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A Woodland Bride with a Guest

Part of the reason for going to Trentham on Sunday was to see my friend Yvette.  She doesn’t live there, but her father does and she often goes there for the weekend.  Her father is hoping to set up a studio for her so she has somewhere to paint.  How wonderful it will be for her to have a studio in Trentham, it is a beautiful part of Victoria, much as I imagine Daylesford was before it became so popular, which really ruined it.

Yvette is also a great muse and loves to let me take her photo.  She doesn’t mind the silly set ups I get her to do and just goes with it.  She has a couple of things that bother her, but we are working on those.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5620I put this image up on Facebook on Sunday night.  This is something I want to do more of, the faceless bride.  We had planned on going to Trentham Falls to do photos, but that wasn’t possible, then she told me about this walking path that went into a wooded area, it was perfect.  I would love to go back to this area to do more.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5640-2We realised that a bride needs a bouquet, there wasn’t much around, then we decided on the dead sticks, now when I look back on these, I can’t help thinking how perfect that idea was.   None of us really know who thought of it, but it did work so well.  It is something I would like to try more.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5684Another faceless image.  This could become a theme, I don’t know yet.  We changed the clothing and gave her a new dress, of course it is not really a dress, just a couple of pieces of fabric.  I really like the way it turned out.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5717-2The bride walking on the path, to where, I don’t know.  We did quite a few of these sorts of things.  I liked this one the best.  I need to work on some more bits and pieces for doing these shoots.  I’ve been making headpieces, and attaching flowers and veils and stuff.  I like making them, I might even try making some dresses.  Might.

LeanneCole-klara-20130922-5760-2My daughter also came, she did the driving.  She was also in charge of safety pins.  She was very good at it.  She wore her red coat all day and hang around us with the hood on, and I liked the look, so made her let me take her photo.  I really like the way it has come out, so does she, she wants me to get it printed for her.  She can be funny.

I am so glad I have started taking my bride series and can’t wait to do more.  I hoping that it will happen soon.  I have to get back to work now, I have photos from a session I did yesterday.  The couple that have hired me to take some photos at their wedding next month came over here so I could take some photos of them and see how they photograph before the big day.  I have processed one so far and I am pretty happy with the result.

I thought I might the above images into a gallery so you can just look at them on their own, or not, up to you.


  1. Stunning, Leanne! I love the darkness of the environment in contract with the whit fabric, and the bouquet of sticks is genius.

  2. There is something almost sorrowful about her. It makes me think of a war bride, whose rushed nupitals left little time to savor…and now she remembers her special moment with her soldier, by herself. A solitary moment in the woods, remembering. That is what I see.

    • Yes, perhaps, I really like that you have come up with your own story about this, I think that fantastic and thank you so much for sharing it with me.

    • I hope so Emily, I am really starting to find me way, I hope so anyway. Thank you.
      I wasn’t accepted into the competition, unfortunately, it was as I imagined, it really is who you are, rather than what your work is. My turn will come.

      • I think it is pretty normal, they are really big ones, and you have to be showing and exhibiting for many years, or a few, and have some sort of reputation. Too much work to do my own, I am happy to continue doing my work and will try and get it exhibited and see what happens. As I said, my turn will come, eventually, it will just take a few years.

  3. i love the dead stick bouquets and the one where she appears about to be floating or rising up from the forest floor.

    • I think the dead sticks was a great idea, and so glad you like that one too, someone else mentioned it as well, saying something similar, fantastic, thank you.

  4. EvaUhu says

    Awesome series!:-) I particularly like the part with the dead sticks as a bouquet, it suits the moody atmosphere… Somehow these images make me think of the movie Sleepy Hollow, at least of the sinister parts out in the woods… And the third image is definitely my favourite because that’s were she looks so organically connected to the forest.

    • Thank you, they do seem to bring up interesting ideas with people. I like that, though I haven’t seen that movie. It is interesting which one you like, as it was the one she liked the least, she thought it looked too much like a real bride. I like them all, though not too sure about the second.

