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Introductions – Meticulous Mick

Meticulous Mick is a fellow blogger whose work I really like.  I love seeing his images and what he comes up with.  There is something about his images that really appeals to me and I think once you see them, you will understand what I mean. abandon-again-5-of-6There are the images of abandoned buildings, something that so many of us photographers love to see.  I like how he does these images and the way he photographs them.

I asked MM why he takes photos.

To highlight and share the beauty that is all around us. In the modern fast paced world, life can pass us by all too quickly and we don’t stop to look at the ordinary everyday beauty that is around us.

frozen-1-of-21There is something very appealing to me about images like the one above.  I love winter images, perhaps because I love winter.  I know that sounds strange, but maybe that is because we don’t have really harsh winters here, and I know people from some countries would love at what our winters are like.  The image above is so amazing with the ice on the leaf.  We do get frosts here, so maybe I can get some images like MM’s.

Inspirations and what photographers he finds inspirational was the next question.

My photography is inspired by the wonderful artist that is nature; be it spring, summer, autumn or winter there is always something of beauty to behold. Even in death.

In terms of photographers, I find it very interesting to see the work of others but do not claim to have a particular influence. I do like the work of the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado, his images are striking and speak louder than words ever could.

I saw works of Andreas Gursky when in New York and found his images fascinating, even though they would not be the type of subjects that I would automatically look to photograph myself. So much detail in them and thought provoking.

img_1334There are some wonderful close up images on MM’s blog as well.  I love mushrooms that are photographed like this, they are so small, I have tried doing some like this, but they never seem to work for me.

MM also told me if there was anything special about the way he worked.

At the moment I would say that I am very much learning and developing all the time. Nothing beats the practice, practice, practice motto.

However, I would note that as I progress I take more time, even when something catches my eye I like to walk around to take in the atmosphere and feeling of a place. I also consider a number of different angles even if I think my first view was the best one. Only then will the camera come out.

I love using natural light and probably have a tendency to underexpose shots by a couple of stops to add to a scene’s mood.

I make little use of software, other than the crop and have to put my hand up and say I am very much in the learning phase here as well.

tree-1-of-1Have you worked out one of the main reasons I like his work?  I think it has to do with something he just said and what that does do his images.  I love how moody his images are.  The underexposed images help give his images a sense of foreboding, and I like that.  It is something I am always trying to get into my own work.

Gear is always important to photographers, so I asked MM what his was.

The most important piece of equipment is undoubtedly the eye, if one cannot see a shot in the first place it doesn’t matter what camera you have. Up until last month my camera of choice was the Canon 550d and my favourite lenses were the EFS 10-22mm Canon lens and the Canon Macro 100 mm f2.8 USM “L” lens. Having just acquired the Canon 5D Mk III I am now having immense fun with this and delighted at its low light performance.

Other essentials include a Hama remote trigger, UV filters, polarising filters and a just bought Neutral Density Filter. My tripod is a sturdy Giotto Silk Road.

I use Lightroom 5 for post processing.

I am going to put a selection of Meticulous Mick’s images into a gallery now.  I hope you will all go and visit his blog, Meticulous Mick, and say hello.  I would also like to thank MM for giving me permission to use images from his blog for my post today. If you know someone that you think could be good for an Introduction, please let me know, though I think it is a bit weird to say yourself.  I have had other recommendations, and sometimes their work doesn’t appeal to me, or I have asked the person and not received a reply, or they have said no.



    • You are very welcome, and thank you for trusting me with your images. YOu have a great blog and it my pleasure to introduce it to others.

  1. Reblogged this on meticulousmick and commented:
    Leanne Cole from down under has been an absolute gem and decided that my blog was worth a mention on her own photography site. While her blog largely features her own work and ideas, she does a regular feature on other photographic artists that she likes. This time the spotlight was on my humble blog. I know, can you believe it? Well here is her post on yours truly.
    Thanks Leanne, MM 🍀

  2. So much beauty revealed in these photos, impossible to choose a favourite! So grateful that you introduced us to MM. Thank you x

      • One is the pebbly beach where he has taken the photo from a very low angle and the other is the misty lake one.

      • Thanks Suz for sharing, I like them too, though I suppose I like them all because I choose them. So many good ones to choose.

  3. Great post, Leanne! I’m also a big MM fan! His recent Blarney Castle images look like something straight out of a fairy tale book. I love them. He has graciously granted me permission to paint one of his images that I just fell in love with recently. There is certainly something very powerful about his images, without employing “shock factor” or fancy tricks I’ve seen some photographers use to get noticed. To me, you can just feel how real the man is behind the lens. Gosh, I hope someone might look at my portraiture and say “I can just feel how real the woman is behind the brush.” Brilliant share!

    • He does seem like a very generous person, I enjoy my interactions with him. I think that is lovely that he has given you permission to use one of his images. Sounds like you are also a huge fan, that is wonderful.

