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Up for Discussion – Why We Blog


Yesterday, in a comment, someone said something about why people blog.  I thought it was a great idea to discuss this.  It is different for everyone and, if you are anything like me, those reasons have changed over time.  So I will start, this is why I blog.

I started blogging just over 4 years ago, but I started on another platform, but I did come to WordPress in September 2010.  Originally it started as a way to help me make art.  I was an artist but I was/am a lazy person and I need a push.  My good friend from Uni had started blogging to get her to create art, it seemed like a good idea, so I did the same.

SAMSUNGNot photographed very well, but a lino print I did from I photo I had taken at a cycling race.  I was back into photography then, but not totally committed.  I was trying to find some way to do both.

SAMSUNGI kept drawing.

bitsandpiecesI wanted to keep painting.

It was all getting too much, so in June 2011 I made the decision to stop doing art, as in anything like drawing or painting.  I had to concentrate on one thing, and get as good as I could at that, I chose photography.  It is a decision I have never regretted. I’m totally committed to it now.

20110103-1066I was still photographing cycling, but it wasn’t going to last for much longer.  Once I realised that I could still take photos of anything, I knew that I had to get back to some other things.

sctulips-hpm5613-7I really liked where my work was going and I really liked what was happening on this blog.  In the last twelve months my blog has grown a lot and I have wanted to share it with more people, I like doing the Introductions/Influencing Me posts, it is a great way to showcase other peoples work.  I like that it is becoming more a community sort of thing, and now with the Monochromatic Madness Challenge, it great to share the work of so many others.  It also helps to push me.

I think my blog is still about art, but my life as a photographic artist, and that is great with me. One of the most rewarding things about blogging has been the huge number of friends that I have made.  A virtual world wide group.  That has been so amazing, and now I chat with some on facebook and Google+, virtual friendships.

So why do you blog?  How long have you been blogging for?  Has your reasons for blogging changed since you started?

You can comment and tell us how, but if you have blogged about this already, or want to, then just leave a link in the comments section.

I thought I would share some random photos from the last few years.

  1. Why do I blog? It’s an interesting question. I started blogging in 2006, it was like a diary but a public one. I wrote about events in my life, about music I listened, about movies I watched. And I still do. I didn’t pursue any certain reason, I wanted to keep my memories. And it’s very useful: sometimes I search for old posts to remember when a particular event was, and so on. Unfortunately, some events didn’t result in a blog post because I didn’t have time at that moment, and later I feel there’s no sense in writing about it – the moment has been lost.

    Anyway I got addicted to blogs. It’s only that I write, it’s also what other people write. I get to know many wonderful people, I even met some in real life.

    My primary blog is in Russian, my native language, I can post a link if you like.
    I started a photo blog to share my photos from Tenerife. I was under such strong impression from the island I wanted to tell the world how beautiful Tenerife was. Yet I didn’t finish that project. However, now I also tell show photos from Russia, and St. Petersburg in particular as well as from other countries that I visited: Finland, Greece, Germany… Maybe someone will find it useful.

    I also have a programming blog where I share some thoughts, tips and tricks on programming.

    You have beautiful photos. Especially I like the one from a wedding.

    May 22, 2014
    • Blogging is quite an addictive thing, and you are so right about the friends you make, I have so many new friends around the world because of this blog.
      Thanks for sharing why you blog Alexey, and thank you,

      May 22, 2014

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