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Weekend Wanderings – Sunrise Over the Flats

Every morning I have been waking up and looking outside for signs of fog, or checking the temperature to see if it is cold enough for a frost.  I haven’t been lucky so far this winter, in fact, there have been no frosts really and only two foggy mornings, and both of those were on days I couldn’t get out. I knew I had to go out this morning as I had a post to do, but I was hoping for something a little exciting, and then when I did my usual checks, I thought, oh no, nothing much this morning.  The I read the weather forecast, early morning storms.  Ha, there were almost no clouds in the sky, a storm was coming, I thought, what are the chances of a great sunrise. I quickly chucked on my gum boots and headed out. It seemed the chances were very, very good indeed.  I headed down the road to Banyule Flats and headed for the spot I’d recently discovered to see if I could get a …


Weekend Wanderings – My Backyard, Banyule Flats

From time to time I get people saying that they don’t think to take photos of where they live.  I have been one of those for a long time, but recently I have been making more of an effort to go out and see what is there.  Well, that’s not true, I have being seeing it for years but not through a camera lens.  So during the week I decided that I am going to try and make one of weekend posts each weekend to be aboutwhere I live, so within a 10 km of my home.  Though more likely a 5 km radius, which is what I refer to when I mean my backyard.  I know there is so much here to photograph, but because I see it all the time I think people may not be interested.   This last week I’ve been going to Banyule Flats quite a bit.  If you google Banyule Flats you will see where it is and what is there.  I have lots of photos of the same …


Introductions – James Keegan

Today’s Introduction is a first for me.  I wasn’t sure who to showcase so I went through some of the Monochrome Madness links and found James Keegan. He is fairly new to blogging and photography, but his work has caught my attention.  His black and white work has been great, so it has been great going through his blog to see what else has been there. There is quite a bit of monochrome work on Jimmy’s site.  It looks like he has been experimenting with what will work in black and white and what doesn’t.  The photos he does reminds me of areas here in Australia. I asked him why he takes photos. For me its art, I used to use pencil on paper or paint on canvas. Now I choose to use a camera. I enjoy the outdoors, and as a child was introduced to nature and wildlife by my grandmother. Art has always been a part of my life but the photography was unintentional. I recently completed a 2 yr degree in web …


Revisiting Waterfalls

Last year I went to visit Ladies Bath Waterfalls near Bright in the Mount Buffalo National Park.  I showed images at the time and I showed another one this past Tuesday.  It has been a big week so for today I thought I might revisit the photos and try working on them again and playing around with some stuff.  I have two images for you. Both done slightly different.  I am off now, I think I will work on some other photos as well.  Enjoy your day.


Introductions – Learning to Snap

My introduction today is a first, well it is the first time I have shown someone from New Zealand I believe.  Richard is from there and has been taking photos of New Zealand and then putting them up on his blog Learning to Snap. If you are a landscape photographer then New Zealand has to be one of those places that you would love to go to.  I know since seeing Lord of the Rings, I really want to go their to take photos.  The landscapes always seem big, I don’t know how to describe it really.  I will try.   This is sort of what I mean, big mountains, big scenes.  Australia and New Zealand are very close, but yet millions of miles apart with it comes to our landscapes.  Australia is more open, big skies and very dry, whereas I imagine New Zealand with more mountains, and real mountains, with lots of atmosphere and very wet.  New Zealand is further south than us, so I assume that is why it is like that.  I …


Weekend Wanderings – Landscape Photography Classes

All around the world on the weekend there are people teaching photography classes and people taking them.  Here is no different to anywhere else and yesterday I was teaching my new students landscape photography.  There is a place I take them in Eltham, and while not the greatest place in Melbourne, it is close to where I teach and they get to take photos and experiment.  I help out, but I can usually get a couple of photos myself.  It is good for them to see me doing this as well, I think. These gates are usually where I start.  They are so old, yet so out of place for where they are.  They do seem to imply some sort of old world grandeur that now is long gone. I don’t know if the gates have always been there and did lead to something else, or are more recent.  It doesn’t seem to matter, it is a great place to start.  It is contained, so they don’t wander too far.  Every class I have taken here have …


Looking for Art in the Pink Lakes

Last week I showed you a heap of photos I had taken in the Mallee, well, more specifically the ones I had taken of the Pink Lakes.  There were two images that I withheld, the reasons being that I planned on working on them a lot more so I could see if I could get them good enough to enter some competitions.  I have done quite a bit on them, and am happy with where they are, but I need to see them.  I need to keep looking them and make sure there is nothing I want to change.  So today you get to look at them with me, if you want to. When we were at the wooden ramp I saw the sun reflecting off the salt, and I thought it looked stunning.  So I did, what I always do, I took a photo.  The sun was weird, still high up in the sky, but it was like the sunset had already started, there was already so much colour at the horizon.  It now looks …