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The Ins Again

So, as stated earlier, I have all the images that I posted earlier again, but this time they are in black and white.  So if you haven’t seen the earlier post go to Now for the Ins.So now you have, hopefully, seen them in black and white, and colour, what do you prefer?


    • I did wonder if they were better because then you don’t get lost with the colour of the stone and you just concentrate on the textures. Thanks:)

      • Thanks Stephanie. Sounds like a popular decision as well, it seems definitely the first one everyone thinks is better in B&W, split decisions about the 2nd, but nearly everyone though the last two work better in colour. Thanks letting me know.:)

    • Seems everyone is agreeing with you, that seems to be the most popular combination. :) Must be that warm colour of the stone.

  1. Love the one of the staircase – and it is so much more effective in black and white. Seems to give a more old-world feel about it.

    • Haha,:) Maybe it doesn’t look as dirty and grotty in the B&W version as it does in the colour. That is what I thought. Thanks Colline.

  2. They’re all great, but I prefer two and four in b&w. The lighting is just great and the monochrome emphasises it.

    • The lighting in the second one was weird, I don’t really know where it came from. It was a dark little corner. Must be my fantastic photography skills LOL. :) it is weird.

    • Thanks Stephanie, interesting that you like them all in black and white. I wasn’t sure myself. Couldn’t decide. I do like in black and white, I love the textures in the stone.:)

  3. Tricia's Blogs says

    Hard to decide which I like the best, but if I had to choose I think I might say the colored photos. I do like b/w too though! What a fascinating place!

    • I feel like you Tricia, it is hard to know. I can’t decide between them, there are aspects of both that I like. It is fascinating, quite out of character for Australia, I think. Can’t think of anywhere else where there is a medieval stiyle building. :)

  4. I too like the staircase in b&w and the others in color. As you stated the rock is warmed by its color inviting you into the photos.

    • I think you might be right. The stone is such a lovely colour. I think the first image works better in B&W because it is so grotty and grungy in the colour one, where in B&W it just looks old. Thanks for your thought Bonnie.

  5. Hmmm they are both amazing, I think they both work! i love color. I just always do lol! But the black and white gives it that haunting old feeling, it’s pretty awesome:)

  6. obrienspix says

    These are just beautiful girl. Love the new look of your blog too.

    • Thanks Jason. It is a beautiful place to photograph. I’m liking the new look too, still one or two things to iron out, but will get there. NIce to hear from you. :)

  7. Ok, you do like making things difficult for us, don’t you? I haven’t seen this post or the previous one, so I saw them both now. I started with the B&W, and I thought: ‘these are perfect B&W photos’, and then I saw the colour photos and they’re beautiful because of the warmth of the stone and the fact that it’s not ‘colour’ colour – if you know what I mean? But I do think I LOVE the colour photos best.:)

    • Haha, I didn’t mean to. It is a hard one, and I will admit I don’t know which ones I prefer either. They both have great qualities, though most seem to be like you and prefer the colour.

  8. the b/w pics look more mysterious. love it. but the color ones are lovely too, they look warm. if i have to choose, i love the b/w more, especially the stone texture gives eerie feeling yet artistic at the same time

    • I don’t know, sometimes I think the B&W and other times the colour. I think it is a personal choice. It is just good that others like the photos. Thanks.

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