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A City Comes Alive 3 Days Before Christmas

Yesterday I decided to head into the city and take photos of the people.  The city is buzzing at the moment and there are people everywhere you look.  Lots of lots of crowds, the buskers are out everywhere, and people are queuing up to see all sorts of things.  I took photos mainly in the City Square and the Bourke Street Mall.  The weather was overcast, but it was a nice temperature.

I thought I would just show them to you in a gallery and put some explanations under some of them.  Is your place buzzing with excitement like Melbourne?

Tomorrow is my Christmas Around the World post, so if you have put photos of Christmas on your blog please email me a link so I can include some of your photos in my post.  Please remember that my Monday is your Sunday for many of you, so the sooner you get them to me the better.

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4 Days to Go and Myer is Keeping Up Traditions

Myer is a department store in Melbourne, I don’t know how long they have been operating for, but it has been a long time, and one of the traditions of Christmas that Myer has always done are their windows.  Everyone tries to get to the Myer Christmas windows to see what they have done this year.  However, Myer also do a lot inside the store as well.


The windows have been so popular this year and every time I go in, I haven’t been able to get near them.  I managed to get some photos over people’s heads a couple of weeks ago, but they aren’t great, as you can see.  The story for the windows was Gingerbread Friends.  You can’t tell by the photos, but things in them move and change, very close to being like an animated story.

I decided this year to get permission to take photos in the store. It seemed like a better thing to do, that way I could just walk around and take photos of what I wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about being told I couldn’t.  I don’t know that I would get told that, but it is private property and they would be well within their rights to do that.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83943I was curious to see what they would do this year.  Last year it was a very summery theme, but this year, it was more traditional and more what we are used to seeing at Christmas.  There is a big opening in the middle of the store and they hung these trees down the middle, so you could see them on every floor of the store.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83960The theme seemed to be GIVE, I suppose quite a clever one, of course we all want to give, and that means we need to spend money, but I do like the mainly red and white theme that Myer uses.  The word GIVE was everywhere.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83939This was one of the first things we sure, this beautiful old sleigh that was used for their decorations.  There was a little sign that explained the sleigh which I photographed and will put in the gallery at the end.


Myer do a lot for Children, and this is part of what they have around the area where Santa is.  I can’t remember the floor, sorry.  I couldn’t see Santa, he is in a special house, though when my children were little we used to take them to Myer to see Santa and have a photo taken.  Myer do visiting Santa really well, it is quite private and really intimate, it is wonderful.  So I couldn’t get to see Santa, maybe next year I can ask for access, maybe.

I am going to do the gallery now.  It was great going in there and taking photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  I would also like to say thank you to Myer for allowing me to go and take photos in their city store.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

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Docklands in Full Coverage and Only 5 Days to Chirstmas

Yesterday I braved the heat and headed into the city to take photos of heat weary kids lining up to see Santa. With the temperature set to 40ºC, it was always going to be hot.  I thought going in early would help, but it really didn’t.  I got some nice shots, but because they are children I can’t show you, unfortunately, so I thought I would show you a lot more photos from the Docklands, I took lots.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4851Here is the Christmas Tree with the city behind it.  There were people around, but compared to other places around the city, the Docklands were dead.  It is funny, because I think many of us would like to see the Docklands be successful, and have ideas, but I don’t think the developers are listening to us.  Maybe once the Ferris Wheel is going, if, it will make a big difference.

I had to do a lot of walking this day to get all the photos for the City of Melbourne, but it was nice walking around here.  Then I had to go back that night to catch some photos of the tree with the lights on it.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4857The light pillars also had light lights around them.  It was like lines leading up to the tree.

I am going to do a gallery with nearly all the photos I took that day of the Docklands, both day and night.

My work for the City of Melbourne is almost complete, and Christmas is almost here, we are heading back into rainy weather, which you would think would be good after 40 yesterday, but it would be nice if it were cooler, but still sunny.  It is one of the strangest summers ever so far, ones like this always make me nervous.

I heard some people talking on the train yesterday, two visitors from the UK were saying they found the weather strange, and a woman sitting across from them said, that the weather was very changeable in Melbourne, that she had lived here all her life and still wasn’t used to it.  I remember thinking, that it was absolutely true.  We really never know what we are going to get.

My husband just said another one, “if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait 5 minutes”.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

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Please note the images in this post have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.


With 7 Days to Christmas, Some Things Stand Apart

Yesterday I was walking around the Docklands in the sun, yes the sun is shining in Melbourne and Summer has found us.  It was a beautiful day, and I’m not gonna lie, I do think that Christmas lights are great, but one thing that is also great are the colours of Christmas against a beautiful blue sky.  I have never really noticed them too much before, but this year, the days when the sun is shining and there are almost no clouds have produced some of the best photos.  They truly represent Christmas in Australia.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4840I think they look surreal, or something, I don’t quite know what to say, but I love the way they stand out, they make the day even happier.  You know we have been having some really horrible weather, so it is nice to get some sun, and even better to be taking photos of Christmas for the City of Melbourne in this amazing weather.

