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A Simple Post

I feel like I have done some really heavy posts this week and I am a bit tired, so today two new images.

Leanne Cole - Ready to Face the WolfAnother interpretation of Red Riding Hood coming out of the wood.  I told her that I wanted her to come out with confidence, she is going to Grandma’s house to fight.  I love the look on her face, she really does look like she isn’t going to take any crap from the wolf, he better look out.

Leanne Cole - PossessionThis one hasn’t worked.  I like the idea, but I didn’t think it through enough.  The hair didn’t work.  Oh well, it can’t all be perfect.

So I changed the colour on my website, and put a new banner on it, check it out and I changed the background colour of the blog, I wonder if anyone noticed.



  1. The top one makes me think that ‘normal service has been resumed’, but I hope your serious post on funding and costs hit home with a few people. MM

    • I hope so too, thank you. I can’t say that there won’t be more serious posts, but it was enough for this week.

  2. Lovely Red Riding Hood…the other girl…isn’t she the lady of the bleeding heart? Here she looks like she could be the Wicked Step-Mother who was very beautiful in Snow White. Great new Art site…loved the colors.

    • Thank you Bastet, and you are right, she is the same girl, it is my daughter. she likes being dark I think. I like how you have described her. I should have got her to do more, but I think she, and I, were worried about the bridge, it wasn’t too safe. That is great, I am glad you took a look. :)

      • Watch out or I might write something using your photos as a prompt…or maybe, with your permission, I migh use one of your photos to try to stimulate my poets to take a photo for the We Drink Photo Challenge…amazing how difficult it is to get a writer to snap a photo! 😦

      • Probably as difficult as it is to get a photographer to write something. :)
        What you propose could be very interesting, which image were you thinking?

      • Yes, you’re right of course!:-)
        Well, I think I really couldn’t try one of your new art photos…I’d scare the bejesus out of them!
        Maybe something like your staircases or landscapes of something “simpler” nature.
        By the way, would you mind if I tried to put together an interview with you for next week like I did with Jerry Stolarski? I reblogged you on We Drink this week but I was thinking I could try to put together something about you too…I don’t have any clear idea, as I didn’t when I did the article on him…I could start out by writing something and submitting the draft to you via F.B. message and we could go on from there like I did with him.

  3. these are so sureal lewking totally kewl, as a photographer avidly for years i sure appreciate ur imagery! way kewl:)…~*(*@*@)*~~~~~~~..Q

  4. Looks great…I think I can see what you were going for with the Klara pic…keep trying, it’s a good concept (and it’s certainly not *bad* the way it is!😉 )
    Know what you mean about needing to do something simple – my brain feels fried this week…

    • Thanks Marie, that is good to know, I certainly won’t give up, but I might try shooting it again. It can be good to try things a few time, especially when they don’t work,😉
      Yeah, I know what you mean, we are having teenage dramas here. I feel like my brain is fried too.

  5. The first image works well for me as your model stands out but doesn’t clash – a good combination of colours and tones I think.
    The website is looking good:)

    • Thanks Noeline, I think I have to agree with you here. :)
      Thanks also for taking a look at the website.

  6. Beautiful photography here Leanne! I love your website, the colors are easy on the eye and compliments the work you produce – very effective slideshow, from order to quality of photographs.

    • Thank you Mary, that is great to hear. I love the colour purple, had trouble finding the exact right shade, but I do like the one I settled on. The slideshow does seem to be a great idea, it is all there, though it will change from time to time. Thanks Again.

  7. Great stuff Leanne-I really like the second image and I think it does have a lot of possibilities-I look forward to seeing what you do with it-like the new look too!

    • Thank you, I like the idea of the second one, but I might re-shoot it, handy having my daughter as the model.

