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Christmas from Around the World with 16 Days til Christmas

It’s Monday, and as I have previously said, my Monday posts are for you, to show your Christmas photos.  I wish I could say the response had been overwhelming, but it hasn’t.  I have only had one person send me some photos, so today I am going to show you photos from Squaw Valley, and they are from my wonderful friend Nia, her blog is Nia Simone, Author.

SONY DSCI love the images, they are so different to our Christmas here.  For one, there is snow, we never get snow.  I want to thank Nia so much for sending me these images, otherwise, not totally sure what I would have done otherwise.

There is still next Monday if you would like to email,, a link to some Christmas photos on your blog, that I can copy a couple of, put them up here with a link to your post about them.  I was just reading Nia’s post, and she said something I hadn’t thought of, remember, Melbourne Australia is further ahead in time to most countries, and for the US, especially, your Sunday is our Monday.

I look forward to seeing more images.

I am going put some more of Nia’s images in a gallery now, but please go and look at her blog, she talks about the images there, Nia Simone, Author.


  1. These are great pics! I haven’t taken any Christmas pics yet… try not to think of Christmas until after my daughters have their birthdays (Dec 7th and 17th). Hope you receive some from others – would be fun to see! ~SueBee

    • I think they are great too, and I completely understand why you do that, it is a good idea. I hope I get some too.

  2. I seem to have missed your request for photos. I’ve got some nice seasonal stuff. I need a bit of information — you know, size, subjects. I’ve got lots of lights, trees, people. So far, all night pictures. Got some nice Boston night pix from the holidays last December. I won’t be in Boston until the 14th — hopefully I’ll get some nice stuff. You can email me at

  3. If I has some, I’d send them…but in looking at my images, I have a dearth of Christmas images – perhaps it is not having kids and working for a daily newspaper – just another day blending in with all the others. My loss I guess. I do enjoy the images you have been putting up – perhaps I will be more festive this year ‘:-)

    • I can understand that completely Robert. I have to say I often feel that way too, I think because it is summer here it is so easy to forget that Christmas is here, especially living in the suburbs, our local council does jack all for Christmas, and if you don’t look, you wouldn’t notice the decorations. Oh well. Well if you start to feel festive, and take some photos, send me an email.

  4. how lovely, leanne. and these pictures always remind me how excited i am for the coming holiday )

    • That is great to hear ksbeth, I find the same, I think if you go looking for it, then it really helps to get you into the spirit.

    • Sounds great Mike, but would you mind emailing it to me. I have had a couple do that already, then I can save them all in one place. I find with commments that I forget where they are, but I can keep emails altogether. Thanks

    • they are great image, I have never been there, but Nia has promised me a trip to it when I can get over there. That will be amazing.

      • We could, that would be amazing. :) Not sure when, I was hoping towards the end of next year, but my husband is proving to be a home body, so lots of convincing to do there.

      • There are so many great things to do around here — that shouldn’t be a tough sell. Well, once you overcome the home body thing …

      • Oh, I so know the home body thing, but I am always so glad when I do go out. I hope you can get some photos, would love to see them and show them.

  5. Thank you for featuring me and Squaw Valley, Leanne! I hope you get some more photos from around the world!

    • Oh thank you as well Nia, I am so glad you sent them to me, they are great. I have had a couple of emails, so if I push it a bit more I am sure I will get some more.

    • I almost had snow once, when we were in Denmark, we had one Christmas there, it didn’t snow on Christmas day, but it did snow the day after. It was cold and cooking a turkey made more sense.

  6. I somehow missed the part where you asked for contributions… I’ve sent you my humble samples, hope you’ll like them:)

    • Thank you so much for the email, I really appreciate it, it is great to be getting contributions, they are all great. :)

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