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Latest News and Photos from Melbourne

It seemed to go down well last week combining the Bits and Bobs post with the Weekend Wandering one. It seems that time is becoming something that we are all struggling with and with so many places to go and see work it almost seems selfish to post too often. I am also enjoying have more time to work on my photos and promote myself on other platforms.

Dynamic Range Magazine

I have to start with this, only a week to go and it looks like we are all set to publish issue 3 next Sunday. It was a hard one to get together, but we got there. It looks fantastic and, if I say so myself, the best one yet. We are so excited about what is in it. There really is something for nearly everyone. I like it having lots of variety. I have part of the cover for you.


It looks great, and we are so lucky to be able to showcase some of Julia Anna Gospodarou’s work and I was also very privileged to interview her.

With only one week to go don’t forget that subscriptions are now available. You can subscribe and get the 4 issues over the year for $25. If you are interested in just getting a link sent to you to download the magazine, then click the following link.


Subscribe to Dynamic Range Magazine for one year. Price: $25

The magazine is still available to buy individually and it will be for sale next Sunday for $7.

Book on Banyule Flats

It is getting to crunch time and I’m feeling very pressured to get the book done now. It is great that it is finally coming together, but it also means that I have a lot to do. 

We are now at the stage of meeting with the Wurundjeri Elders to get some stories that melbourne-architecture-shops-wide-angle-5617will go with quite a number of the photos. That is almost the final stage and then it is finalizing the layout and sending it to the printers. I am looking forward to the finished product, but I am also looking forward to it being finished. It will give me some breathing space which is something that I could do with.

One on One Photography and Editing Classes

I’ve been getting quite a few more inquiries about these, especially since I’ve bee doing far more architectural photography. There seems to be many people who like that work from me and want me to show them how. It is very interesting.

If you are interested in learning from me, go to my website and find out how to buy classes.


I was in town the other day with a client and we were taking photos around the city. I was teaching her about ISO and that meant going inside and outside many places around the city. I used my 14-24mm wide angle lens to see what I could get. So I have some of the photos for you.

Weekend Wanderings: Looking Around the City Again

It is getting to that time of the year where places are limited as to where I can go to take photos. I seem to be going into the city a lot. Sometimes it is just to take photos, while other times it is while I’m teaching. I never tire of it. The other day I found myself teaching again and we were taking photos along the lanes and at the graffiti.

I like the lanes with the graffiti. It is always changing and every time you go there is something new to look at. I heard on the news the other day how the City of Melbourne are saying that taggers are ruining Hosier Lane. I don’t know how they plan on stopping it, but I do hope they do.

I will just leave you with the photos from the earlier part. It is heating up here and could be good to experiment with trying to photograph it, or maybe I can stay indoors and do more writing. I hope you are having a good weekend.

USA Wanderings: Walking Around the Financial District in New York

When I spent the day with Stacy and Robert we covered so much of New York. We walked so far. It was fantastic. I think it was the day I realized that New York really was huge. I had heard it was, but I think until you actually go there and try to get around you don’t really understand. I imagine London would be the same too.

We walked over 8 miles that day, or 13 kilometres. It was a massive day, my feet were killing me at the end of it, but it was also worth it. I really enjoyed it and will always remember it as one of my favourites.

I am just going to leave you with a gallery now. I will put captions under the photos so you know where they are, if I know. I did get a bit lost really, but I had people who knew where to go, so that was good. These photos are from when we got off the train at the new Fulton Station, and until we got to the Brooklyn Bridge.

It is Saturday here now, I’m planning on having a quiet weekend. I was out most of yesterday taking more photos around Aireys Inlet. It has been strange since I got back, the place I keep itching to take photos of is the city. I think New York helped me to find architecture again. Take care and enjoy your weekend too.  Remember if you like the post, please share it.