  8. Paul says

    >So I changed the colour on my website, and put a new banner on it, check it out and I changed the background colour of the blog, I wonder if anyone noticed.
    The subdued “sepia” tone of the initial pic in the scrolling series is very effective, Leanne, as the more dominant area of the leaves in the composition. The balance between figure and b/gr is just right.:-)

    • It was that first image that helped me to decide what colour the background should be, I think that is probably one of my best so far. Thanks Paul. :)

  9. Love the photos, you’re right, RR’hood’s expression is great. I liked the second photo too, not sure what’s wrong with the hair, I like it. The cape is amazing. The new color is nice. The website is phenomenal.

    • I think her hair looks unnatural, like it is put there. Maybe it is just me. Thank Nia, glad you like the website, more changes will happen, though I have to work out how to do some stuff.

  10. They are both striking. I wonder if the Red Riding Hood one would have been improved by not having the hair across the forehead?
    To me, what detracts a bit from the second is that the pose is perhaps too static.

    • Yeah the pose, wasn’t great, we should have done some others, but there is always the option to do it again. I don’t have a problem with the hair across her face, that is what happened naturally as she walked out, so that was fine for me. Thanks

  11. Fantastic images, especially the one of your Klara. It’s a very dramatic image, along the lines of a dark angel.

    • Oh, Klara will like that, she wants me to photograph her as a dark angel, we might have to try it again. Thanks David.

  12. On funding and theft…. posting yesterday from work account, I noted that I often found my work in facilities that had not sold them. You had asked what did I do about it.

    The difference is that I keep my professional blog regarding nursing and regulations to establish me as an expert. As such I add footers with my name and number and write it off to creepy people who always want something for free and hope that a decent person will see my work and know that I am competent to do my job.

    I don’t sell art, though. Photographs in particular are easy to steal. On the rare occasions that I give one as a gift, I sign it and destroy the digital images and remove them from online. It’s like I told a friend… if you wrote a poem for someone, would you re-use it for another person?

    Keep your watermarks, etc. but when you decide to sell a print, determine how many you are willing to sell and then number them. That way, the buyer who knows that his or her print is worth more because of the limited number will be even more outraged than you. If I wanted to make a living selling photographs, I would have a random number generator and place that number very small on the back of the photograph and not make a big deal about it. That way, if someone steals your work, and tries to replicate the signature, you can THEN go back and ask for the tiny numbers in the top left (or wherever) corner.

    As far as art and photography goes…. The difference to me is the way that an artist sees. A good camera can make a perfect image of something that exists. When I photograph bridges and buildings, I am acutely aware that I am preserving someone else’s art unless I see something in it that is unique.

    When I photograph other things – some common, some not, and what is photographed is the unique way that I see things, that is art.

    There is skill required to operate a complicated camera. craft which involves following all of the rules of exposure and composition, etc. and finally art which includes skill and craft and the artist.

    Beautiful pics of Red Riding Hood. I was her on Halloween which y’all don’t have in Australia but maybe you should reconsider.

    • I have said before that I do have a degree in Fine Art, and I have learned how to edition work, and for me it is also about how to get it printed as well. I will be signing the work, and I will sign the work the same way that a printmaker does. The images will be sold in small editions, at the moment they are sold in editions of 10. I will keep a record of which numbers have been sold and to who they were sold to. The watermark will stay on the images for the web, but will not be on the images when they are sold.
      I don’t know where you get the idea that photographs are easy to sell, I have spoken to many people selling photos and they are all finding it so hard. The biggest problem is that the internet is flooded with images, everyone with a digital camera thinks they are a photographer and that they should be able to sell their. I don’t know how many times I hear people telling me that they want to be a professional photographer. It makes it really hard, though it also means having to find a way to stand out.
      Thanks Julianne, we don’t do Halloween, and I have to say I hope we don’t, not because I don’t think it looks like fun, but mainly because we are losing our culture to the US so much already, I don’t like that, and I would really like us to retain our own culture and our own customs. We don’t have a lot, but it would be nice if we kept them.

  13. Reblogged this on an eternal whim and commented:
    I think it’s interesting that this talented photographer mentions her second subject’s hair didn’t quite work. I think it works perfectly, don’t you?

    • You are being kind, there are aspects about it that I like, and it is those things that really want me to make this image work, so I will do it again with those things in mind. Thank you.

