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First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their input last week on what images I should use to help advertise my One on One photography session.  The response was phenomenal and I have now put together a gallery of images on my website, so you can check it our by clicking here.  I am happy with the gallery and I think it shows a great variety of images.

Leading on from yesterdays post, and my black and white image of the Rialto Towers, I thought today I would show you the colour version, and a version that is almost monotone, but not quite.  LeanneCole-rialto-2I just desaturated this one.  I wanted there to be a hint of colour, but not too much.  I wanted that reflection above the doorway and I wanted it to stand out.

LeanneCole-rialto-3I love the reflection and all the blues.  I like that reflection, I like the symbolism of it. The idea of the old being reflected in the new.  The building that is being reflected is about 100 years old, which as this building is no where near that age, maybe 20 or 30 years old.  The angle I picked was to get that reflection.

I thought this image would work better in black and white, but I like the colour one so much more.

Here are the images in a gallery so you can look at them better.

The image is made up of several images of the same thing, and was quite an interesting image to do.  I am starting to realise I need to spend more time taking photos and processing them.

google_plus-150x150I have been hearing so much about Google+ recently and apparently it is the social media platform we should be on right now, especially if you are into photography.  I am slowly working my way around it and work out how to use it.  I used to hate it, I couldn’t figure it out, but the more I use it, the more I like it.  It is like it has taken all the things we hate about Facebook and made them better in Google+.

So I have been spending more time on it, going through and +1ing stuff that I like.  I like that you can see work by lots of people and not just those that are “friends”.  The more you +1 others work, the more you get them back and the more people see your work.  The images I have been putting up in the last week are slowly getting more and more of them.  There are lots of communities to join as well.

The other thing I like is that you can categorise people you add to your circles.  You can have your close friends in one group, strangers in another, whatever, then when you post stuff you decide who will get that information.  I think that is a massive bonus.

The notifications give you more options, and you can reply to comments in them, accept people into circles, all sorts of things.  You don’t have to go to the actual post or status to do it.

If you use gmail, or google, the little bell for notifications in on all of them, so you can always see when the little red thing pops up letting you know how many notifications you have.

Of course, one of the biggest bonuses is that if you have a link to google+ on your site then apparently that favours well with Google, and you could get a higher ranking.  It can’t hurt, that is the way I look at it.

I have started a Leanne Cole Photography Google+ page and the link above should take you to it, I hope.

Just quickly, I wanted to warn you about the SEO ranking that I keep getting emails about.  I have been getting a lot of emails from people telling that I don’t high on google and if I want to get a higher ranking, then these people can help me.  It is, of course, a scam, so don’t do it.  My husband is a programmer and he said if you do it, then your ranking could end up a lot worse.  Google doesn’t like them.  What they do is make your site like spam.  You really don’t want that.

On a final note, I wanted to apologise to anyone who got a twitter invite from me.  I was installing it on my phone, pressed the wrong thing, and then everyone got invites. It was a mistake, so please just ignore it.


  1. Nice how in the first picture your attention is automatically drawn to the reflection pretty close to the ground level in the picture.. mission accomplished! And it makes me think of photography in yet a new way! Most of the time i’m saturating the picture and here you are desaturating it:)

    Seeing the photographs next to each other is very nice:)

  2. I truly enjoy your photography! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on google..I puzzled me greatly and just couldn’t get with it there..

    • Thank you Roberta. I understand how you feel about Google+, I am slowly starting to work my way through it, but I’ve had to do a bit reading.

  3. i prefer the colour shot, too:) that reflection is great!
    after reading your comments about google+, maybe ill give it another go. i set it up ages ago but it just didn’t seem to be intuitive and i didn’t give it any time. thanks for posting your thoughts.

    • I think that reflection just makes the image so much better, it was sort of lost in the B&W versions.
      It is interesting Google+, it seems people are leaving Facebook for it, because you can have a lot more control over what you do and your content. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Thank you.

  4. Love the photos and the capture of the reflection above the door. But also love your take on Google+. Much to think about.

  5. Good thoughts on Google+. I also think the network is underestimated by many photographers; mainly because, as you say, it can be daunting to get into it. I actually posted a (very long – maybe too long😉 ) text about my thoughts on G+ (and other Google stuff). I hope you don’t mind if I leave the link here. I thought it could be a nice read for someone thinking about getting started there as well:

    • I don’t mind the link if it is relevant to my post, and I think it is. I think you are right about it being underestimated by photographers, I think it could be a very useful tool, but as you said daunting to get used to. Thanks

  6. captureyouphotography says

    I have had google + for awhile but never did anything with it. I must say right now I am more google frustrated. Today I finally had a post show up publicly they have all be private so far this was on SLP blog I have not tried again from the CYP blog. I posted yesterday I was google + Frustrated LOL.

