Quiet Thursday

This last week has been so hectic and I have taken so many photos, and I have several thousand photos to process, so today, I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I would take it easy.  I went away and spent so much time going to places and taking photos, then when I got back I had people to teach and then more photos to take.  Wow, I haven’t taken this many photos for a long time.

For today’s post I thought I might just show you some photos that I took up at my mum’s place.  I really did take these at her house.  I don’t know if I told you that I got some Kenko extension tubes,  and I took them with me.  My mother has a beautiful garden, not an easy thing to have where she lives, and I thought her garden would be great for practice with the extension tubes.  I also thought it would be a good idea to post them after the Macro Up for Discussion on Tuesday. So today I am not going to say anymore, just put the photos in a gallery for you to enjoy.


  1. For sure, I am enjoying!!! WOW Leanne, I would say you are getting the hang of the extension tubes and these are beyond lovely. Your mother’s garden is full of wonder.

    • Thank you Carrie, they do some getting used to, but I think I am getting the hang of them. My mum’s garden is gorgeous.

  2. What amazing flowers, and gorgeous photos–real eye candy! I hate it when I have too many photos!😉

    • Thank you Bernadette, the flowers in her garden are great, and so many for this time of the year. Oh yes, so terrible when you have too many photos.:)

  3. “… just put the photos in a gallery for you to enjoy.” And so did I! Spectacular floral show, Leanne! Your Mum taking care of the garden, and you taking the pictures, what a SHOW!!! Congratulations to you both! Very refreshing post! You and your family take care and may you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks much, Leanne!:)

  4. I have decided to process less than 5% of the several thousand I have..

  5. Leanne, your photos are wonderful. I especially like the pink rose, because of its softness, nearly abstract quality, and the texture it displays. For a “taking it easy” day, you are doing well! Chris

  6. Tri Wahyu says

    So gorgeous and detail flowers. I like those photos.

  7. Your mom has beautiful garden.. Hmm, I got an idea to get some flower pictures from garden in the backyard.. Nice photos, by the way….

  8. The last photo of the yellow flower stood out at me the most. Love how you can actually see the fuzz on its stems. I think the fuzz adds more character to the flower and the photo as a whole, a sense of liveliness to it as opposed to a matte look.

    Sorry if I’m not making any sense, Leanne. This week has gone by too quick for me, too much to do at work😉 Good to hear you’re busy snapping photos. After all, you are a photographer:)

    • There are a few that you can see that sort of fuzz.
      I’m not making any sense either Mabel, too tired for anything. I’m looking forward to some day of not doing much. Take care.:)

  9. Beautiful flowers!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen most of them before.:)

    • Some of them are Australian natives, so that maybe why you haven’t seen them. The plants here grow funny flowers. Thank you Tracey.

  10. These are nice shots Leanne! One of these days I may try to make it to a botanical garden without any other followers so I can focus on some flower shots and not be distracted. Did you hear that Laura is getting a macro lens? I can’t wait to see some of photos she’ll take with it. I bet you can’t wait until that day you’ll be able to afford one. I think you’ll take some great photos with it. But until then, keep using the tools you have!

    • Oh yes, I did hear Laura is getting a macro, I am very jealous, I will get one one day, just don’t know when. Thank you Justin, I hope you get to the botanical gardens.

  11. All gorgeous photos, Leanne, and very soothing. I think “Quiet Thursday” would make a great new meme for photo blogging.:-)

    • I like having a quiet Thursday, using by the time I get to Thursday, I’ve been so busy on the blog, with planning the previous days, that I just want to say little, I’m glad you like it and I might have to do it more I think. Thank you.

  12. Maria says

    Sounds so familiar… taking so many photos and the challenge of finding some time to process. What a great idea just to showcase your beautiful garden photos in a gallery.

    • I am sure it is Maria, I don’t need to take anymore photos for a few weeks, though I will, it is nice to have a heap of photos to fall back on. Thank you, I love galleries.

  13. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Those tiny bell-like flowers with the green spots caught my eye – do you know the name of that? These are all very beautiful.😉

    • I think we call them snowdrops, or something like that, sorry, I’m not good with names. They come from bulbs, so they are flowering early. Thank you Jackie.:)

  14. poppytump says

    Ah the roses look like beautiful handmade sugar flowers Leanne !
    Such joy for your Mum with a garden filled with blooms like these .. testament to some jolly hard work and determination to succeed not least on the part of the gardener:-)
    She must be thrilled to see these photos ! Gorgeous .

