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The Views You See on the Back of a Motorbike

Ferns, Ferns, Ferns

The Baw Baw Classic was on today.  it is a cycling race, where the cyclist race from Warragul to the top of Mt Baw Baw.  It is around 100kms and the final climb is said to be one of the toughest in the world.  It breaks a lot of people and there is a real sense of achievement if you make it to the top.  The image above is the view from the top.

I did this race last year and I decided that if I was going to do it again I would only do it on a motorbike.  I organised with my friend Bruce, and we left my place at 8.30 this morning.  I spent many hours on the back of the bike, and can I just add, my bum is very sore from it.  While we were hooning around on it, I decided that I would see if I could get some non cycling images to show you from today.  All the following images were taken from the motorbike.  Some are very strange, others not.  There aren’t that many.  The only one that wasn’t taken from the bike is the above one.

Photos of the race are on my website

For most of the trip, the scene in the image above is pretty much what we looking at.  It was so beautiful.  It was also very green and lush.  It looked like it was diary farm country.

When you start the climb, you go into rain forest territory and you see these ferns every where.  I don’t know what they are called, but they are so beautiful.  They are like umbrellas everywhere.

Here are a lot more, but if you look closely you can see that the foreground is very blurred.  You can also see the road through it as well.  We were about to turn a bend and end up there.

I was trying to photograph the snow that was on the ground, but I had the camera set up wrong and this is what I ended up with.  I really liked it, I like the way it sort of gives you a bit of head rush or makes your eyes go weird.

It has been an interesting day.  I haven’t been through the cycling photos yet, and I may put some on here in a day or two if any stand out.  I think the cyclists get a kick out of having a motorbike come up beside them and then take their photos.  It is a great way to photograph a road race, really the only way to do it.  I love doing it on the bike, though, road racing is my favourite.

  1. What a beautiful ride. And an unusual way to take photos 🙂

    April 15, 2012
    • It is an interesting way, though, my backside is still very sore. It is a tough way to take photos, you always end up with some blur. But it is so much fun. I love it.

      April 16, 2012
  2. It looks like a beautiful area and I love the photos. 🙂

    April 16, 2012
    • It is a stunning area. I would like to go back there with my car, so I can stop and get some good shots of the scenery. Thanks

      April 16, 2012
  3. Hey there, Leanne:

    You are inspiring thoughts of travel for this Canuck! Loving the green! Beautiful depth created in each. Good schtuff!

    April 16, 2012
    • I love that term Canuck, only heard it for the first time recently when I was photographing the Canadians during the track world champs. Travel is good, you should come down under and see what you can do. Thanks.

      April 16, 2012
  4. These are beautiful and mysterious! I love them 🙂

    April 16, 2012
    • Some are a bit weird, but that is what happens when you take photos from the back of a bike. Speed was too fast and I could help but get blur. Though I have, in the past, got some beautiful images from the back of the bike, I guess it just depends.

      April 16, 2012
  5. Love the last shot. You can really feel the motion.

    April 20, 2012
  6. What a race… sounds super intense!!! 😀 & I L.o.v.e the last photo!!! What a great effect!!! – even if it was by accident!!! 🙂 **

    April 23, 2012
    • Super hard race, really separates the men from the boys. I wish I knew how to do that last image, then I would try doing some more. LOL 🙂

      April 23, 2012

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