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ReWorking the GPO Clock Tower

There are so many photos that I have done in the past and I often wonder what or how would I do them differently now.  I think when you start taking photos you start out thinking you have to be clever and you take a heap of images that later on you look at and think to yourself, “what was I thinking”.  With processing the same thing happens.  When you begin you get carried away with all that you can do, then slowly you tone down what you do and start to really refine what it is you are trying to do.

So on that note, I have lots of photos that I am looking forward to reworking and seeing how I would do them now.

GPO Clock Tower - OriginalThis image was taken on the same day as the image from last weeks ReWorked image. It was taken at the top of the City Myer Store.  On the top floor there are windows looking out onto the city.  It is quite a nice height and you can some great views of the buildings around the city.

There isn’t a lot wrong with it, but I thought it could have been done better.

GPO Clock Tower - ReworkedSo what did I do?  Well I removed as many of the lights that were reflecting on the glass, that gave the buildings in the city some funny spots in the first one.  I have also darkened much of the image to make the clock tower stand out more, so it is the star of the image, rather than just another building in amongst them all.

I like the reworked image, and I resisted working the image too much, well I hope I did.    I tried to concentrate more on the lighting.

The Close UpThis is another image that I took that day, but I had never processed it before.  It was interesting going back to the original photos and seeing which ones I would do this time.  I like the colour of the tower here in contrast to the rest of the buildings around it.

Looking into the CityWhen I put up a second image with the first one in the original post, I didn’t pick this one, instead, I chose one without the clock tower, I don’t know why.  When I went back today, I saw this one, and thought this one was so much better, so I decided to put this one up.

I think this image, gives you an idea of what an eclectic collection of architecture Melbourne has, which really sums it up.

You know I have just noticed that it looks like the sun was shining, it wasn’t, I must getting better at controlling the light in images, haha.  Okay, maybe I have no idea what I am doing.  Though I have been looking at some workshops on Creative Live and  picking up some tips, so they must be working.

I hope you didn’t mind the photos of my cat yesterday.  I thought they would be some fun, and please rest assured, you won’t see him on here very often, but I thought I would tell you something else about him.  Tiddles has his own facebook page and if you would like to see more photos of him, then click on Tiddles Cole.  Hopefully it will work.  He gets lots of funny photos taken of him from my daughter, yes, and from me.


  1. Woman, from day one I have always loved the way you edit your images. Love the new edit. I need to start ‘learning’ to edit so that I can make my portraits more in to art.

    • Hey woman, that is brilliant, LOL, thanks, I’ve been doing some stuff from creative live, like you told me about, it is pretty good. I have learned so much more, and can’t wait to continue learning, thanks for the introduction.

      • You’re welcome! It has changed a bit (CL) since I started watching. They got more $ and more staff, and they’ve added business classes, etc. from the regular photog classes they used to have. It’s not as “family” oriented to me anymore, but occasionally i’ll pop on and watch as class. I won my re-branding from one of the classes from the twitter contest!

      • They are quite good value, there are a couple of things I don’t like, they don’t tell when the rebroadcast will be on, they seem to just show them, so if you happen to have been asleep for the first half, because they start at 2am here, then it is hard to work out how to catch what you have missed. They are great value for your money though. If you went to a workshop here for 2 days on photoshop it would cost you almost $400 and you wouldn’t get a copy of it, so the prices they charge are good. I have purchased a couple so far. I watch some, but, like I said, it can be hard because of the time thing. I might suggest that to them.

      • They usually rebroadcast within a 1/2 hr of ending the show each day, and then usually the day after the whole program is over. Sometimes they have tech diff and you just have to wait a bit longer.:)

      • I find it a bit hard to work out when, but I just buy the ones I”m interested in now, they are so cheap really. I have quite a few to work my way through.

  2. This is such a beautiful cityscape. I love the way the clock tower is old fashioned and everything else is more modern. It’s a neat contrast.

  3. Shivani Panchmatia says

    awesome. I really like ur shots. I hope to be able to take such shots one day:-)

    • I can understand that, I suppose we come from similar backgrounds, British colonialism and all that. thanks

  4. Fantastic and very gothic…I can almost imagine (excuse me) Batman getting ready to save the day…really lovely.

    • That is fantastic, thank you, Batman would like Melbourne, we have lots of buildings that would be very suited for him.

    • It is a shame that tall building wasn’t all glass, how cool would that have been? Thanks Mark

    • Thank you, I wasn’t sure, last week people didn’t seem to like the rework, so nice to hear I did better this week.