    • I love getting that close to them Poppytump, and for that reason.
      Yes, lots of hard work, she has put a lot into it, and every time I go up it is different. It is nice that there are flowers through winter too.
      I think so, she does quilting so the plan is to do a series on her garden then she can make patches with the flowers and sew her garden into a quilt.
      Thanks Poppytump.

  15. Just lovely. Now I have to Google ‘extension tubes’, lol! Hope you get caught up, I’m feeling the pinch too, with my new writing goals in addition to my day job. You do great work, keep at it!

    • Victor talked about them on Tuesday in the Up for Discussion post, that should explain them for you. I am just exhausted, looking forward to hanging around home today and sitting still. Thank you so much.

  16. Gorgeous work! My favorites of the lot are the pink rose #1, and #5 which I believe is native to Australia. I have to go to an Arboretum to those. The coral colored ones remind me of shrimp.:) The extension tubes are a lot of fun and with luck will help to stave off any NAS cravings for a Macro lens on the back-burner.

    • That pink one is so nice, thank you, and yes, no 5 is an Australian native, strange flowers, but so nice to photograph. Oh yes, the macro lens, I still want me, but the extension tubes are a good trial and then I will see how I go with those, it is a much cheaper way to practice. Thank you.

  17. Really beautiful shots, Leanne. I love what you are doing with flowers. I just read Justin’s comment and yep, the Botanical Gardens here is one place I plan on going to during the week where hopefully there won’t be too many crowds. Again, your flower shots are gorgeous.

    • Botanical gardens are great places for doing work like this, perfect, though you have to go at the right time. I must go back in spring. Thank you Amy, I wish I had a macro though, that would be even better.

      • Leanne, honestly, I wish I could reach through this screen. Your photos are fabulous with just what you have NOW. The flowers are so creamy and soft and the curves you caught gave me ideas. And how funny you should say how many pics you have been taking and you need some breathing room. I just posted saying, I got to a point on my hard drive with zero free space left due to the thousands of photos I have been taking. People do not realize the work involved to do what we do. Plus LIFE. I also just put up saying I am only blogging Monday through Thursday. Off Friday through Sunday. I must, Leanne. I am SO busy with these photos and going to places plus taking care of all I do, I just am not able to blog 7 days a week right now. I need space for me. Again I say to you, your photos are par excellent. PLEASE PLEASE don’t be so hard on you. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I find the extension tubes hard to use, getting them to focus and such is quite difficult. I have played with a macro and I know how much easier it is to use, I like easy, lol. I have faced the same problem with full hard disk so many times, especially since I got the D800 and it’s large image files. I also have a back up system, so have to keep moving images over there so I can free up space. I saw your post on time, I haven’t had time to comment, sorry, sort of commenting here now. I will keep blogging, that is the least of my worries really, I just need to stay home for a couple of days. I’ve been out so much, and plus with going away for 5 days, I have so much work to do on so many photos, I also want to start exploring some new things. You are so sweet Amy, love hearing from you.

      • Leanne, like you, I don’t always comment as much as I like to on account of LIFE. I know how much a macro would mean to you, so you shall be in my prayers, that the macro you really want, will be yours soon. I know how much I love my macro, and to share that JOY with you would be awesome. As for the NO FREE SPACE, that was a first for me, and it was annoying. I have been backing up my photos just not deleting them on my laptop where I do all my editing. Oh, a day in the life … huh? I am on my way out the door with all my camera equipment in a backpack plus my tripod separate, and I am headed for two baby creeks with personality and a wide open field where I plan on experimenting with shutter speeds on tall grasses. I mean it when I say I shall pray for you. Your work here is astonishing. I can only imagine your images once you get your macro. Just WOW!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • OMG Amy, I just got told I had no free space as well, LOL, so now I have reshuffle photos again. So I will be spending some time now shuffling and deleting. Sounds like you have a great day planned Amy, I am staying put today. I’ve been out taking photos everyday for the last 10 tens pretty much, so enough for me now. I hope you have a great time and get some great photos. Thank you for all your support.

  18. rosy365 says

    What beautiful pictures! I love them!

  19. Great Photos! Always amazed at the different kinds of flowers that grow around the world. We do not have such delicate flowers in rural Indiana.

    • Yes, there are so many different types, the Australian natives can be very strange. Thank you Donna.

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