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Weekend Wandering – Trains Stations

This morning I went into Southern Cross Train Station in the city.  Southern Cross Station is the main station for the country trains that run all over the state.  I have caught trains there myself.  Just after I moved to Melbourne I was a frequent traveler on the train to Swan Hill in the states North West before my mum moved to the Mallee.

LeanneCole-southerncross-20140223-9536There I was photographing this train, when the announcement came over that the Swan Hill train was leaving in 4 minutes, I was photographing the train I used to catch. I couldn’t believe the coincidence. This train is a lot newer than the ones I used to travel on.  I do like travelling on trains though, would like to do more of it in the future.

LeanneCole-southerncross-20140223-9542The trains aren’t the only thing that have changed.  Southern Cross Station has completely changed in the last 10 years.  It has been given a very new face lift, or roof really, it never had anything like this before.  It also got a new name, for over a century it was called Spencer Street Station, but they changed it a few years ago to Southern Cross Street.  I still have trouble with the name and refer to its previous name.

LeanneCole-southerncross-20140223-9550It is an interesting place to photograph, and I know I am probably going to need more than one attempt.  I did take lots of images of the same thing and hoping to try some things this week from the images.

LeanneCole-southerncross-20140223-9553Like a lot of places in Melbourne they are strict on taking photos.  I contacted the station and organised to go and take photos.  You need to get permission first, and you can do that by emailing the station.  If you want to use a tripod then you have to make sure you have someone else with you that can be a spotter for you, make sure nothing happens while you are using the tripod. Not too much to ask for.  Though if you start using a tripod, you will have security coming up to you and telling you you can’t use it.  You might have to explain to them.

I did everything with the wide angle lens this morning, the 14-24mm on my Nikon D800. I looked to see how many photos I had taken and was shocked that my cards had so much space.  Yesterday when I was teaching I must have changed to jpegs, oh man, so I quickly changed to RAW.  I think I will have to use one of my other cameras when I teach.

So here are some more photos.  I have only processed these very quickly in Camera Raw, I am hoping that you will see some other versions this week coming. Take care, enjoy your weekend, take lots of photos.


  1. I always love the sensation of being in a train station. But your train station is really nice compared to what we have around here.

    • I do too, there is something wonderful about them, the expectation of new journeys or something. They spent a lot of money on this station for the Commonwealth games I think. Thank you Iksa.

  2. *Choo choo…..* Haha, that is all I can think of from reading this post:) I liked the 9544 photo the best, and the escalator photos were very interesting too. I like riding the train too. I don’t do it too often but when I do it’s usually out to Zone 2 to visit places. Hope your Sunday’s going well, Leanne.

    • chugachugachuga, LOL, they are great photos, it was very hard to make them look good, but I have plans I want to try some things with them, but I didn’t have time today, so stay tuned, haha. I like trains, but only when I have to travel on them occasionally. So what part of zone 2 do you come out too? I live in zone 2. Yeah, going okay, bit tired from the early morning, but okay.

      • *woooo…woooo….* I thought your photos were a bit unusual. Haven’t seen anyone photograph a train station like that, focusing on its layout and architecture. Which is refreshing. I’ve been to many parts of Zone 2 in the East – Dandenongs, Box Hill, Glen, Rowville etc. Looking to go south-west to Werribee Mansion hopefully in the coming months. Must be a bit of a commute of you each time you come to my end of town.

      • It isn’t too bad, we are near Heidelberg, so really close to the city really, doesn’t take long to get in. It is a beautiful part of the city, we have lots of parks, and it is very green out here, the Yarra runs close by, and there is Heide just over the river. I love it here.
        It is a good station to do that, it is quite unusual all the lines. I suspect I might have used the wrong lens.

  3. I didn’t know you had to have a permission to take photos in a station. You have very nice point of views Leanne.

    • Maybe not everywhere, but you do in Melbourne. Different departments deal with different stations, nightmare. haha. Thank you Valentina.

  4. Love the geometric patters of Southern Cross station. And it has plenty of vantage points for photographers. Love the vibrant colour of the red and yellow engine.

    • They are fantastic at that station. There are many great advantage points, I think I would like to do it more, I think the more you photograph some where the better you get at it. Thank you so much, the vibrant colours really stood out.

  5. leecleland says

    The shots up and down the escalators are really abstract and have wonderful curves. Great series.

  6. Love the photographs of the trains and the station………reminds me a bit of York station in the UK, which is next to the National Railway Museum and a frequent destination for me.

    • I will have to look up that station now, I am curious what it looks like. There are some great stations in the UK, very old ones too, would love to see them one day. Thank you.

    • I think I will too, I think it was a better name, we in Melbourne are getting so sick and tired of them changing the names of places all the time. Can’t keep up with them.

      • I have no idea Carol, many places change their name according to who their sponsors are, which is so annoying, so when they get a new sponsor, it gets a new name. The big stadium they built in the docklands has been renamed three times I think. It is so ridiculous.

      • Drives me nuts, I think the stadium should have a name, like the Cazaly Stadium, sponsored by . . . That would make it so much easier for us.