      • EvaUhu says

        Though I can’t tell why you doubt the second, I know what makes me prefer the first and the third: I feel that those where her face is obscured work slightly better than those were it’s visible. To me it fits better with the overall mood. As for ‘Sleepy Hollow’, I guess I really was going for ‘Corpse Bride’ or generally Tim Burton movies, they all have an eerie fairy-tale-like atmosphere about them.:-)

      • I did some things to the second that I don’t think quite worked, or maybe at this stage I am a little too close to the images. I have to agree, I like her face being covered, I like the idea that she has lost her identity because the face is gone. You know, someone else said that movie, and as I was replying to the comments last night, the woman I was staying with said, hey take a look at these dvd’s I got for three dollars each, and one was Corpse Bride, I will have to watch it now, it is a sign. So I will have to get back to you. Thanks again:)

      • EvaUhu says

        Though we do completely different kinds of images I understand that about the closeness. Sometimes they are too fresh in our minds to be judged, let’s say, impartially. At least that’s how I feel about mine ever and again.
        As for the movie, I’m really curious how you respond to it’s imagery. And no thanks needed, btw, I enjoy giving feedback like that. Get back to me anytime!:-)

      • It can be hard sometimes, and sometimes you do need to take a big break, and just step back.
        I watched the movie and I totally get what you are talking about, I got lots of ideas, will have to watch it a few times to get some more, it was a fantastic suggestion, thank you. :)

      • EvaUhu says

        You’re welcome, that’s great to hear how much you got out of the movie!:-)

  5. You ARE a Pre-Raphaelite. You have photographed a ‘waif bride’. Amazing, atmospheric. There must be a story to go with these pictures.

    • Thank you, I seem to be so, I will have to think of one, I should have stories. I tend to just get an idea of what I want in an image, but maybe a story would help it more.

    • In the end I think it worked out really well, it was also nice to use something from the environment that we were in that we could put back when we were done.

  6. I love the idea of a barefoot, woodland bride with a bouquet of sticks! The portrait of your daughter in the red hooded coat is beautiful.

    • Thanks Pat, it did seem to work really well, I didn’t want her to look to real, so the barefoot and sticks helped with that, I think. Ah the portrait of Klara, well, she loved it, so it has to be a good one, right?

  7. Really a fine series here, Leanne…lots can be ‘read into’ the images. Sticks the only thing about? PERFECT!

    Love your daughter’s portrait (don’t know which, as I can’t keep them straight)! She is truly beautiful–please tell her!

  8. Your daughter’s photo looks very much like a “Little Red Riding-hood” image, if you’re familiar with that children’s tale. She’s maybe a little older than the character in the story, but it’s a very striking image…very nice, Leanne.

  9. The first shot of this series is my favorite by far. It reminds me of a scene in the Tim Burton movie Sleepy Hollow. The muting of colors also helps create the moody atmosphere. Have you considered composing something like this where the bride is set in a slightly offset position, e.g. conforming to the rule of thirds? I’m thinking that might raise a few eyebrows. Thanks for sharing this, Leanne!:)

    • A couple people have said that, and the other movie Corpse Bride, I have seen the latter, but not the former, I must see if we have it. I am enjoying breaking the rule of thirds and putting my models smack in the middle. I actually like the symmetry of it.Thank you.

  10. poppytump says

    Love these Leanne.
    A wishfulness about the young woman dressed as a bride .. a ritual on a certain eve to make a dream come true perhaps … in the photo 4 I even ‘see ‘ a ghostly shadowy kind of figure appearing to follow out of the distant ‘tunnel of light’ .. but know it’s just the shading … isn’t it ??😉
    Your daughter makes a gorgeous Red Riding Hood as Scott mentioned …with something extra .

    • Thank you Poppytump, I love hearing what people see in the images. It is quite a ritual, the whole bride thing, I did some more images, different model yesterday. I really like the theme. It must be the shading, there wasn’t anyone else there, unless of course I did catch a ghost bride, must go back and take a look, 😉
      My daughter was very happy with this one.

  11. wow, you are good! I love these kind of photos that you make. A little creepy and scary. Keep up the good work!!!

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