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Influencing Me – Bryn Forbes

Today I thought I would show you the work of a photographer that I have only recently come to know, Bryn Forbes. I first saw Bryn on a Creative Live show that he was doing with Jack Davis.  They were talking about underwater photography, I’m not into that sort of photography, but then they followed it up on one about night photography and the stars, well, you all know I’m into that. I really liked the work he was showing, and have been looking at it a lot since then so I approached Bryn and asked if I could show you his work.


I really enjoy seeing how he approaches different types of photography and there seems to be a fairly simple approach, I could be wrong, but I do like the way he approaches what he is going to photograph. It makes me feel, in most situations that I could do the same.


Then there are images that I don’t know if I would ever be able to get.  It is great to look at the work of another photographer and think, “wow, I would love to be able to get an image this”.  I say that, but deep down I’m think, it would just be my luck that I would miss it, or it wouldn’t happen in front of me.  This is such an incredible image.  I just sit here in awe of it.

bryn-forbes-wildlife-7Then you get an image like this and I know I would never get a shot like this.  I’m not good with water, and I don’t think I could get a photo like this.  I would never be prepared to go underwater to do photography.  I think it is a fantastic shot, and that whale is incredible.  It is another shot that I can’t stop looking at, the detail, that eye, the reflections from the light above.  Whales are such beautiful creatures, I really don’t understand how anyone would want to kill them.


On his website he has a gallery called Solace, great concept.  The idea of being alone somewhere.  You really get that feeling looking at the images.  I have tried getting images like this when I go up to the Mallee, the quiet landscape image.  I have spoken before how I like quiet images, and these ones of Bryn’s definitely show what I mean about quiet. This is such a wonderful image, the texture in the sands, the little bit of life growing from it.  Amazing how resilient some things are.


He also has some images of waves, but they are blurred.  I’m not sure what he has done to get them like that, but the effect is really amazing.  I spoke the other day about how important I think it is to experiment and try different things.  It is great to watch and observe another photographer who also does that.  I love looking at work and then trying to figure out what they did, then seeing if I can do the same thing.


Bryn also does stunning landscape shots.  I really want to be able to do stunning landscape shots.  I will have to keep working on the idea I think.  I’m grateful for the area I live in, means I can go out and get some fantastic landscapes to practice on.  It amazes me what people can do with what they see at times.  I just sit, look and feel very envious.

I have more images for you to look at in a gallery.  I hope you will, along with me, thank Bryn Forbes for giving me permission to feature his work here on my blog, so thank you Bryn.  I would also invite you all to go and take a look at his website and blog, Bryn Forbes Gallery, there is a lot more work there to look at and enjoy.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I can see why you like his works, the photographs are amazing.:)

  2. leecleland says

    Another great intro, Leanne. I don’t know where you get the time to do all the blogging plus take your own beautiful and interesting images.

    • I don’t have a life outside of this, haha. Seriously, this is part of my job, that is how I look at it now. I just wish I could work out how to make it pay, LOL. my husband would be happier. Glad you enjoyed Bryn’s work, I love what he does.

  3. Thanks, Leanne. Great to get to know another photographer’s work. Are you familiar with Ben Lowy? Completely different style, he is a photojournalist but also covers sports and other types of stories. Really amazing shots.:)

      • I remember when I was in a digital scrapbooking group many years ago, there was a photographer in New Zealand (can’t remember her name) that spent months attempting to capture a ‘whale tail’ shot. She finally did it but it took a lot of time and effort.

  4. Wow, stunning. They are all fabulous, but the misty one with the dark bird in the tree really got me! Very inspiring work, thank you Bryn and Leanne!

    • I agree Ardy, the work is so stunning. That is pretty amazing. Glad you feel that way Ardy, that is how I feel about it as well.

  5. Great post Leanne – I’m looking forward to looking at his website, his images look amazing and such a diversity of subject matter. Thanks for sharing.

    • There is so much more to see on his website, it makes me think I should do a lot more on mine. I love this diversity as well, and you are so welcome.

  6. You know when you see greatness, it almost makes you want to hang up your camera, but rather than do that it has inspired me to get out and shoot more, more subjects, more often, just more. I saw a documentary on him also and also thought I couldn’t do the underwater shots just like you! BUT I can try other things, you love the stars and I love the waves and the way he has captured the waves is stunning so out I go with more enthusiasm than before to get that almost artistic wave! Thanks Leanne for showcasing such a wonderful photographer:)

    • I feel exactly the same way when I see people like this, and like you it inspires me to keep going and try harder. The waves are pretty cool, I think he used a waterproof camera. My husband had a GoPro for his bike, and it is waterproof, so we might try doing some stuff with it this summer, when it gets warmer. You’re welcome Kaz, I do love it when I show people and others love the work too.

