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Walking and Talking

This first image I have is from the back of the  Deaf Children Australia‘s building.  It is like a back door.  I love old back doors like this, and the way the light comes into them.

The Back DoorI can imagine lots and lots of children running in and out of this door.  Look at the windows and how high they are.  They seem to be there for light and not looking out.  I can remember old schools I went to that had high windows.  If you look at the bottom of the door you can see some damage, I imagine that is damage done by water.

The whole building has much water damage, and that is part of the reason why the building needs a lot of restoration work.  I will do some photos on that at some stage.  Do deaf children make as much noise as other children?

Talking on the PhoneI found another phone when I was there last time.  It is the same make and model as the other one, only this one has a little shelf under it.

I did pick up the phone to see if it worked, afraid it was silent, there is no one on the other end.  I am told there are three phones, so I still need to find one.  As some of you commented last time, it is strange to have a phone in a place for deaf people, but there were people working there that were not deaf and the phones would have been for them.

A comment was made about the phones being in such a public area, and how the children didn’t play with the phones.  I suppose the fun was gone if you couldn’t hear the other end.

The phones are also up quite high.  They certainly weren’t put somewhere for long conversations.  You would have to stand to use them and I suppose the conversations would have been very quick.

I am hoping to get a new wide angle lens this week, and if I do, I will see if I can go back and do some more photos.  I would like to do more close ups of features there.

Now, don’t forget if you are interested in helping Deaf Children Australia to restore their building, you can make a donation just click on Donate Here.


  1. You got my curiosity going …what’s outside the doorr? Another picture, another question, another picture, and onward.
    On my Way…

  2. These are lovely vintage looking shots, especially the phone. I love back doors, barn doors, dormer windows, stained glass windows…there’s just something about the play of light between inside and outside, lightness and dark.

  3. jourdorae says

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    Alright everyone, as you have probably noticed I am a photography junky and was so excited to see this beauty show up on the top of my Reader feed! I am fairly in love with this picture and you all should show some love as well as stop by the blog to check out the other work! You’ll be impressed I promise.

  4. I am really enjoying your blog. You have some amazing photos! My partner takes photos, its his passion, I can’t wait to show him your work! Thanks for checking out my blog too:)

  5. Your photographs always so impressive and I love. The back door and the window, in the colours and shadows so beautiful, you captured amazing composition in here. This telephone standing amazing too. The story of this old building talking also through your words, and I can almost see the children there,… Thank you dear Leanne Cole, love, nia

  6. Love the natural light flooding the hallway in the first shot…and the sight of the picnic table right outside. The old phone is a great find.

    • I think you would have to get in line, a few people want them, a guy that works there wants one, he collects them, but I hope they stay right where they are. :)

  7. Abha says

    The photographs tell a story. The back door is soo nostalgic in its beauty!

  8. hutchphotography2020 says

    Cool beans on the phone. Beautiful work.

  9. Okay, where is this located that it has such antique fixtures? I love the images! thanks for sharing

  10. brenda says

    I enjoy visiting your blog — the images as well as the stories associated with the images. Thank you for validation of my images. This particular post was significant to me since my parents are deaf and I generally donate during the month of March – thanks for offering this organization:)

  11. petit4chocolatier says

    Leanne, this is so interesting. I too agree about the windows being high up. Love the phone:)

  12. I love that shot of the door. It really makes me feel the length of that hallway.

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