Quiet Thursday

For me this is a great post after a busy Wednesday. I won’t talk a lot, but I have some photos to show you. These were all done in the last week and put up on my Social Media sites. I’ve been trying to use Instagram more. Apparently one of the ones you should be involved in right now. I got some tips from an unexpected guest last week and I’ve been managing to grow my followers. I still don’t really know what I’m doing, but I get to look at some amazing photography, that can’t be a bad thing.

The first three are from a trip to the coast last Thursday. We went in search of the famous Dragon’s Head at Number 16 beach. We weren’t sure we would find it, but we did.  The third image is from Shelly Beach near Sorrento. It has lots of piers. I had fun doing lots of long exposures that day. It is also where I was walking around in the water with my new Merrell shoes.

The last image is from a trip into the city last Friday. We went into the foyer of a building and took some photos. We did ask if it was okay. This is one of the photos I took.

I hope you have a lovely quiet day. Not sure I will, have to move on with the magazine, but all good really.

USA Wanderings: Leaving San Francisco

Carrying on from yesterday, we did go and see the play Beach Blanket Babylon. It was fantastic, and if you get a chance to see it then I really recommend it. I didn’t get everything, but the costumes and such were so amazing. It was a visual treat as well as entertaining.

We had planned on having dinner in the city but the car park where we parked the car was closing so we had to leave. We decided to head back home.


As we were leaving we realized that all the sunshine was gone and the city was covered in fog or low clouds, not sure which. I suspect all the same thing really. So you can see we lost the top of the buildings.


As we got on the freeway to head to San Jose a look back at the city revealed all white. The city had disappeared into a blanket of white. Very weird.  Not a great photo, I’m afraid, but I wanted to show you how it looked. Taking photos from a car is never great.


Then as we were going along the freeway you could see the sun setting, but also the fog rolling in. It really was rolling in. I was so fascinated by it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so strange. Here fog just sort of appears, it doesn’t come rolling in like this. You could see it moving along. Even now I am totally amazed as I think back to it. I think if I lived there I would be trying to photograph it as much as possible. Though it is easy to say that when you don’t live there, it is like snow I guess, great to visit but a pain to live with.

I have some more photos for you, not many more, and they are pretty much the same thing, just slight differences, I hope you don’t mind.  I hope your weekend is going well. I’m taking it easy, before a busy week.

USA Wanderings: An Afternoon in San Francisco

When I was staying with my sister in law she took me into the city of San Francisco. The plan was to see a play, Beach Blanket Babylon. We decided to go in early and explore around the piers on the side of the bay, see the play then maybe dinner afterwards.


It is quite amusing that the play we were going to see also have a Boulevard named after it.

From the carpark we walked down the street and headed to the bayside area.


As we were walking there we could see the fog rolling in. So incredible to see fog rolling in in the middle of the afternoon. The sun was still shining, it wasn’t cold, but there was this fog. I’ve never seen anything like it before.


The area around pier 41, Fisherman’s Wharf and another Aquatic area, can’t remember the name of it now. It had lots of things happening and going on. It was good fun to walk around and just watch the people.

I had my first taste of Clam Chowder there. It was so good.


The streets and how steep they were was something I had to take photos of. It certainly didn’t make you want to walk around much.


A photo of Alcatraz. In the gallery at the end you will see another photo of it, but you can’t see it much because it is covered in fog. It lifted a little and you can see it a bit better.


You can see some great architecture as you wander and I especially liked this one of the house with its own trolley car.  It was the only one I really wanted to go in.


Look at how steep they are, the road looks like it finishes, but it doesn’t.

It was a great day, and I really enjoyed just walking around and seeing things. We had to get back so we could see the matinee performance of the play. More on that tomorrow.

Here is a gallery of the above images and some more from that afternoon. I hope your weekend is looking great and you are looking forward to getting out and taking some photos.

Something for Friday

This morning I spent a lovely morning in the city doing a One on One Photography Session with a wonderful lady. We walked around doing lots of architecture, a subject I enjoy doing. I don’t want to show a lot, but I was trying some things in the State Library of Victoria and thought you might like to see them.

These images were all taken in the LaTrobe Reading Room, or for those of us who have known it for years, the Domed Reading room.