  7. Very nice photo image in both versions. Thanks for the info about Google+, I have been on it for a little while but haven’t ‘got it’ yet, so thanks for helping me understand it a bit more.

    • I think that is what we have to do, spend time on it and get used to it, I am trying to do that now, slowly but surely, I hope. Thank you so much.

  8. Love this image Leanne and your point of view is wonderful.
    The reflection makes it ‘more’. So enjoy your work.
    Thanks for the info on Google+ Ive been very hesitant, not wanting to join yet another social network.
    Had a look at your + site and it looks good:)

    • Thank you Robyn, that is fantastic.
      It seems to be that FB is slowly losing people and everyone is going Google+, so I’ve been told. I do like it though. I might hang around for a while.

  9. I believe I prefer the color photo, too. That reflection is great! I’ve been toying with Google+ for a while but haven’t spent any time to figure it out. I only think of it when friends send me an invite! I’m getting to where I just don’t really like FB much anymore.

    • That’s great, I think the colour gives more. Maybe try G+ Linda, it can take a while to get use to, but there are some wonderful photographs on there. I am seeing some amazing stuff.
      Thanks Linda.

  10. I wish I lived close enough to have a lesson. I look at your work and it makes me want to throw away my camera. Thank you for continuing to share your work

    • Oh no, I don’t like hearing that Karen, it is all practice, I have been working at it for a very long time. Thank you as well.

      • Practice, and the ability to “see”those great shots. I love that photo you took of the bride walking up the steps for her photo shoot. You just happened upon the scene but it looks stunning.

      • Yes Karen, that is it exactly, I think, though I take lots of shots and then some stick out to me on the computer and some never get seen again. I love that shot too, it was a fantastic thing to come across.

    • Thank you Julie, and you are welcome, I think there are lots of advantages to google+ still trying to work them out myself, but hopefully it will be worth it.

  11. I loved the black and white version you posted yesterday, but of the two in your post above, I have to agree with some of the other commenters that the colour image looks nicer.

    I am also a little puzzled about Google+. I love social media, and tend to jump right into everything that comes out (at least to test it out), but I’ve struggled to find an appropriate use for Google+. It’s tough though, because I think it’s an absolutely amazing platform. I should start investing more time in it as well.

    • I think the reflection gets so lost in the black and white one, so I think the colour works better.

      I have been posting lots of photos on g+ and I enjoy seeing what other people do. I like the way it displays photos too. I think it might be better, but I still have to learn a lot as well. I have been trying to invest more time into it as well.
      Thanks Shane.

  12. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    There is an unwritten rule that you must accidentally send at least one Twitter in your lifetime – or more as you gain more followers!

  13. sandlera says

    I really like the color image the best. I think that a good monochrome image should be moody and high contrast. Yes, that reflection is great.

  14. Great edit job with the photo—I like the desat, too, and it did exactly what you wanted it to do! Missed yesterday’s post, I think, but it’ll roll up here shortly, no doubt.

    Google+ is something that baffled me too, though I’m not on FaceBook so perhaps that, too, is a disadvantage. It just seems like “one more thing”! Perhaps I will go back and take a look soon, though. Thanks for the overview!

  15. Those image (s) frighten me because they remind me of having to go into town and go to work, which I never want to do again.

    • Now that’s not good, though this building always reminds me of observation decks and looking at the city. Thanks Kerbey.

  16. Thanks for the G+ information – I’ll check the terms of use to see who actually ends up owning the posted photos. I agree that because the color shot is not extremely colorful (saturated) that it works. B&W is good – but yes, the color one is just a bit better. I think it really is the perspective and framing that makes each shot work – a lot of building angles that could have gone horribly wrong – but didn’t.

    • Must admit I didn’t even think of checking that out, please let us know what you find Robert, would be much appreciated. I am glad you agree with me, sometimes the colour one is just better, not always. I know what you mean about angles, especially when using the wide angle on the full frame, you can get some funny perspectives. Thanks Robert

  17. Please keep us informed about your Google+ experience. I have not taken the plunge into other social media. Time is a huge consideration. I would like to spread the word more about the challenge that I sponsor. As you know, I’m in the throes of challenging the title to accommodate the evergreen quality of photography. Some within the challenge’s photo community have suggested a number of ideas, including linking to another social media. Thanks for giving us a peek at your own introduction to Google+.

    • Social media seems to be the way to success these days Sally, and if you haven’t taken the plunge and intend to, then I would recommend google+, seems facebook is becoming unpopular and people are getting sick of it. Just what I have noticed. I am finding google+ different, but then I am used to how FB works, but I am enjoying it more. I like what you can do there, but I am still finding my way around. Good luck with your challenge, and I will keep you informed, thanks Sally.

