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Going Back to Take Another Look

Last week I had a meeting with a business advisory service run by my local council, the council part that is great. This part of the council has been great and I have really enjoyed my dealings with them.  At the advisory thing I was reminded of the images I took at the Manchester Unity Building and wondered if I would process them now.  I have learned so much new stuff since I did them, so would I change what I did?


This was one of my favourites from that time.  However, looking at it now, I think it is a little oversaturated, and I don’t really like how you can see through the windows so much.  So I wondered, what would I do now.

LeanneCole-mu3-2507_4hpmI put covers over the windows, though I am not totally happy with it.  I like the lighting much more and the warm cosy atmosphere.  Putting the covers over the windows gives the room more privacy or something.  It is more closed in.  Though the weather here today is horrible, overcast and raining, again, so I think that may have affected my mood while doing the image.

There are things in the first that I didn’t do in the second, I didn’t add any detail, and in the second one I did some blurring, but not as much as the first.  It was an interesting process.

LeanneCole1-mu3-2417_4hpmI never did this image the first time, I don’t know why, I like the composition, then again there were so many to choose from, I just didn’t get around to doing them all.

There first one took me almost 4 hours to do, so I thought I would see what I could do with this one quickly.  I wondered if I could completely change the mood and atmosphere in it, remove some unwanted things.


This is what I came up with, something a little different maybe.  I like it.  I love the painting above the chair and the little lamp on the table.  It is interesting trying to do things like this.  The chair is still a little saturated and I will have to work on that in the future.

I do like going back and seeing what I would do differently, so I like what I do now as opposed to what I was doing in the past.  It was also really nice to work on some straight architectural shots, I haven’t been doing enough of that.  Do you do the same, go back and rework old images?

ReWorking an Impressionist View of a Boardroom

A week or so ago I did a post on Monet and his influence on me.  With the post I put up the following image from the boardroom at the  Manchester Unity Building.

Waiting for the MeetingI like the image, but I did it quickly and it wasn’t until afterwards that I realised the blue lines.  I didn’t like those and decided that I would have to try and get rid of them.  I also felt the lights were too dominant, so I thought if I redid it that I would fix those things.

Waiting for the Meeting - ReworkedThe reworked has been cropped a little differently as well.  The lights are not sticking out as much, and I think that is much better.  The blue lines are now white and they stand out less, which is what I had tried to achieve.

I took my time doing this rework, and I think it worked far better because of it.  I like how the emphasis is more on the table and the leather chairs around it.  You can see the grain in the table more as well.

The rework has given the image a different look and I think it works far better than the first attempt.

The weekend is upon us again and I would like to try and get out to take come photos, but we are in the middle of a heat wave.  Seems we are setting new records, if the weather forecasts are correct then we can expect very hot weather until Wednesday next week.  I think we are all over it now, looking forward to some cooler days.

A Different Way of ReWorking the Boardroom

Empty BoardroomRemember this image?  This has to be one of my favourite images from the Manchester Unity Building.  I am not going to play with this image, I don’t really think there is any need to.  So, how does this end up as one of my images on my rework Friday?

Well there is more than one way to rework an image.  On Tuesday I was allowed to go back to the Manchester Unity Building to do some tower shots and while I was there, I popped into the boardroom and found a beautiful crystal bowl on the table and couldn’t resist doing the image again.

Boardroom Crystal This image was taken from a different angle and has a different view.  I like that you can see St Paul’s Cathedral in the first left window.  The bowl on the table gives a great reflection.  I like the lamp on the old radio as well.

The first image is very simplistic, very straight forward.  There is a word for it, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it is, I am sure it will come to me.  In comparison the second image is lot busier.  I don’t think that detracts from it, and shows a lot more of the room, and I think gives you more sense of what the room is.

I have processed the image above, in much the same way I did the one from yesterday, only there is more layers in this one.  I do like the way I am doing the blur a lot more.  I think it is more subtle.

I also thought you might like to see another image.

Boardroom LoungingThis area is also in the Boardroom, on the opposite to the windows.  It is such an imposing area, yet, when you enter the board room it is the area you notice last.  The large table and all the old chairs around it do take your breath away, then you turn around to look at the room and you see this little lounging area.  The chairs look so comfortable.

