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Weekend Wanderings – Sights in the City

We went into the city this morning.  My husband wanted to get a game from a shop in there, so we all decided to go out and take the girls out for lunch to celebrate them both getting into University.  I took my camera and thought I wouldn’t plan what to photograph, I would just go with the flow and see what I got.

It was interesting to see the city, I haven’t been in since before Christmas, and all those decorations are gone, being replaced with Australian flags, I assume for Australia Day which is next weekend.  Here is a gallery of the images I got.  I will put explanations under each one.

A City Comes Alive 3 Days Before Christmas

Yesterday I decided to head into the city and take photos of the people.  The city is buzzing at the moment and there are people everywhere you look.  Lots of lots of crowds, the buskers are out everywhere, and people are queuing up to see all sorts of things.  I took photos mainly in the City Square and the Bourke Street Mall.  The weather was overcast, but it was a nice temperature.

I thought I would just show them to you in a gallery and put some explanations under some of them.  Is your place buzzing with excitement like Melbourne?

Tomorrow is my Christmas Around the World post, so if you have put photos of Christmas on your blog please email me a link so I can include some of your photos in my post.  Please remember that my Monday is your Sunday for many of you, so the sooner you get them to me the better.

My email is

Dear Santa and Only 8 Days to Christmas

Dear Santa,

I would like a new tripod for Christmas, and of course World Peace, and I would really like my children to get into University next year.  Oh, and can I please have some new perfume, mine is running out, I like Ralph by Ralph Lauren.  I would like some new shoes too, summer ones that are really comfortable.

What else, if you can really stretch that far, I would love a 60mm Macro lens and maybe a 35mm lens.

Thank you Santa,

Lots of Love


So if I were writing a letter to Santa this is what I would write, maybe, though when I was a child, if I had written a Santa letter there would have been no where to post it, but it seems Australia Post has solved this problem for children in Melbourne.

LeanneCole-santapostbox--20131129-2226I am sure a lot of cities do this sort of thing.  The box gets put out every year, and my children posted letters in it when they were young.  It is a great idea and this year I found out a little secret.


A close up of the Santa letter that someone wrote in chalk on the footpath in front of it.  It is a lovely sentiment.  I do know that Santa won’t read this letter, unless a copy is posted as well.

My husband does some contracting work at Australia post and he told me that Australia Post have hired a heap of “elves” to answer the Santa Letters.  He said they work very hard to send a reply back to everyone who puts a letter in the box to Santa.  I suppose you have to make sure your address is on it.  I think that is so cool.  How amazing would it be if you were a child and you got a letter from Santa?

LeanneCole-santapostbox--20131129-2227Big sign on it just so you know exactly what the box if for.

LeanneCole-santapostbox--20131129-2228I don’t know about you, but I think the Santa Post box is a brilliant idea, and even better if you can get a letter back.  Big cheers to Australia Post.

Now I should write my letter out, post it with my address, and see if I get one back, or maybe, better yet, get what I want for Christmas.  How is your list going?

If you need to post your letter in Melbourne, the box is on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street, near the City Square.

12 Days and the Night is Lit Up

Today’s post is very short, I have some photos for you of the City Square at night.  I like it so much better at night.  The tree turns lots of different colours, and there is something very “Christmassy” about lights, night and the dark.  I think it has something to do with our Southern Hemisphere summer Christmas that we feel like it is more like Christmas at night when it is dark and the lights are turned on.  Sad we have to stay up so late to see it.

When I was in the city the other night taking photos of the projections on the Town Hall, the same night that these were shot, we met a lovely lady who was in Melbourne from Northern Queensland visiting for a few days.  I meant to say hello to her the other day when I did the post, but completely forgot.  So Bec, please accept my apology and I hope you and your friends have had a great visit in Melbourne.

Hello Bec.

Now for the photos, I am going to put them into a gallery for you too look at.  They are all from the city square and you should recognise some of the same things from yesterday’s post.

Please note all images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.