  7. Nice to see this! Train stations and trains can be an excellent inspiration for photographs..whether it’s geometry, architecture or the trains itself. Come to think of it, I should pay our Railway museum a visit, they have working steam and diesel locomotives and stuff..that could make for some interesting pictures (hopefully).

    • Sounds like a great opportunity to get some great photos of trains. I have been surprised at how popular photos of trains are, people do seem to like them. Maybe I should go to some of the steam trains around us. Thank you.

  8. I love you train photos! I’m a big train fan!! It is so cool you can take the pics with no people in them. Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • I don’t think you are alone there Lisa, many people are, me included. It was early Sunday morning, which was good for that reason, but crappy also because there weren’t many trains there. We think we might go back during the week, when it is busier so we can get more trains. Thanks Lisa.

  9. Very nice set of images–and about one of my favorite subjects. I particularly like the architectural features of train stations as opposed to the trains themselves.

    • I have to admit that I like them too, they can be so interesting, and so boring as well. Old train stations are usually the best, but it was nice that they did something a bit more special with this one. Thank you Sally.

  10. Train travel in the USA is almost nonexistent as a mode of transportation for people – we move freight these days with them. But I have vivid memories of passenger trains that came through my little rural hometown in Texas as a child. The train depot was a one-room wooden shack that has long since been razed, but I always believed the trains carried people to magical places and have loved them ever since. Great pictures!

    • It is happening here too Sheila, the lines are still all there, but they only do freight now, it is so sad. So many people loved trains, and with how fast they can move, they are so much better than buses, and better for the environment, I believe. Sounds like you have great memories, I do too. Thanks Sheila.

  11. There are a few places in the US where you need to obtain a tripod permit – although I’m usually OK with my monopod. Hope to get out today if the weather cooperated. Thanks Leanne.

    • They are so funny about tripods, as if I would ever put my tripod somewhere where someone could knock it over, I love my camera too much for that. I hope you do get to get out, must be frustrating, good luck.

  12. Wow! I love to see trains, like many men…..and you know I’m a huge fan of your work. What a combination. Thanks for the Sunday morning gift!

    • Thank you Ron, I don’t think it is just men though, I love them, and they are always popular, might have to see if I can do more on them,😉.

  13. Well captured, Leanne. I love the buzz and sense of anticipation of a train station – all those potential journeys, all those people on their own journeys ….

    • Thank you Siobhan, yes, all those journeys, the coming and going. Trains are great that way, possibly the same as taking photos of planes.

    • Thank you Rexlin. Have you heard from Another Thousand? I haven’t heard from her for a while, and I am getting worried.

      • No!!! But in the last post, she said that she is sick.If you know anything about her, please let me know.

      • I think she was having surgery. I did send her an email, but haven’t had a response. I am a bit worried, I think she is all alone. I will let you know if I hear from her, and please, let me know if you hear from her.

  14. Wonderful photos! I love trains as well and need to get out more to take some pics. But what a wonderful train station! It’s beautiful.

  15. Nice interplay with the “skylights”. I wonder if a terrifically strong wind came through there, if it would whip those roof right off.

    • No I don’t think it would, we have had strong winds and it is still there, I think they had trouble with it leaking one. I think because it is like a tunnel, the wind just goes straight through, I think. Thanks Cris.

  16. I’ve loved trains my whole life and it’s really cool to see what trains and train stations on the other side of the world look like! Great shots!

    • I love trains too, and the stations, they can be so amazing, or dead boring. How amazing would it be to travel the world just to photograph them? Thank you Brendon.

  17. Sorry, Leanne, I’m working backwards through your posts, but just wanted to say how much I like the job you did on the escalator shot. Finding you’ve been shooting all day in Jpeg is like having a nightmare while you’re awake.

  18. Love these, Leanne! I thought Southern Cross was such a cool station when I visited last year! Cheers — Steph

  19. Interesting surroundings … I’m intrigued by stations too as you know. The urban feel to it .. and the play between the light and dark, you have captured fantastically. Escalators upwards .. my pick of this great bunch.
    By the way my “new baby” has arrived, can pick it up this afternoon. So this weekend will be loads of fooling around and I will give that superlens its run for the money.
    I should be able to stand in Landskrona and take phtos of the island Ven. Hope the rain will stop until tomorrow. So dead excited over my new camera.

    • There is something about train stations, and I think many of us feel the same way Viveka. I like the escalators too.
      Wow, how exciting for you, lots and lots to play around with, I wonder what the first photo will be. You have a great weekend Viveka.

      • Same with airports … I love walking around on airport and pointing the camera on anything.
        Escalators are dramatic, urban and very cool. Have done a couple shots and they come out great, but not easy .. and escalators leads somewhere .. just like rail tracks. Love rail tracks.
        This somebody said there is 3 things a photographer should never take photos of … flowers, cats and rail tracks. *smile

      • You have to be so careful these days walking around airports taking photos, or it is automatically assumed you are a terrorist, unbelievable, as if a terrorist would be that obvious, they would be too worried that they would get told to stop, or questioned.
        I love escalators.
        REally, I never heard that, I photograph my cat, but only for fun and for facebook, I do love flowers and rail tracks, the person who said never photograph them was crazy. :)

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