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Some Inspire Words More Than Others

Last weeks image to get people writing seemed to be a bit of a hit, so I thought I would try it again and I was asked if I would do it more often.  I don’t know if I will do it every week, but I will try and do it more often.  So today I have something completely different for you.

This is something I photographed last week.  I was trying something with my daughter and I like the look and think there is potential there, and I have other photos that I want to work on.  I have done one like this for a long time and it was nice to plan a photo shoot like this again.

Last week lots of people responded to the photo that I posted and again, today, I invite you to do the same to this one.  Make of it as you will.

Leave links or the poems in the comments section here so others can share what you have written.  If you are reading what someone has written and like it or want to say something, that would be fantastic as well.

If you missed all the great poems and stories  then here is a link to the post last week, A Photo That Inspires Words.  I said I would put the links here, but there were so many and I really didn’t think it through, so from now on when I do these, just leave them here in the comments section.

Get those fingers moving.  I hope you find some inspiration.

No Longer a Teenager

Today is my daughters birthday.  I know it isn’t something I normally blog about, but this morning she let me take her to the local park to take some photos of her.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-7737Today she is turning 20 and as her mother I can say I am so proud of her.  She has had a rough few years but has really come out of it well.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-7866It was fun trying to get images of her.  Not the images you normally get when people pose, but the images of her as I know her.  The way she laughs and smiles.  We gave her the skirt for her birthday.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-8054I think she is beautiful and has grown up to be a wonderful person.  It was so much fun going out with her this morning to take her photo, it has been a while since she let me.  Normally she pulls silly faces, and she did do that, but if you wait after she pulls one, she smiles and starts laughing, so I got some lovely ones as well.

Happy Birthday Briony

A gallery for you to look at the images individually.

Dancing All Night

This last weekend I had a job photographing a young lady before she went to the ball.  She was making her debut and I was lucky enough to take some photos of her as she was all dressed up with her partner waiting for her carriage to take her to the ball.

Leanne Cole - Spin, Spin, SpinI didn’t really do any art images, but I thought this one would lend itself well to one.  I am not sure about the colours I chose, but I might try it again another time.

I enjoyed talking photos of them dancing, and it reminded me that I had some of Ilia and Briony that I hadn’t processed, so I thought I would try doing one of those.

Leanne Cole - Taking a TurnI am not sure about this one.  It is a nice idea, but I don’t know.  I might have to work on some new ideas.  I had lots of photos, but again, Briony just keeps laughing, I need to work on that.

Dancing is a lovely thing to do and people all over the world do seem to enjoy it.  I think more dancing.

It isn’t easy working out what to do.  I have been concentrating so much on trying to do marketing that I haven’t been taking enough photos.  I need to spend more time working on actual images.  I do have two shoots scheduled for the weekend, so I hope that will be good.

Together in the Park

Last Saturday I went to the park with Briony and Ilia again to get some more photos.  We went to a different part, I wanted something more open, but I was very disappointed with the place we went to and I really struggled to find inspiration.  I just pushed on and tried what I had planned.

Leanne Cole - Taking a Walk

I hadn’t really planned on doing this image.  I opened it up because they all seemed over exposed and I wanted to see if I could fix it.  Then, you know how it is, I just started playing and I couldn’t stop.  In the end I decided I liked it and now you are seeing it.

I really like the way they are just strolling along.  There is something very peaceful about it.

I decided to try something else and I know they thought it was a little weird, but I have to say, I love how it came out.

Leanne Cole - Taking ShelterThere is something so romantic about this image.  My other daughter saw them and just said they were beautiful.  High compliment from someone who tends to hate her sister.

I asked him to drape the cloak around her and for her to put her arms around him.  There are many photos of them laughing and giggling, but this one I liked a lot.  The colors seem to suit the mood too.

Leanne Cole - Getting Closer to ShelterThis is the not the same photo as the previous one but it is the same pose.  I zoomed in to get their faces more.  While I was out there I thought all the photos were going to be crap, so it is a pleasant surprise when you start working on some and they turn out to be great.  Well I think they are.  There is a softness to them that I can’t stop looking at.

I have no idea what else I am going to get, but I am more excited about working on them now.  Hope you will be excited to see them.

Taking Another Look

It is Friday and this isn’t going to be a post about Deaf Children Australia.  I have decided that for the time being, that they will either be every second week or once a month.  I need to talk to them and see where they want to go.  I did get some wonderful suggestions last week, but I need to process them and work out what I am going to do.

So for today I thought I would take another look at the images I took of Briony and Ilia.  I tend to pick a few out and process those and forget about the rest.  I learned with the shoot from Lara that often there can be more there and I just have to have the imagination to find them, then process them.  I found three more to work on and will share them with you today.

Leanne Cole - Taking it all in

I took quite a few of these, but initially I didn’t want to do anything with them as the shirt was quite blown out, so I played around with it and got it to a stage where it looked a lot better.  The way he is lying on the bench seems so relaxing.