  5. I have a lot of “What was I THINKING?” moments…about more things than my old photos😉
    Love the clock tower, but that last image fascinates me. I suppose, if I could find a nice, high place in Providence, we’d see similar combinations – buildings from the late-1600’s alongside modern glass and steel, and everything in-between! Thanks so much for posting these views of your world>

    • Hahaha, that is brilliant, I think we all have those moments.
      We don’t have anything going back that far, I think the oldest goes back to about 1880, or there abouts and that would be the clock tower. I think modern day buildings are pretty the same everywhere, don’t you?
      Glad you enjoyed the view of my city Marie. Thank you.

  6. That clock tower is so awesome! I can’t say enough how much I love your photographs!!

    • I’m going to get a big head with all this talk, thank you Lisa, that is wonderful to hear.

  7. luxaeternaimaging says

    I love that last one, something about the sky… It gives it a sense the clouds are racing away from you that really draws the eye down through the image. And the variety of architecture is amazing!

    • I can’t believe I missed that one the first time I did these photos. I like it so much. It is always good to hear that other people like them as well. Thank you.

      • luxaeternaimaging says

        It’s always great to look back at old photographs and find that hidden gem you may have missed, like finding money in your jacket pocket:)

      • I am starting to find that it is invaluable. Yes, I have discovered some lovely images. Thank you.

  8. Love how you re-imagined your original image. I like the darker version. It just seems to “match” the sky and the overall mood of the moment.

    • Thank you, I wasn’t sure with this one, they are quite similar, but I tried to make the clock tower stand out more. Great to hear you like it.

  9. This was not so easy for me to pick a favorite … but I think I go for the top one because there is hits of strong colors like the yellow and green … the close up of the tower is excellent too. Very dramatic shots .. with the that dark sky. And the modern skyscraper behind it … very dramatic.

    • That’s a shame Viveka, that is the original image, I don’t like that one, the colours are not natural for me and it is quite flat, whereas in the rework I tried to give it more life, funny how different our tastes can be.

      • That’s art …. we all look differently on the same piece – I’m all in favor for colors … and in a city where most of building are grey, blue and dark maroon … a little yellow and green is a clear plus.
        Main thing is that you are pleased with your rework.

  10. I admire your ability to work on the details that can bring out the full potential of a file. This is really excellent.

    • Thank you, that is so nice to say, I still have so much to learn, but it is good to be able to work on particular areas.

  11. I must be getting pretty good at recognising your style! When I saw the first image, I knew what you were going to highlight in the rework…😀 It looks good! And I did like the last rework better than the original, but after reading through the comments I saw that I didn’t have anything to add, so I didn’t comment then. Perhaps I should have.

    If I were to start doing a post about the artists who influenced me and my photography, you would definitely be the first one. Your work really is wonderful, and I especially love the way that you draw out the richness in the browns of the leather and the wood in the council chamber photos. I think I may have figured out how you do that while I was playing around with one of my photos!😀

    • I have been hearing from a few people that my style is becoming recognisable. I think this reworked has been liked by a lot more people. It is funny when I do one and everyone likes the original, well nearly everyone. This one has been better.

      That is such a lovely thing for you to say. I have never thought of people doing posts on me influencing them, I still think of myself as a learner, there is so much to learn. I might be an expert one day, but then it might be time to give up. Glad you figured it out, hope it works for you. Thank you Joseph.

  12. the reworked clock is more “out there” now…however I’m really liking the roof of the building to the right and down of the clock…I’m going to have to churn the look of that roof into my brain so it’ll come out as something I can incorporate into my doodles down the road…if that’s ok with you!!! I’ve friended Tiddles😀

    • That is a great photo too, thank you. That’s fine, but you need to let me see what you do. :) I’m sure Tiddles is thrilled to have a new friend. Thank you.

  13. love these…the architecture of the clock tower is wonderful, looks very old world . I’ve become interested in city skylines, I’ve a few, in fact I’ve one from my drive home from Florida this winter through Cincinnati…but I’ve not processed them yet…should get on that… enjoy your weekend!

    • Yes, Heather, you better get onto it. I like skylines too, but I find them quite hard to get, it isn’t always possible to get up high enough to actually take them.

      • yes…height is required…I live in a small 50,000 city and we don’t have skylines like these so once in a while I might be in a position to photograph them…have some very old ones from Toronto but they are blurry for the most part…when I took the Cincinnati ones it was from the passenger side window while driving…I’ll get them up soon…

      • Sounds really interesting Heather. I would love to see them, everytime I click on your blog I get a notice saying I am not allowed to look.

      • shlehora says

        Ur very welcome! I believe you have all ready been presented with this award but I just wanted u to know that u inspire me as we’ll as others. Thank you!