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Wow! Meticulous Mick does beautiful work! He is right about “Practice, practice, practice.” I think I would add experimenting beyond comfort zones to stretch skills – any skills.😉

    • He does and I am glad you think so too Jackie. I think so too, it is all practice practice practice. It is very good idea, just keep trying things. :)

    • Jackie, a good point on the comfort zone and I fully agree. I took up the weekly photo challenge in order to have to create an image to fit the theme, rather than just take what I like when I am out and about. This has been really good for me and I realise that I can do it. Nice to meet you Jackie, MM 🍀

    • This must be a an unconscious subtlety, or perhaps a feature of the landscape but I hadn’t really noticed this. Will have to take a renewed look. Thanks for sharing your thoughts lljostes, it is great to get feedback. MM 🍀

  5. What a lovely surprise to find MM here, Leanne! A great insight into the man behind the wonderful images. Patsy

  6. I love the collection of MM’s photos. Somehow by the luck of the Irish (lol), I found MM early on in my WordPress life. His rich colors and beautiful compositions are so inspiring, not to mention I love his humor. :) Thank you for sharing this and doing a feature on him. It is so well deserved!

  7. Fantastic! I’ll be checking out Meticulous Mick’s work from here on out. Thanks, Leanne!

  8. Congratulations…you are a brilliant photographer! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to follow your work.

  9. This guy’s really good. I’m glad you shared him.Gives me some good ideas.Some day before I die I’d like to get a good Canon dSLR.

  10. I have two suggestions for you, you can check them out and see what you think. Maybe you have already featured one of them. Ian Rodger is the first, and Gin Getz is the second, Ian is solely a photographer, I am inspired by his work, he travels all over the world snapping photographs where ever he is. Gin is first a writer, an incredible writer but she, in my opinion, is equally a beautiful photographer. She lives high in the Colorado Rockies near the headwaters of the Rio Grande and her seasonal natural photographs of her horses and her view out her front door are incredible.
    I really enjoyed this feature. His work is beautiful and I love the misty quality to many of his images. Great grouping Leanne, I will definitely check out his blog.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Carrie, I will take a lot.
      That is great to hear, I think his work is beautiful as well.

      • Happy to hear Ian’s work interests you Meticulous Mick. I am inspired by his landscape photography. He sees the “big picture” so well. Gin’s work is subtle, raw and inspiring in her own right. She is a strong, talented women who wanders the wilds of the Rockies with grace and humility. I admire her work so much.
        Looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes MM, really happy I was introduced to you through this post. Thanks Leanne!

      • Leanne is great and I like the way she experiments and interacts with her followers – almost 25,000 bloggers who follow can’t be wrong…😐

  11. Thanks for showcasing MM! I particularly like the door with peeling paint! But there are some really lovely shots there!

  12. Thanks for the Introduction to Mick’s work Leanne.
    Very inspiring photographs and outlook.

  13. Lovely to have found your great blog through this post on MM. Look forward to perusing old posts and reading new ones.

  14. A great selection of beautiful works! Thanks for the introduction Leanne.

  15. ooohhhh I do love his work (and how can you not love the name?:-) )
    Thanks Leanne!
    Hope all is well in your world!

    • That is great to hear Casey. I think one problem in photography is that there are so many buttons, dials etc. but sometimes we just need to strip it down to the basics. Use the eye first, select appropriate speed / aperture (DoF), check ISO and take. Hope to see more of you, MM 🍀

    • Lacey, nice to meet you and thanks for such wonderful feedback. I have not used HDR for any images on this blog whatsoever. One thing I do dislike is overblown / false images. Having recently purchased a Canon 5d mmiii I have tried using this function to experiment with, but so far have not been turned on by it. I will though keep messing, it’s how one learns.

      Hope that helps and if you have any suggestions would love to hear further from you. Thanks so much for taking an interest. MM / John 🍀

  16. Most enjoyable post. Thanks for introducing me to MM. I, too, am now a fan.

  17. This photographer I really like because he goes for the beauty in the roughness. Even if I think some photos colors are a bit overworked, made too enhanced, but that is only my opinion. My picks of this terrific gallery …. the mushrooms is wonderful, but I’m going for grave and frozen.

    • He is a great photographer Viveka, and he does some excellent work, though I don’t know that he does much work on them, maybe a little in lightroom but that is about it. I love the mushrooms too.

      • I really like his art a lot too and I could be wrong, in that case I apologize, but in my eyes … but we all judge a piece of art differently.

      • That is great, I like it too. We do all judge things differently, that is what makes it wonderful, don’t you think.

  18. poppytump says

    Another fan here Leanne .. have been following MM for sometime . He takes a fantastic variety of photos in so many different modes .. love seeing his Irish landscape and macro images . Always very modest too in replying to comments I like that:-)

    • I like the way you describe him and his work Poppytump. The couple of people I have shown already have a large following and it has been wonderful to hear from people who follow him and hear what they have to say. I love the Irish landscapes as well.

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