  18. Wow, I love your shots in colors … love the shades in the glass .. very striking to just color a detail in a photo too. London does their postcards like that … a red bus or a red postbox .. the Underground sign. Love how you have highlighted the reflection.
    FB isn’t what it has been … and I only transfer my posts there, hard write anything else. I play some games.
    Google+ I have read both good and bad reports about, but it seems to be the future of social media .. and the killer of FB, at least what the experts tells us.
    Good luck.

    • Thank you Viveka, I think that reflection really needed to be highlighted and the colour just works better.
      I must say I feel the same about facebook, I am concentrating on google+ I like the way it shows photos and some other things. I have heard the same thing, that g+ is the future and it seems to be the direction many people are heading in.

      • I think you made a good choice .. you should be everywhere really, but you’re well covered as it’s – you have loads of followers and you always get high numbers of likes.
        But for business .. I wouldn’t have a clue where to be.
        I’m not even on Instagram, but I don’t use a smartphone – don’t have clue if I can join anyhow.

      • The information I have been reading about social media says to pick the ones you want to use. I am enjoying g+ so far, still have a lot to figure out though. I have been lucky with the blog, but think I should expand some as well.
        Business and stuff is so different to what it used to be. I don’t know a lot about instagram, I used to do it a lot, but stopped when FB took it over, but I might see if I can remember to try it again. Lovely chatting with Viveka, you have a great weekend with that new camera.

      • Instagram seems to be the place too now … companies uses it to. I don’t have a smart photo, mine only rings.
        I think you should go back – because when I read about companies and their competitions – they want people to use Instagram.
        There is so many social medias just now … I can’t keep up with me. And I’m only a happy senior amateur.

      • I used to use it as an out and about sort of thing, I would take photos with my phone, use instagram and post them, I probably should go back to it. I thought it was a fun way to show people where I had been. There are a lot of them, but apparently if you want success it is what you have to do, I am enjoying g+ more now, now that I now what I am doing more. 😉

  19. I like this color version too. It’s richer I think. I’m on google+ too although my albums are a mess I’ve been told, lol. Later I will try to find you there if I already haven’t. I use it as a kind of a testing ground for posts here. :)

    • Thank you Laura, I think the same about it. I will have to find you on g+. I have no idea what I am doing, so I will probably make a mess of it too. I have been putting up some photos and seeing what happens. I still don’t know what I am doing, but hopefully will figure it out.

      • I just added you to my circles. You will see that I did that on the right hand column of notifications when you click that bell shape icon on the top right. Then click add me back. If that makes sense, lol. I find it all a bit confusing. The thing about it there as these groups are created “Top Photographers” yet it’s not quality, it’s just because there are lots of people in the circles. It’s all about the numbers unfortunately. You have to sift through all the stuff to find the good ones.

      • No it’s cool Laura, I found you, have you in my circles now, all good. I have been noticing that the more +1’s I do, then my photos start getting more of them too, so now my images are getting a lot more than they did say a week ago. I think you just have to use it and see what happens. It is about numbers, and time really.

      • And passion! I really believe that if one has a passion for the art itself, the followers will come. Focusing on the statistics gets obsessive sometimes I think. But maybe that’s because I don’t have dreams of making a living out of this. And thanks for adding me back! 😀

      • Yes, passion is important, people get caught up in it, I find that too, if you talk to someone who is passionate about something, then you want to go along with them. Though I don’t think it is always about making a living from it, I know I want to do that, but only so I can keep doing this and don’t have to compromise too much. Or maybe that just makes me selfish, LOL

  20. I love the shades of grey in the first photo and I love the blue sky in the second.

    I am on google+ too, but I don’t really know what to do with it. Maybe I should follow your lead and play with it some more.

    • Thank you Carol.
      I don’t think many of us know what to do with it, I am slowly figuring it out, but suspect it is going to take me a while. Yes, let’s figure it out together. I found you on there and now have you in my circles.

  21. Love the desaturated shot to bits – very subtle. It’s probably because I’m a grumpy old man, but I just don’t get G+.

    • Thank you Richard, it is interesting desaturating images, it can give a lovely feeling. I don’t think it is because you are a grumpy old man at all, none of us get it, I think we have to use it and then it comes to us slowly, at least that is what people keep telling me, LOL

  22. Goodness, how do you keep up with all the social media outlets? I have a hard enough time keeping up with WP and FB. My job is just getting in the way:-)
    Thanks for the good info as always, Leanne!

    • I don’t really, I keep up with some of them, but not all, but I keep hearing that g+ is quite good, so am trying to figure it out. Haha, it is terrible when things get in the way.

  23. I like the desaturated shot of the building best it has great impact. I like HDR in architecture more than nature ie Landscapes it just seems to suit the textures and colours in stonework in the buildings. Interesting and imformative blog by the way I shall have to visit on regular basis.

    • I totally agree with you Mark, I think HDR does work best for architecture. Thank you so much Mark, maybe I will see you again.

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