      • I like those things too, I really like that fabric on the left and would like to try to do that again, for both sides, they almost look like wings and I know Klara would love that.

  14. lol…yes I noticed you changed the color! I think both are striking…just different…

    • LOL, I thought no one must have noticed because no one said anything, then I thought, well maybe they have noticed, but no one likes it. They are different, I like that, the second image was heavily influenced by my daughter and the type of shot she wanted to. Thanks Heather.

      • I forgot to say that I like the color…it is soft, while dark. Your daughter has great taste. I really like where you are going with these photos, so uniquely you!

      • That you Heather, I love the colour, it took so many attempts to find one that worked that didn’t look in your face. I love purple, I think I already said that, but I didn’t want it to look really bright or in your face.
        That is great to hear Heather, I am loving where they are going as well.

  15. Leanne, I think you are wrong; I was immediately drawn to the second image. I loved the mood of it and I think the hair is great. How did you get the dress/cape to billow out behind like that? At first glimpse, I thought she was standing in front of black stallion. Then I thought of a dark angle. Beautiful. I love the almost monochromatic theme with a splash of lighted color from her face and hair. I also love the hint of pink in the flora. The lighting is perfect. If I could double like this one, I would.
    I like the red riding hood one too, but the blue is a bit stark for me; but that is just me. I guess I’m just really digging the second one.:-)

    • There are things I love about that image Darla, and I really want to be able to try some other stuff with it at some stage. I don’t like her hair in it, and I don’t like her arms. I love the fabric behind, and I love that piece on the left, I should have tried to get a similar one on the other side, they could have been wings. She wants to be like a dark angel, so I will try again, and I don’t think she would mind that at all. It is nice to know that people like it, but all I see is the hair, haha, I hope the next one is even better.
      That is interesting what you say about the blue, it is actually purple, but I totally understand what you mean now looking at it.
      Thanks Darla, it is great to get feedback like this.

      • See, I love the hair. Perhaps you are too close to the subject and notice more critical things; she’s your daughter right?
        So did you mask the fabric in at the back?

      • cool, I definitely need to learn how to do that.
        I have photoshop elements 10 and I searched the help for camera raw and got info about a plugin????? I guess that means I can add that? I’m not really sure what a plug in is.

      • Plugin is like an added program, so you would use elements, and the camera raw would be attached somehow. I don’t know how it works in elements. I have Photoshop and it is part of it.
        It is so amazing the stuff you can do now.

      • I used to use the professional PS, its what I learned on, so the elements is so limiting. I need to know how to use raw. I never shoot in it because I don’t know how to edit in raw????
        I never used it because it is slow and with photojournalism, you need fast.

      • I also think with photojournalism you are working with images to just go into a newspaper so you wouldn’t have needed all that extra stuff. A cheap way of working with raw if you have elements is to get lightroom, Lightroom works in much the same way as camera raw in PS, so I have been told. That might be a much cheaper way of your using raw files.

      • So I would shoot in raw and then the Lightroom would help me edit them? I never could figure out the editing in PS when I tried to use raw back when I had access to the full PS.
        I would love to have the complete creative suite, but its about 12 grand. Not in my budget. I will check into the plug in app and lightroom

      • I have an older version here of Lightroom, lightroom 3 I think it is, I got it, but never used it, if you want it, just let me know and I will post it to you. I also have 4, but I can’t let you have that. Send me an email, if you are interested.
        I am only interested in Photoshop, well at this stage, the rest doesn’t interest me at all, well not at this point.

      • WEll you do a ton with photoshop! I wish I had your knack for editing! I feel so out of my league sometimes. Yes, I would love to have the 3! I can pay for post! I will email you my addy. Thanks!

      • I love editing, and have spent quite a bit time learning how to do it, and I am really happy with where my editing is these days. I have pulled it out for you and will send it in the next couple of days.

      • Oh you are so sweet, can you stick yourself in the package and come and teach me how to better edit!:-) I would feed you!

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