Leanne Cole - AwakenI didn’t like the way she was dressed and I was disappointed with many of the shots that I got of the two of them.  He was so light with his white shirt and she was so dark with her black clothes.  I hadn’t really considered taking photos of them together when we went out this day.  It was a wonderful surprise to see how well they photograph together.

I am going to be photographing them tomorrow again.  I have a big list of poses that I want to get, and, of course, will make sure they are dressed better, well more suited with one another.

Leanne  Cole - In the Light of the Setting SunHere she is, my daughter, hamming it up in front of a sunset, which didn’t come out as well as I had hoped.  I showed this to her and she was confused, she couldn’t work out where it had come from.  The dress and the fabric is all composited together.  I quite enjoy that.  Though one problem I had was that it didn’t look real where it hit the ground, so I had to work on making shadows and allowing grass in front.

I hope you aren’t too disappointed with the post today.  A full weekend ahead.  Lots of photos I hope, aren’t they the best kinds?

Being a Prince

Just over a week ago I was given an opportunity to photograph a young man for my portraits.  It was an interesting experience, and it required me to think very differently.  I couldn’t just dress him up in an amazing dress, you know how it is, it just wasn’t going to work.

Leanne Cole - Prince Charming Finding the PumpkinsSo I turned him into Prince Charming and he found a pumpkin patch.  You can make of it as you will.

I also got him to do some other things and this is one of the images I have just finished.

Leanne Cole - Contemplation I love how vulnerable he appears in this.  I enjoyed working with a model that wasn’t afraid to show vulnerability or look silly.  I don’t know if there are a lot of men who could do images like this.

My daughter was there as well, so I did some of the two of them as well.

Leanne Cole - Being UnsureI really enjoyed working with both of them.  I liked how they would act like a couple, even though they aren’t.  They held hands and walked together.  It was just great.

I like the awkwardness of the above shot.  They are together, yet also a long way apart.

Leanne Cole - Tears, MistakingWhen I set up this scene, I actually intended for it to be something else, him creeping up behind her, but this was one of the first shots, and I love it.  It says so many things.

The work sometimes takes over and I sometimes get so much more than what I intended.  I think this is how writers feel at times.  This session was a total surprise and one of my favourites.  I really hope to go out with both of them again some time.  I will ask them to wear different clothes though.

I am finding with these sessions that people love doing them, and have so much fun.  I just finished another session with a young lady who wore some of the skirts I made, and she loved wearing them so much that she didn’t want to take them off at the end.  It is a great feeling for me.

I have made a Gift Voucher so people can have the session as a gift, and get some credit towards a print.

2013voucherI will have to get it printed, but I thought putting it on facebook to start with might be good, and now I have it here.  Hopefully it will lead to more sessions.

ReWorking Briony

Leanne Cole - Briony originalI took this phtoograph of Briony last year.  It is one of my favourite shots of her, but I was never really happy with the way I processed it, I thought it looked too dark.  As I have been doing quite a few workshops on CreativeLIVE and learning lots of new things, I thought I would have another go at doing this image.

Leanne Cole - Briony ReworkedI straightened the image, made her hair lighter, which it is naturally, and tried to make sure the face was lighter, or almost the same colour as her hands.  I found in the original that her face too dark, but when I tried to lighten it, I lost the hands, I’ve now worked out how to do one at a time, so happy with that.

I think she would be happier with this because her skin is smoother, and I managed to make the bridge of her nose look normal.  She had an accident on her bike a few years ago, landed on her face, lucky she was wearing a helmet, and only sustained grazes, but her nose is scarred.

Leanne Cole - Briony ColourI never showed this one before, I mean the colour version, but I do like it.  She has beautiful coloured hair and that milky complexion.  Someone told me when she was a baby that she looked like the perfect Scottish baby.

Teenage girls hate having their photo taken, that is what I have found, and the thing they don’t like is their skin, or bags under their eyes, so if you can remove the bags and make their skin look smooth they are very happy. I know Briony still won’t be happy, but I know her mum is extremely happy with this shot.

While I had the images open, I found another image that I thought I might play with.

Leanne Cole - Briony AgainThis is a softer look, yet harder look, I don’t know how to describe it.  She looks more innocent in this one I think.  It wasn’t as sharp as the one above and she is holding her mouth in a funny way, but I wanted to process it and see what I could do with it.

I don’t mind it, but I like other one more.

Leanne Cole - Briony Again in B&W I don’t like the black and white version, not sure what to do with it, but will have a think, thought I may as well show it you though.

I actually quite like taking close ups like this.  There is something about a face, especially when you can get raw emotions from them.  It is funny how I really have to work on getting close ups with all other photography, but with portrait, I keep telling myself off for always doing close ups.  Strange.

Busy weekend ahead, will have to try and schedule posts, or you might miss out on one.  I am basically away the next two days, so hopefully will find some time to do something.  Well, at least show a couple of photos.