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Waiting for a Cool Change

Yesterday while I was in Portarlington the cool change came through, as predicted, though no rain, very stormy looking skies though.

I took this image out the back of the racing, just as it finished.  It was nice looking at the darkening skies.  Such a change after what we went through the day before.  It was refreshing to see.

This is a HDR image with a series of 5 bracketed shots.  I am still working on making them not so surreal, but somehow I can’t seem to stop, well, sometimes it seems to suit the images.

You can see in the image that it is raining, but looks like it is raining on the water.  It didn’t stop people from enjoying the beach.

I went down to the beach on my way to my car.  It was so nice and cool down there.

This was one of the last images I took.  The clouds were so dark but it really didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.

I love cloudy dark skies and I have emphasised them as much as I thought I could get away with.  They are all HDR images with 5 bracketed shots.  I have taken creative liberty, I think as the owner of the image I can do that.

I do have to confess that I didn’t pick these images, my husband did.  I actually worked on 8 images and these are the 3 he choose.  I will put more up tomorrow.  It is getting late, sorry for the late post.

  1. Liz #

    I like Portarlington – nice easy going town. We have camped there with the kids on occasion and I like how you’ve captured the foreshore.

    January 4, 2012
    • I have to admit that, besides the bay crits, I haven’t really spent much time there. I should remedy that though. Would like to see more of what is going on there and all along that side of the bay.

      January 5, 2012
  2. Amazing shot…

    January 4, 2012
  3. Great shots…I’m a huge fan of dramatic skies.
    Glad it cooled off some…

    January 4, 2012
    • I love them too. I often find skies can be quite boring so when I can get a chance to take photos with really cloudy skies I love it.
      We are also glad it cooled off. I think Monday was one of the worse days in my life for the heat, there was no way I could get away from it.

      January 5, 2012

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