The fireplace or the mantle, if that is what you call it, it quite interesting.  I spent a lot of time doing some stuff with blurring to bring out the ridges and to make them stand out more.  I love how it ended up.  Though I will admit it was doing my head in doing it.  I was getting giddy.

I still have more work to do with the Manchester Unity Building, but not a lot, it is all coming to an end.  I love that building so much.  It really was wonderful to be invited in to take photos of it.  I hope to get more invitations to other buildings

Through Here

The Manchester Unity Building has so many wonderful features.  I don’t know if I will ever feel like I am done with it.  It is like stepping back in time.  One of the things I don’t think I do enough is detail.  I am trying to get better at doing it.  This was an attempt, though, it really isn’t a detail.

The Way to the Boardroom

The writing on the wall is wonderful.  I wonder what the Grand Secretary is?  I have a feeling the signage is there from when the building was first built.  You don’t really see signs like that any more.  The dark outline and the gold leaf inlaid into it.  Do they still do gold leaf lettering.  I learned signwriting when I was young, it was becoming a dying art then, but I did learn how to do this kind of lettering.  By the time I left the business most of the work was being done with vinyl lettering.  Shame really.

This image was taken the day I went in their to photograph the tower.  I quite likeThis Way to the Boardroom - Original it, I hope you do too.

The image above is a 5 image HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro.  I have put the original image there on the right.  The original is not a HDR, and is the correctly exposed image.

In the work I have done many similar things that I usually do.  I have added some blur, and tried to highlight some parts of the image.  I think I am getting better at the blurring, and I like the effect, I just have to remember not to do it too heavily.  I hope you are enjoying the images.

Photography Field Trips

Just letting you know that I have put up more trips for next year.  Please take a look and see what you think.

I am also planning on doing some online classes on photo editing.  I am still planning what I am going to do, but I am thinking something like some one hour classes over 4 weeks.  I can do some in Photoshop CS6, GIMP and maybe one in Photoshop Elements 11.

Another thing I am planning is doing a series of screencasts of the tutorials that I have previously done, though, if they work, I thought I might try selling them.  If I am any good at doing them, then I am going to have buy software to do them, so I will need to find the money to pay for it.  I am sorry about this, though, the charge would be minimal, I hope.  It is my hope that you won’t mind and will continue to support the blog.  I do appreciate all of you.

Board Room Empty on Boxing Day

Christmas for 2012 is done.  We all had a great day and enjoyed ourselves.  It was very relaxing, though the puzzle still isn’t complete, it was harder than we thought it would be.  I was very lucky to be given a new 27 inch monitor to do my images on and my mum gave me that Camera bag from Tamrac that I wanted, more on that later.

It has been a very busy time I feel as though all I have done is Christmas images for you.  I have only one image today.  There is nothing Christmassy about it.  Time to move on.

Empty BoardroomThis is the first image I have processed with my new monitor.  It was so nice to see it so big.  Though the resolution isn’t fantastic yet, there seems to be a problem getting the laptop and the monitor to work together.  It was so great to see the image so much bigger and to work on it like that.  I am going to have to learn to control the pen with my Wacom Tablet a lot more, I kept going all over the place.

This image is one of the ones I took when I went to the Manchester Unity Building. My invitation included being able to take images of some of the indoor areas, and who could resist the Boardroom.

The table has a massive piece of glass on it and it is very thick.  I thought it had probably been put there recently to protect the table, but it has been there for as long at the table has been.  Karleen told me that it was imported and at the time it was imported it was the largest piece of glass to ever have been imported to Australia.  That is pretty amazing.

I love the boardroom, I like how majestic it is.  It is like it was stuck in time.  If you look on the Manchester Unity Building website you can see some old images that were taken in the boardroom.

My new bag from Tamrac is wonderful, though I haven’t tried it out yet.  I am going back into the city tomorrow so will take it and see what it is like.  This is the bag I got.

3375-clsRt-R_lrgMine is all black, and if you want to see details on the bag go here.  The camera sits in the bottom and you can put your stuff in the top half.  Great idea.  I would like to thank  C.R. Kennedy once again for helping me to get my bag.  C.R. Kennedy are the Australian Distributors for the bags, and if you would like to find one in another country then go to Tamrac for details.

I am looking forward to try it out tomorrow.