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Clouds, Dust, Sun, and Heat

That’s pretty much how today panned out.  It was really overcast this morning, then the sun came out, the BMX racing was dusty, and finally the heat followed, though nowhere near as bad as yesterday.  I have some images of the BMX racing for you.  We’ll talk after them.


The last image because I promised them I would put their photo up here, so I hope you like it girls and thank you.

BMX racing is so different to the cycling I normally I do.  It’s faster, and somehow more exciting and exhilarating   I love photographing it.  I don’t know how I would feel if I had to do it all the time, but it’s fun to do from time to time.  It would be good to go and take some photos every now and then, just to see what I could get.

None of the above images have been edited.  They are straight from the camera which is not something I do very often, and I hope you’ll forgive me.  The levels haven’t even been changed, but, once again, time is running out and I needed to get them done.  It was a great day, not as hot as yesterday, and I met some lovely people, which is always great.

Nikon D5100

This morning I finally got out to take some photos with the Nikon 5100.  I went over to Ivanhoe and took some photos of the Town Hall.  A fantastic Art Deco building.

This image shows much detail of the town hall.  The weather was horrible this morning, it was so cloudy, and the sky was soup.  Shame really, but this is about the camera, not the weather.

The camera handled itself really well.  I was happy to see when I went to change the ISO that there was more of the normal ISO settings.  The normal being 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400.  I didn’t expect to find those, although you can find the same variations on my D300s.  The above image had a ISO setting of 400.

Trying to change the settings at first was a bit tricky, but due to the guys in the class I teach having the D3100, I found it easy to change things.  Again, it isn’t as easy as it is on the D300s, but the latter is a more expensive camera and aimed at a different level.  I didn’t have any trouble changing things, and the display that comes up is great and covers nearly everything that you would want to change, which makes it easier as well, you can change everything in there.  I hope that makes sense.  It is like a display of all the settings where everything can be changed.

The camera is heavier than the Canon 600D and once the lens was put onto it, it was heavier again.  I don’t mind that.  I know people who use Canon say that is what they like about them, but I like to feel the weight, it makes me feel as though I am using something that is well built and durable.  It also means that you don’t forget you have it.

A friend also pointed out that it gives your tripod more weight as well, which is not something I had thought of.  When you are using your tripod having a heavier camera could be good, especially if it is windy.

Now having said that about it being heavier, it is nowhere near the weight of my D300s, so it is not overly weighty.

So far the Nikon D5100 gets two thumbs up from me.  I wasn’t sure how it would perform against the 600D from Canon, but, so far, I think it is doing well.

There are so many comments from everyone, and this next week should be a little quieter, so I hope to be able to answer every one of them.  Sorry it has taken me so long.

Day 22 – Some BMX Racing Photos

So, if you have been reading my blog, then you know that I have been to Shepparton for the State Open Titles for BMX.  It was a great day.  The skies were very overcast in the morning and slowly during the morning they cleared and we got some very blue skies.  Perfect weather for taking photos.

You can see what the sky was like from this one.  This photo is of the AA boys, they were crazy, and so much fun to photograph.  They were the only ones that did the really big jumps.  Would have been great to have got a lot more of them.  These sort of shots remind me of the movie “ET”.

I tried to get more shots this time than I did at Knox with more riders in the air.  This is half the race going over the jumps here.

This the second last straight before the finish, they just seem to bounce up and down all the way along.  Quite amazing to watch.

And more boys getting air, I have a lot of these shots.  The camera was set on continuous clicking and I continuously clicked.  Of course you can see that the light wasn’t good.  I was using a flash, but when you are shooting things straight up into the sun, then you have no hope.  I spent most of the time trying to work out where the sun was and how to use it to my advantage.  Wasn’t always possible as the racing is going on all around you.

I noticed when I was going through my photos this time that I got a lot more facial expressions on the riders.  They are great to see.  You can see the determination, especially on the little kids.  Quite amazing that they show no fear.

It was a great experience and I am hoping that Cycling Victoria send me to more.  Don’t know about making money from it, but will see what happens.  I think the photos I took were great, but will other people think the same?

I was suprised by the other photographers, there weren’t as many as I thought there would be and they didn’t seem to have the expensive equipment that most sports photographers have.  I was the only photographer walking around with two cameras.  Yes, I have two, I have my 80 to 200mm on one camera and my 18 to 105mm on the other.

Most of the photographers were great, and were very nice.  There was one women who was an absolute cow.  She wouldn’t say hello, and was just rude.  I hate it when you see people like that, how hard is it to smile, really, it is so easy.  I don’t know what her problem was.  I told them all I was there to for Cycling Victoria and it was my job to help build up a stock library of BMX racing for them to use.

It was a great experience, I know I’ve said that before.  So different to anything I’ve photographed before and I really want to do it again.  I love the shots I am getting now, but I wonder if I can get even better shots with lots more practice.

Practice makes perfect.

Day 19 – Three Different Versions

I did this the other day, on Day 17, but this time, I have tried to transform the images so they are all very different.  I have the original as it was taken.  The only thing changed is how dark or light it is.

This house isn’t new to my blog, I posted it back in June in a post called Away Again.  It was taken while I was riding on the back of the motorbike.  I would really like to go back and take some photos of it again, when the light is better, and when I have time to actually stop.  I love old houses like this.  There is something strange about how quickly a house begins to decay after the occupants leave.

I have done some colour burning with this one.  I love how dead grass gets some colour when you do this.  There is a lot of contrast.  Though I’m not sure this technique would work for everything.

Now in black and white.  I don’t know, I think I like the second image better.  I like the weird colours.  I do think both 2 and 3 are better than the first.  What would have made this image even better would have been a cloudy sky, and the sun shining on the house. Maybe I will get some images like that next time I go.

I am actually going to Shepparton tomorrow, but won’t be anywhere near this.  The state finals for BMX racing are on there tomorrow, and I am going up there to photograph them for Cycling Victoria.  Looking forward to doing that.  I quite enjoy photographing BMX.  If it finishes early enough I might even have time to go out to the old house for some more photos.  Maybe.


Day 6 – BMX Racing

I was approached recently about taking some photos of BMX racing.  Of course, the first thing I said was yes, I can do that.  Then afterwards, I thought to myself, mmm, I’ve never done this before, can I actually do it.  I looked up some clubs on the internet and did some research and found some racing this weekend, so yesterday I spent the early evening at Knoxfield at the Knox BMX Club photographing their racing.

It is pretty wild, and if you have never seen BMX racing before it is quite amazing.  Some of the kids are so little that they need mum or dad to chase after them to push them over the bigger hills.

I love it, it was so different to the type of cycling that I normally photograph.  You also have to love that  you can get some pretty amazing (there’s that word again) shots.  I thought I would come home with a camera full and have to delete most of them.  I was so happy that I ended up with lots and lots and didn’t have to delete anywhere near the amount I thought I was going to.

There were opportunities for lots of different types of shots.  The circuit is quite small, but you can get around OK.  You can get photos of the riders coming out of the gates.  There are the jumps that they go over and get air, as they put it, some of the riders go really high.  Then there are the corners, very tight bends, and that seemed to be where most of the stacks happened.

I am really excited about the images I got and would really like to have another go at photographing it.  Knox BMX Club were really good and I had no trouble.  There were other photographers there as well, I can understand why.  I can’t wait to do it again.