I usually try to put some context on where things are, but with these, I got rid of anything that did that, I liked them flying on their own.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4848The Christmas Tree at Docklands, I know it is a little weird, but it works and it stands out from such a distance.  I like the contrast of the red and green, against the background of the grey city and the blue sky.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4852Since I was in the neighbourhood I took a photo of our ferris wheel, that one day might actually start working.  I loved the look of it against the blue sky.  I think I need to revisit the concept that I have of not wanting to take photos with blue skies, I think I really need to re-examine it.

I did enjoy my trip around the docklands yesterday, it was the perfect weather for it.  Such a shame that nearly all the restaurants are closed, I think they tried the wrong thing with it there, they need cafes, lots of them.  The views there are so lovely and peaceful, but there is no where to sit, have a coffee, or piece of cake, there is something really lacking.  I also think the other problem is getting there, how do you get there, so this is for the City of Melbourne run a tram from Bourke Street, or Collins Street, like the City Circle, that will take people from the city to the Docklands, I know I would visit a lot more if it was easier to get to.

So after all that, I hope you agree, Christmas can look beautiful in Summer, you don’t believe me, well, I am going to have show you.

Please note the first two images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.

The City Square in Daylight with 13 Days to Go

Are you getting sick of the Christmas images yet?  There are still so many to show.  I have so much work to do over the next few days.  My back really put me behind, but now that I am feeling a little better, I can get out more and take more photos.  I have been into the city a couple of times this last week, and I have so many more photos for you of the City Square.

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Our Christmas Tree standing tall.  See the blue sky, without one cloud in it, I think the day I took these has been the only day like this for about 2 weeks.  The sun has been coming out, but there has nearly always been clouds there too, and then rain, rain, and more rain.  Trying to get lots of colourful summery Christmas images has been so hard.  I am so glad I went into the city on this day.

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

This is something new to me, it is a Nativity wall, and has lots of writing on it.  It is quite interesting.  It looks quite different at night as well.  I have some photos of that, but will show them another time.

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

The children can go and visit Santa in his house and tell him what they want for Christmas.  I do love Santa’s chair and think it is one of the best Santa chairs I’ve ever seen, or remember seeing.  I wonder why Santa always sits on a throne?

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

Image taken for the City of Melbourne

There is a water feature running alongside the City Square and you can see that it was a warm day, lots of children were playing in the water.  I used this image because you can’t see their faces and they can’t be identified.

I will put more in a gallery for you.  The city is so busy with people at the moment, it is incredible.  It is so alive, if that is a good way to put it.

Please note all images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.

Christmas from Around the World with 16 Days til Christmas

It’s Monday, and as I have previously said, my Monday posts are for you, to show your Christmas photos.  I wish I could say the response had been overwhelming, but it hasn’t.  I have only had one person send me some photos, so today I am going to show you photos from Squaw Valley, and they are from my wonderful friend Nia, her blog is Nia Simone, Author.

SONY DSCI love the images, they are so different to our Christmas here.  For one, there is snow, we never get snow.  I want to thank Nia so much for sending me these images, otherwise, not totally sure what I would have done otherwise.

There is still next Monday if you would like to email,, a link to some Christmas photos on your blog, that I can copy a couple of, put them up here with a link to your post about them.  I was just reading Nia’s post, and she said something I hadn’t thought of, remember, Melbourne Australia is further ahead in time to most countries, and for the US, especially, your Sunday is our Monday.

I look forward to seeing more images.

I am going put some more of Nia’s images in a gallery now, but please go and look at her blog, she talks about the images there, Nia Simone, Author.

32 Days to Christmas

I better get a move on with my Christmas shopping and working out what we are going to do this Christmas.  As I said last Friday I am going to be busy this December photographing the Christmas Festival for the City of Melbourne, so I will have to see what I can do in between.  I will be spending quite a bit of time in the city, so many opportunities to take in what will be happening there.  

scxmas-3hpm2989-4cepThe tree from last year.  I didn’t realise that it was a real tree and that they will be using the same tree this year.  The lights are set to be turned on next Friday night, so I hope as many of you who live in Melbourne will come along.  It looks set to be a spectacular evening.  

I mentioned last week, at least I hope I did, that for the month of December I would try and put up Christmas photos every day leading up to Christmas.  Which means that some things for the time being will stop, like my introductions posts, they will recommence in January and I already have someone lined up for the first post.  


So, for the month of December on the Monday posts I thought I might show Christmas from other parts of the world.  I am not totally sure how this is going to work, but I want to show your images.  Last week I talked about a challenge for photographing Christmas, and I want to be able to share those images.

I thought people could send me a link, then I can copy an image from their blogs and put them up on my Monday posts with a link back to them.  I will only do it for people who send me links.  You can email the links to me.  I don’t know exactly how it is going to work, but I am happy to give it a go.  


I haven’t posted any awards that I have received for a while.  I was collecting them, and then something happened to the page I was saving them on and they were deleted.  Then I started again, using my self hosted blog, but when I went to change it to my website, well, everything had to be deleted and I lost them all again.  

I knew I had to find a better way of doing them.  I can’t reciprocate, I am sorry, but I do like to acknowledge the people who have nominated me for an award, so I have come up with a new plan.  Under my awards page at the top, I have a list of the awards that have been given to me recently and the people who have nominated me with a link to their website.  I hope this is a good compromise.