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ReWorking Scraggy and Craggy

For those that have been following me for a while might remember this tree.

Scraggy, Craggy Tree I took this image on a trip to Daylesford with my daughter.  I first saw it when we were going, and on the way back I stopped to take photos of it.  The image was first posted in June.  I also had a couple of goes workings with it.  The image was a HDR that was processed in Photomatix, and turned into black and white in Photoshop.

Since getting Silver Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software I have been playing with it quite a bit, and I thought today it might be fun to try some images, or one anyway, that I had done in black and white previously and do it using Silver Efex.

First of all I had to redo the HDR, so this time I used HDR Efex to do the HDR conversion.

Scraggy, Craggy Tree - HDRThis is the image straight from HDR Efex, I didn’t do any other processing to it.  I am quite happy with this.  I have tried some other images and got the horrible halo, but it isn’t here, and even the areas around the branches have been processed well, something that Photomatix can struggle with.

Scraggy, Craggy Tree - Silver Efex 1This was the first attempt in Silver Efex.  I did use the Add Control Point tool to give more detail around the tree trunk, but I quite liked what the preset did to the sky.  I used Low Key for this, it is becoming one of my favourites.  Once it was back in Photoshop I used the gradient tool to do some vignetting.

I like the darkness and the scariness of this one.  I went back past this tree when my daughter and I were coming back from the Daylesford Market, and I stopped to take some photos, but it didn’t look as good any more  it had leaves on it.  It was beautiful, but it didn’t have that scariness about it any more

Scraggy, Craggy Tree - Silver Efex 2This attempt was done using the preset High Structure, and a little Add Control on the trunk as well.  I also used the gradient tool, but not as heavily on this one.

I do like the Silver Efex ones more.  Though, if you didn’t have Silver Efex you could probably do a lot of this stuff in another editing program.  I think Topaz Adjust would help a lot too, you can get some detail in that.

While I was looking for this image I found a lot of photos that I could rework, I couldn’t believe that I had once thought they were so good, makes you question lots.

Disappointment and Nikon

The D5100 is being picked up today, sometime.  It was nice having a go at it.  I also found out today that Nikon is not going to sponsor me, not for anything.  I am so disappointed, but then again, most of my dealings with Nikon have been disappointing.  They are terrible at responding to emails, and you are often left in the dark with no idea what is going on.  The first email I sent them, actually the first two, got no response until I told them that Canon were lending me cameras.

I did ask about sponsorship, and I will admit I thought there would be more discussion than simply getting a no.  I thought they would want to know more information about the blog and what my plans were for it.  I don’t think they even looked at me or my blog seriously.

When I got the email, my first thought was “I knew it”, then I got really angry and disappointed.  They sponsor some crap things, and things that can’t possibly help them, so why not me.  They sent me some crap merchandise the other day, and I will admit that all I wanted to do was throw it in the bin.  Here is a brand that I have been using and talking about for over 15 years, and this is how I get treated by them.

I even started considering how I could sell the gear I have and jump ship to Canon, which at this point I would really consider, except that I can’t afford it.  So, from now on, when people ask me what brand of camera they should buy, they will get an honest answer and consideration will be given to other brands as well.  I will have to start doing research.  I am no longer a Nikon girl, and Nikon no longer deserve my loyalty.  In my book loyalty works both ways.

Disappointment is a terrible thing.  Would I buy a D800 now, no, my research into the camera has led me to believe it would probably be a disappointment.  I would probably be better off staying with what I have right now.

EOS in Daylesford

Today my daughter and I got up early and travelled to Daylesford in country Victoria to see what the market was like.  Jiltaroo recommended it to us.  My daughter, Klara, heard market and she has been hanging out to go ever since.  It is a lovely to drive to Daylesford, so I didn’t mind at all.  It was also a great opportunity to try out the Canon cameras.  I thought I had taken two memory cards with me, I should never trust my memory, but I only had one so in the end I just used the EOS 1100D.

In one part of the market, actually where you walk in, there is this line of trees.  It was such a gorgeous day today, the perfect pre summer day.  It was getting warm, but not hot, around 20 C, or 68 F, so pleasant.  Though we could start to feel the heat of the sun.

This area was out the back, and you can see how wonderful the day was.  The camera had a little trouble taking images like this.  I should have put it on spot metering to expose what I wanted.  I still haven’t read the manual for it, but I found it okay to use and managed to work out everything that I needed without it, so that is really good.  I think if you can find your way around it without having already read the manual that is a good sign.

