I think the glass pops out more.  The cloth didn’t need any  work and I didn’t even notice it too much.  I like how this one works so much better than the original.

I have been doing a lot of reading on how to grunge up images, wondering if that is what I need to do to get the type of image that I’m looking for.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I don’t really know what I’m looking for.  I don’t know if I would continue doing this, but I have learned some new things, and that is never bad.  Often I have to try things, go away, think about them, and then decide how I would use them.

That is what I have done for this image.  I wondered if I followed most of the steps, well just a couple actually and then did something on its own would it work.  I blurred the image, and then added some sharper bits, much like what you would do with a painting.

When you are painting, you don’t give everything the same amount of sharpness that you often get with a photo.  You decide what is going to be your point of focus and then work out from there. I want to do that more.

I don’t know know if you are able to see any differences between the four images.  I hope you can, maybe try clicking on them for a larger image.

The experimentation continues.