      • I find it quite a strange thing, that people find my work inspiring, and when it first started happening I found it strange, because I do lack confidence. I have got used to it, and it is great to hear that I do inspire people. Thank you.

      • shlehora says

        You r very welcome! It’s hard to believe that photographers with your talent lack confidence. I know that is why I could never have my own business. So I am in awe of others that can.

      • A lack of confidence is a major thing, I saw something from another photographer recently and she said that when she started her business she had to stop looking at what other photographers because it made her less confident, and just get on with what she wanted to do. She is quite a successful photographer, so I think it is something about all of us.

      • shlehora says

        Wow! I guess that makes me feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one. Thanks for that! Happy shooting!

      • I think it is the creative thing, it is almost like appearing nude in public, you worry that you don’t look good, not that I have ever done that, but I imagine it would be similar. You are putting stuff out there that is very personal to you, and that can be really hard.

  14. There is so much more to photography than just taking the picture — I have learned some valuable tips from you as far as editing photographs as well. You explain things and give us ideas, not to mention that you take fabulous pictures! Thanks for always posting these “mini lessons” for us!

    • Thank you too Becky, it is always great to hear from people and to find out what it is that they like. I do my best, though I’m not always sure what people like, so thank you for letting me know. I think there is a lot more to photography that just taking a picture, in some ways that is the easy part. I hope you have lots of fun with your own work.

  15. I’ve visited once Sydney. It is nice city. But looking at your pictures of Melbourne I like it better. You love your city and all your pictures of it are made with love. I like a lot postprocesing – great dramatic colour.

    • Melbourne has a very different feel to it than Sydney, there is a different culture here. Melbourne seems to be a more intimate city, I don’t know how to explain it, but there isn’t much difference in size, but it is a completely different place. I do love Melbourne and I am so glad you can see that. Thank you.

  16. coralplateau says

    another fabulous job Leanne…
    this particular skyline is reminiscent of a part of San Fran!

    • That is really interesting, I have been told that, besides the hill, there are a lot of similarities between the two. We almost lived there once. Thank you.

  17. The tall building dominates unless decapitated. As a study of the clock tower, I like the very cropped one – #3. The high building is impressive in #2, while #4 has the best rooftop effect. They all work, but to achieve different results.

    • That is great to hear, I think the last image is my favourite out of this bunch. Thank you.

  18. Really like the feeling you’ve conveyed in the re-works, Leanne…so much more interesting to view with that lovely old clock tower emphasized, then the eye finally wanders around, taking in all the other details. The colors here remain subtle, but I guess you adjusted Contrast a bit, to give them more ‘life’. Great work!

    • Isn’t it terrible, I only did it the other day, and I don’t remember. I think I used curves more. I think the rework looks much better and so glad you agree with me. Thanks 1000

      • So much more detail being brought out (with Curves) really enhanced these, Leanne.

        Though it’s difficult for me to run out of new things to work on, I really should go back and do some re-works, because my processing is so very different than it was before this past six months or so.

        Guess I’d better get cracking, huh?

      • It is so interesting to see how much it does actually change, I’m in learning mode at the moment and have been learning some amazing new things, my head is swimming.
        I better get cracking too. My daughter just passed her driving test, so that is a relief, I can breath now.

      • Oh, congratulations to her! That’s truly a milestone in one’s life! I failed my first test, because I drove my older brother’s car, which was totally unfamiliar to me. The brake pedal was higher than my dad’s car, and I missed it and almost crashed the driving inspector’s car!

      • It is a scary thing, but it is amazing how different her driving is after getting it, she is so much more relaxed and confident. She did well though, and I am so proud of her. I think it is so hard to do the test and to do it in another car that you haven’t driven before. Glad you said almost crashed.

      • I was about six inches from smacking that car, Leanne, and I must have turned beet red (I did not do any cursing back in those days!)!

  19. I learn so much from these posts! Thank you!

    I loved the Tiddles post. In fact, I sent it to a friend who loves cats and it made her day.

  20. Oh I love the changes… even though I loved it before😀 , and THANKS so much for the link to Creative! I hope to get time soon to check it out. I saved it to my favorites!😀

  21. It can be hard to stop tweaking an image, especially after putting it away from awhile and coming back with fresh eyes. As you have here, both versions are great in their own way, but stylistically very different.

    creativeLIVE is a pretty wonderful resource – I’ve watched many of their videos

    • It would be interesting to pick an image, and every 12 months rework it from the original image, and then see how it changes as your tastes and style change. That is a great idea. I might have to try that.
      I love creativeLIVE, they have some great stuff, the only thing I don’t like is the time difference, so my opportunities to ask questions is very limited.

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