The buskers were there, and despite how they look, they were really good, and it was great wandering around with their music in the background.

Again, the camera had trouble, it is never going to be easy when you are shooting into bright sun and you have harsh shadows.  I have done a fair bit to this in photoshop, but if I was doing it for real, I would use a flash for a bit of fill flash to help make the shadows softer.

I had to take a photo of these, how great do they look? They had some samples to try with small pancakes, I mean mini pancakes.  We decided on the plum jam, and we came home with some.  This stall and the following one were run by Dale and David, she made the jams and he did the workwork.

This is David’s work.  I was given a card, it has Touch of Wood on it, David Richardson, in Maldon and if you are interested you can call on (03)5435 3200.

One of the things we noticed was that the Daylesford market has a lot of second hand things.  There was stall after stall of second hand things, from crockery, to tools, and toys.

This is one of the things I saw.  I had to take a photo of it.  I remember these, it would have to be one one the first Polaroid cameras.  They were so funny.

The 1100D performed well.  It is really light, and fitted in my hand really nicely.  It didn’t come with a strap, so I had to hold it in my hand.  It wasn’t a problem.  I used the 18-55mm lens with it, and it was fine.  Unlike my Nikon lenses, I was able to get up very close to objects to photograph them.  I am starting to understand why it is a popular camera with beginners.

I still have almost two weeks with the cameras, so I will be trying a lot more stuff with them.  I am hoping to go back to Point Lonsdale next weekend, but in the afternoon, early evening this time, different light, so should be good.  I will admit I find the 600D a little more difficult to use, but I will work it out.

Finally, the Daylesford market, it was a lovely market and again, we met lots of lovely people, and surprisingly, it wasn’t really expensive.  I asked Klara if she would go again, and she said no, she, and I, both like the market in St Andrews more.  We went into Daylesford afterwards, but more on that another day.

Cottages of Spirits

The image that was put up on Friday is from the same place as the images today.  I saw this little house on the way to Daylesford, but decided that I wouldn’t photograph it then.  I stopped on the way back to get some shots, and have shown the tree.

It would appear that it has been many years since anyone has lived in this cottage.  It looks really quaint, it is such a shame that these pine trees are in front, they are so dominant.  I couldn’t go into the property, that would be trespassing, so you will just have to make do with the trees in the way, I had to.

I have been doing more of what I was doing for yesterdays images.  Lots of layers, and lots of different things put on top of each other.  This image was originally processed as a B&W HDR and then a colour image was layed over the top, well other things as well.

The front door, or what is left of it.  The rendering is coming off the walls, and those trees are still blocking it.  It looks like a very sturdy building, shame it has just been left.  There is a structure around the side that looks like it was a sort of extension, but it has completing fallen down.  I tried to photograph it, but the trees were in the way too much.  It would be good to find out who owns these properties and then to see if you can get access to them.

Do you recognise the tree?

It is the same one from three days ago.  I have put more space around it and added the cottage.  Well I didn’t add it, but made sure it was in the shot.  I love the ambience in this image, and it reminds me of a horror film.

I have been really enjoying these types of images and I’ve been thinking, (there it is, me thinking),  I wouldn’t mind trying to do more of these.  I love the darkness of them, the idea of the past and what might have been.  I think you can expect to see more.

Here is that tree again, I have done other things to it, not much really, not compared with the others here.  This image reminds me of something we used to do in the darkroom, sabattier, I think that was what the technique was called.  I really like the effect, I don’t know if it is better than the other image of the tree, perhaps you might know.

Scraggy And Craggy

What a day.  I was going to post the photos that I took last night at rehearsals, but I was out all day and have only just arrived home, and well, I need to put my feet up and play with my new phone (just got a Samsung Galaxy SIII).  I got up at 4.30 this morning and went for the road trip with my daughter.  We have been to so many places and I will show them to you over the next few days, though tomorrows post will most definitely be about the theatre.

So only one photo today, but I hope you agree with me, it is a good one.  I actually stopped at this place, on the road from Daylesford to Kyneton, to photograph a house, and I did photograph it, but then this tree caught my eye.  I took a series of shots of just the tree and windmill, and some others with the house in the corner, but I liked this one.

I wanted it to look sinister, so I am hoping that I have succeeded, it seemed fitting, considering my daughter, Klara, was telling me all about the scary movies that she has been watching and scaring herself with.  She really does have the most active imagination I’ve ever seen.  Would this tree scare you on a cold dark night when there was a full moon?