    • I like the sound of that Adventure photography, some of it is very adventurous. You’re welcome Cybele.

  7. Wow… I’m in awe! I really could never do the under water shots either. funny, I feel like I’m going to lose it and not be able to get back…. On the blurry wave shot… it sorta remind me of a shot I took while in the mountains and I had the camera set on “waterfalls” or some such… It made mine come out blurry like that too. I just thought I wasn’t able to hold the camera still long enough for the long shutter speed I guess. Great photos though. Thanks so much for sharing!😀

    • I feel a bit the same way Keli, I really don’t like salt water either. Blurry can be great, if done in a controlled way, not the way I usually do them, LOL. Glad you enjoyed them. 😀

  8. Those blurred wave images are fabulous, powerful and soft at the same time. I went whale watching a few months ago and was treated to a close encounter with a humpback whale which was just incredible so I can only imagine how absolutely amazing it must be to be in the water with them.

    • I like the way you are describing them Papict. I have never seen whales, possibly my fear of water keeps me away, but I think it would be amazing to see.

      • It really is an incredible experience. The whales are bulky yet agile, massive yet gentle, powerful yet graceful. If you can overcome your trepidation about the water, I very much recommend it.

      • I think I could do it on a boat, that wouldn’t be a problem but I wouldn’t get in the water and swim with them, I hope one day to get an opportunity to do it.

  9. pure beauty…nature…free critters…love the blues…really all so lovely i appreciate all the connections to others and their work as well from you and those who comment. thanks for sharing.

  10. Leanne, I agree with you he’s a wonderful photographer, and that whale underwater image is stunning! I love his wave images too, and the star trails with the bathtub that doesn’t belong is fantastic. Great find, and you’re awesome for sharing the work.

    • He is awesome for letting me too, I love sharing work, I take so much more notice of it too then, it is great all round, and as long as people are happy to continue seeing the work of others, I will keep doing it.

  11. Karen says

    Thankyou for showing these shots, they are really great. Like you, if only I had the opportunity to see some things and photograph them.

  12. Dominique says

    A stunning selection, thank you for introducing his work

  13. Wow, impressive and varied! What a great introduction Leanne, and so much to learn from him… I love the slow shutter speed on the waves, so effective… and the under/over the water shots. It gives us lots of ideas to work on. Many thanks for sharing Bryn’s work. Chris

    • That is fantastic Chris, it is great when people feel the same way as me about the introductions. You’re very welcome.

  14. Thank you so much for featuring this photographer! His work is stunning and SO inspirational! I adore his wave and whale images.

    • You are very welcome Katrina, it is great to see that so many people have enjoyed looking at his work.

  15. wave, whale, jellyfish and kingfisher – swoon! “wow, I would love to be able to get an image this” – so true – almost hard to believe that a camera can do such amazing things. Uplifting and now its back to camera manual!

    • I know what you mean Laura, so would I, though some of it I think is about being in the right place and the rest is knowing what you are doing. that is great to hear Laura.

  16. I have seen Bryn Forbes work before and it is great, nature shots have perfect timing and the amazing astro work. Great photographer to showcase.

  17. Beautiful work Leanne, thanks for sharing him and highlighting his work. My thoughts mirror yours as I read them:-) I think I favor his landscape work but those whales, oh my!

    • I know Tina, Oh My, that one jumping out of the water, I didn’t even know whales did that. You’re welcome, I love sharing work that is fantastic. 😀

  18. Wow amazing photography I can see why you like his work. I love the long exposure star pictures and would love to do one of these myself

    • I really want to do them too Sam, I think it would be so cool, but the real issue is being out at night by yourself for a couple of hours, or several, not sure about that myself. Have to see if I can get someone to come with me. Keep me company.
      His work is incredible though.

  19. Incredible work! I swear … how do people (like you) DO this? Wow!

  20. These are extraordinary images, Leanne. Thank you so much for introducing us to Bryn’s work. I love the one of the tree framed by the star trails. And all the ones of the whales – underwater and above, and the one of that colourful little bird. And the one of the dunes, which reminds me of home… Oh, gosh, I love all of them.:-)

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