Monday is approaching fast, if you have any photos of Christmas where you are, please send me an email with a link.  I ask you to send an email so I can keep the emails together, easier for me to find them.  If you put a link in a comment on the blog, then I have to search through all the comments, makes it a lot harder for me.

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The City Square in Daylight with 13 Days to Go

Are you getting sick of the Christmas images yet?  There are still so many to show.  I have so much work to do over the next few days.  My back really put me behind, but now that I am feeling a little better, I can get out more and take more photos.  I have been into the city a couple of times this last week, and I have so many more photos for you of the City Square.

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Our Christmas Tree standing tall.  See the blue sky, without one cloud in it, I think the day I took these has been the only day like this for about 2 weeks.  The sun has been coming out, but there has nearly always been clouds there too, and then rain, rain, and more rain.  Trying to get lots of colourful summery Christmas images has been so hard.  I am so glad I went into the city on this day.

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

This is something new to me, it is a Nativity wall, and has lots of writing on it.  It is quite interesting.  It looks quite different at night as well.  I have some photos of that, but will show them another time.

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

The children can go and visit Santa in his house and tell him what they want for Christmas.  I do love Santa’s chair and think it is one of the best Santa chairs I’ve ever seen, or remember seeing.  I wonder why Santa always sits on a throne?

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

There is a water feature running alongside the City Square and you can see that it was a warm day, lots of children were playing in the water.  I used this image because you can’t see their faces and they can’t be identified.

I will put more in a gallery for you.  The city is so busy with people at the moment, it is incredible.  It is so alive, if that is a good way to put it.

Please note all images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.

Looking Back With 23 Days to Go

My Monday posts have always been about other people’s work besides me, and I had hoped to show you the work of another WordPress photographer, but she has not responded to my emails, so I was kind of left with nothing, and as no one has sent me any images, I thought perhaps today we will look at my work, so in today’s post I thought we might look at the Christmas photos I took last year.  I hope you don’t mind.

I am going to put them in a gallery for you.  I thought it would be interesting to look at them again and we can compare what happens this year with what happened last year.  I know some of the things are the same, but some are most definitely are not.

I have done something to my back, so I can’t spend too much time on the computer, so please excuse me if it takes longer to get to your emails than usual.

Christmas Hotting Up

Today I have included a video down the bottom, well more audio, it is a Christmas song which seems very appropriate right now.  So please play it while you look at the post.

As I said yesterday it is hot here today.  It is currently 37 C (98.6 F) and very dry.  The dry is good, but the hot is not.  We went into the city before lunch and I couldn’t believe how long the queues for the Myer windows were.

Myer QueueAll the people looking away are all the people waiting to see the windows.

End of the QueueThis is near the end of the queue.  It went a long way.  I was hard to understand people standing for so long in such heat.

Elf's giving out informationThere were some elves at the City Square handing out some cards to kids.  I think it had some activities on it for kids to do in the square.

Elf with the MobileHere is another elf taking a small break and chatting on her phone.  Who knew that Elves were up with Modern Technologies.

Portrait with the ElfThis woman gave me her camera and asked me to take her photo with the Elf, and I couldn’t resist taking a shot with my camera as well.  She seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.

In the SwimThere is the City Square, you can see the tree, next to it is this little water feature. With it being so hot today lots of kids were jumping in and paddling in the water.  It was quite cute watching.  I was also a little envious, I wouldn’t have minded jumping in as well.

Federation ForestThis display is at Federation Square.  It was a rather bizarre display.  I didn’t really get it, though it may not have been a Christmas thing.  There was a sculpture show on, so it was probably part of that.

Relaxing in Fed SquareThere were a whole heap of deck chairs set up in front of the stage and large television.  My husband was sitting in one of them and said they were very comfortable .

The lighting is quite strange, but I have to say, it was kinda of like that.  It was getting very overcast and I think a cool change was on its way.  The light can be very weird it is that hot and a change of weather is happening.

I hope you have enjoyed the daylight version of Christmas in Melbourne, it is hot, it is exhausting, it is busy.  so many people looking for last minute gifts and trying to get away from the heat.

I hope you have found somewhere cool.